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Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Browse our vast range of experience gift certificates and find the perfect activity this Mother's Day, whether it's a spa day or an ethnic cooking lesson, you're guaranteed to discover a unique gift idea that will have your Mum smiling from ear to ear! Experience vouchers are sent instantly online, making it easier than ever to purchase straight away.

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Find The Best Gift Experiences For Mother's Day

There is no one quite like a mother. She is someone who has seen us at our best and worst, and loves us anyway. Mothers are the people who have always been there for us, through thick and thin. They are our confidantes, our advisors, and sometimes even our therapists.

On Mother's Day, we take the time to thank our mothers for everything they have done for us. We may buy them a Mother's day gift, or make them a special meal, but most of all, we want to show our appreciation for their unconditional love and support. So whether your mother is near or far, make sure you give her the recognition she deserves on this special day.

History Behind Mothers Day

The first Mother's Day was held in 1908, and was organised by Anna Jarvis, whose own mother had passed away four years earlier. At the time, Mother's Day was not a recognised holiday, and Jarvis was ridiculed for her efforts. She persisted in her attempts to reform Mother's Day, though, and in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson actually made it a recognised national holiday.

Over time this holiday has become popular around the world: even countries like Russia that have no particularly close historical ties with the United States celebrate Mother's Day by honouring the mothers in their own families. Today, Mother's Day has become a special day to honour mothers around the world. It is a day for us to show our appreciation for all that they have done for us. One way we can do this is by giving them a gift.

Finding The Perfect Gift

Mother's Day is just around the corner and if you're still struggling to find the perfect gift, don't worry! Gifting Owl has got you covered. If you hope to give mum a mothers day experience gift, we've put together a range of unique mother's day gift ideas that are sure to please any mother. From wine tastings to hot air balloon rides, we've got some extra special gifts to treat all the mums! This year, forget the luxury chocolates, the photo frames, the standard gift sets and even the flowers, and start planning the perfect mother's day gift that will make your Mum truly feel special! Move aside next day delivery!

Gifting Owl Gift vouchers have instant digital gift delivery! If you have simply left your shopping way too late, no need to panic, we have a great selection of personalised gifts that can be instantly sent via email or text. Avoid all the stress of the last minute shop and send mother's day gifts this year online! You can't go wrong with a Gifting Owl gift voucher. If you’re all out of thoughtful gift ideas for Mother’s Day, the easiest solution is hands down, our flexible gift vouchers unlike any other.

These vouchers can be used on any experience gift and have a staggering validity of three years, so there's no pressure! With this Mother's day gift she can choose to book a weekend getaway, spa experience, hot air balloon ride or scuba diving course!

Global Adventures

Mothers have always been a force to be reckoned with. They are the backbone of their families, and they never give up. Even when times are tough, mothers find a way to keep going. This strength and resilience is what makes them so special. And it's also what makes them perfect candidates for adventurous activities. No matter where she may be this year on Mother's day, we have thousands of special adventures and experiences listed in countless countries across the globe.

Adventure sports and activities

Let her know just how much you miss her with our top gifts to celebrate the occasion. Water sports are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. There are many different types of water sports, from surfing to stand up paddle boarding to jet skiing. They can be fun and challenging, and they provide a great workout. If you've got an adventurous mum who loves to be in the water, consider an aqua adventure - they are some of our best mother's day gift ideas!

Rock climbing and abseiling are another two outdoor adventures that are perfect for mothers who love to be active and explore the world around them. These activities are both exciting and a great workout. For an extra special gift make sure you book to go with her, as quality time is the best gift of all. Find the Perfect Personalised Gift You’ll want to discover a Mother's day gift that speaks to who she is - her passions in life and what makes her heart sing. But, ask her for gift suggestions and she’s usually no help at all.

A Mother’s day celebration is a chance to indulge and surprise her with something she would never think to get herself. And who doesn’t love that? Below we have featured some of our top gifts from all around the globe that are miles better than last year's gifts of flowers bound to create memories on this very special occasion.

Authentic Culinary and Dining Experiences

Let’s face it, most mums will jump at the chance to eat someone else's cooking. Gifting your mother a hosted home-cooked meal of her favourite cuisine, prepared in traditional ways and served for her pleasure, is a sure way to bring joy to her heart and her taste buds. Authentic and cultural food experiences are as enriching as they are health-giving and can be one-of-a-kind personalised gifts when you choose her favourite cuisine! Tucked away in Munich is a fabulous little kitchen that packs a punch when it comes to delicious and wholesome vegan food. Host Martina is passionate about putting her vegan spin on traditional Bavarian cuisine. Martina buys the freshest seasonal fruit and vegetables at the Viktualien Market, close to her home. The experience gift with Martina includes a 2-hour hands-on cooking class, main course and dessert. Yum!

There are hundreds of home-hosted cooking experiences on Gifting Owl. From a unique Irish 8-course Gourmet seaweed tasting and foraging experience to an authentic Florentine Feast and Garden tour, a search of Gifting Owl’s Authentic Culinary and Food and Drink experience gifts is like wandering through the largest international food festival. An afternoon spent on a boat cruise of Sydney Harbour, supping on High Tea with you and the rest of the family will add a touch of elegance to her day. These days, High Tea isn’t always a tea-total affair, either. If she loves her bubbles, bottomless glasses of champagne paired with a selection of yummy treats will be sure to put a sparkle in her eyes.

Winery Experiences

If you are looking for a unique and memorable way to spend Mother's day, consider taking her on a vineyard tour. Vineyard tours offer a behind-the-scenes look at how wine is made, and they provide the opportunity to sample different types of wine. They can also be fun and educational, and they provide a great opportunity for spending time together. So if mum is a wine connoisseur, a vineyard tour is an experience she'll love on Mother's Day. Or if mum loves to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen, consider an authentic cooking class.

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes offer a behind-the-scenes look at techniques and ingredients, and they provide the opportunity to sample different types of cuisine. They can also be educational, getting to learn about another culture. Gifting Owl has a range of wine and culinary experiences that would make the perfect Mother’s day gift. From a private wine-tasting tour at an award-winning vineyard in the South Australia, to delicious food bbq tours in Western Australia and dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour, you'll find amazing foodie gifts for mum on Gifting Owl.

Spa Packages

Well deserved R&R A day at the spa is a perfect way to show your mother how much you appreciate her. A day at the spa can be relaxing and rejuvenating, and it can be just what she needs to feel refreshed and renewed. If you are looking for a way to give your mother a special and memorable Mother's Day, consider giving her a massage, facial or spa day.

Outdoor Adventure awaits!

Mother’s Day gifts don’t stop at food and drink. She may just prefer to celebrate mother's day with an outdoor adventure! No matter where you are, nature and wildlife experiences are close at hand with Gifting Owl selection of mother's day gifts.

One of the most iconic outdoor experiences that should be on everyones bucket list is hot air ballooning. Treat mum with this once-in-a-lifetime experience on the Gold Coast, Turkey or Victoria.

Hot air ballooning is a great gift if you want to spoil mum with something extra special this year. A long boat tour of Thailand’s Phi Phi Islands is the stuff dreams are made of. A sparkling azure coloured sea rimmed with limestone cliffs and sandy beaches, your mum will think she has found Utopia! The hot springs and jungle tours of Krabi or the day-long adventure of Woodland Muangmai and Klong Mahasawa will also treat your mum to fascinating hours of learning about the nature, history and culture of Thailand. If you're lucky she may even bring the kids along for a morning of fun!

Now here’s a Mother's day gift idea with a difference. If your family are devotees of the hit TV series Game Of Thrones (GOT), she is going to love a gift that takes her on tour to some of its famous filming locations. Set in Northern Ireland outside of Dublin is the Giant’s Causeway. Legend has it that the stones and pillars of the causeway were the handy work of two giants from Gaelic mythology. Creative Endeavours So many mothers have a creative eye and a passion for the arts just like their children.

If your mum happens to be that way inclined there are some terrific mother's day gifts that combine guided tours with hands-on experiences. Give her the chance to turn her new-found knowledge into skills. If she is travelling or planning to take a trip soon, just about every city on the Gifting Owl site has a photographic tour on offer. She will get to see the sites of the city and learn how to creatively capture those special places and moments through the twist of her camera lens. Having the skills to take beautiful images is a mother's day gift she’ll use and share with others her whole life through.

Experience Mother's Day together

Choose any of these mother's day ideas and book the whole family in together, because these great gift ideas are even better when shared with people that you love.

Choose Gifting Owl

These mother's day gift ideas are just the start for what’s in store. Once you begin your shop for that perfect Mother’s Day gift it will be hard to stop. There are literally thousands of must-do adventures and unforgettable mother's day gifts within your reach on Gifting Owl.

Forget the candles, the basket of chocolate, the luxury bag, the stationery, the flowers and all of these standard-type gifts. This year, treat her to one of these extra thoughtful mother's day gifts she'll be bragging to all the other mums about.

Happy Gifting! Check out and shop online our full range on our website to discover more categories and Mother's day gift ideas we may have missed. Maybe you'll even find thoughtful mother's day ideas for Grandma! Here at Gifting Owl, we say no to a hamper-filled Mother's day celebration! Good Luck, and Happy Gifting this Mother's day! We're sure you'll find something she'll love!

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