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6 Exciting 21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Him

6 Exciting 21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Him

21 is a ripe age in which the world is your oyster and you have started to spread your wings as your soar into adulthood. Widely celebrated across the world as a milestone birthday, a 21st is even considered by many to be one of the most important birthday celebrations of all. Everyone seems to know just how important this day can be for someone as it marks the final coming of age. A 21st birthday is a chance to look back on life and see just how far you’ve come and it cannot simply be commemorated with a hallmark card and a wad of cash.  


Well, then how exactly do you buy for such a momentous milestone in somebody’s life? Choosing a gift for someone’s 21st birthday can be a difficult and maybe even daunting matter as the options are unfortunately endless. The traditionalists might suggest buying an expensive keepsake that one day may become a family heirloom, such as a piece of fine jewellery or a timeless watch. However, here at Gifting Owl, we are of the belief that the 21st birthday is an exciting occasion and that the gift should truly match the youthful enthusiasm that surrounds such an anniversary. Why not take the opportunity to encourage this time to be one of the adventures, challenges and new experiences. Whether your child, friend, relative, partner or even co-worker is turning 21, Gifting Owl offers a completely diverse range of experiences that could make for a truly unforgettable 21st birthday gift or even a fantastic way for one to spend this special day in his life. 

You can rest assured that Gifting Owl will have a perfect option available no matter what kind of budget you may be on. From the most luxurious of experiences including fine dining or an indulgent beauty day at the spa, to out there adrenaline rushes like sand boarding or even skydiving! With such an array of incredible gifts on offer, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to making their special day even better! Despite what kind of giftee you may be buying for there will undoubtedly be an experience that is totally tailored to him. Below we’ve carefully curated an extensive list of possible solutions to your conundrum that is bound to get your mind racing with awesome 21st gift ideas he'll love. Let us inspire you to think outside of the box this year with an experience that he'll never forget.

1. Wine & Dine Experiences

If you are unsure of what to get, or if you simply don’t know your giftee as well as you’d like to, a food experience is bound to be much appreciated. Who doesn’t love food? And if your giftee just happens to be a certified foodie, you’re in luck. With the plethora of completely unique dining experiences and tours available on Gifting Owl, it’ll be near impossible to just buy one. The sheer range of food and drink experiences available is almost intimidating, from captivating excursions that show guests how their favourite beverages are made to curated food tours that show off the best of what a city may have to offer, luxurious river cruises that offer beautiful views with lunch to culinary classes that will have guests showing off new recipes to their friends at dinner parties. These gift ideas are perfect for a big group outing, possibly with the family or the close circle, and also prove to be great bonding opportunities for just the two of you. With more cuisines than you can name from all around the globe, there’s not a chance their favourite won’t be featured on our site, making the gift hunting just that much easier for you.

2. Authentic Culinary Experiences


If your giftee happens to be travelling, Gifting Owl is also home to hundreds of authentic culinary experiences that are completely unforgettable. These lovely experiences see guests met by a local who welcome them to their home and introduce them to their delicious cuisine. Guests not only learn mouthwatering authentic recipes but also the unique traditions and customs of the local culture. A couple of stand out examples include; Thai Home Cooking In The Heart Of Bangkok, Authentic Ethiopian Cooking Class And Coffee Ceremony and Tuscan Family Recipes With An Expert Cook In Florence, just to give you a small taste of some of the remarkable experiences available. 

3. Pamper Packages

If you happen to be buying for someone who deserves a serious pampering or just loves a relaxing day out, look no further than our spectacular range of truly indulgent health and beauty experience gifts. Sometimes we all need a chance to stop and take some time out from our hectic everyday lives and what better time to choose than your giftee’s 21st birthday! A 21st birthday can be a very reflective occasion in one’s life and a relaxing experience may be the perfect way to celebrate and/or gift. An experience of this calibre also emphasises to young adults the importance of mindfulness, wellness and finding a balance. His life is only going to keep getting busier and busier and a gift like this can really reinforce what’s truly important in their new voyage of life. With so many delightful experiences on offer and no two being the same, the only tricky part will be deciding which one to choose. Relaxing never seemed so difficult! From an oil massage in Thailand, a hot spring and mud bath experience in Vietnam or even a traditional Turkis bath visit, Gifting Owl has a huge range to choose from. Moreover, if your giftee happens to be gallivanting around the world, as many at their age do, Gifting Owl also boasts a range of premium airport lounge passes in select airports that are guaranteed to make their trip just that much better. 

4. Adrenaline Thrills

All the way on the other end of the spectrum lies pure adrenaline thrills. If this 21-year-old birthday boy happens to be a thrill-seeker, here at Gifting Owl we might just have a couple tricks up our sleeve that will really get their heart pumping. If free falling downwards from incredible heights, driving along in supercharged vehicles, soaring through the skies in helicopters or picking up some serious speed down river rapids doesn’t satisfy their craving for a thrill then nothing will! Gifting Owl is awash in experiences that are bound to scratch their itch and depending on your personal fear levels, you may just want to watch from the sidelines for some of these exciting yet somewhat frightening experiences. What better way to commemorate someone’s future adventures and endeavours in adulthood than making him jump out of a moving plane with only a parachute. Why not tick this truly spectacular happening of their bucket list with one of the many unforgettable skydiving experiences we have available. However, if this is one step too far for him, maybe consider the more stomachable idea of bungee jumping. 

5. Outdoor Adventures


If they’re more interested in outdoor activities Gifting Owl also boasts experiences that will guarantee a killer of an adrenaline rush such as white water rafting, sandboarding, climbing and abseiling to name a few. Alternatively, if your giftee is a known gearhead we have many exhilarating driving experiences perfect for anyone with a need for speed. 

Make his first step into adult life a day he'll always remember. Think outside of the box and ignore the pressures often associated with milestone birthdays. Let him know how much he really mean to you with a carefully considered experience that you’ll know he'll adore. 

6. Let him choose - Purchase a gift voucher


Worried about the unlikely case of the gift not being the perfect match? Fear not, for Gifting Owl vouchers are 100% interchangeable and redeemable up to 3 years. Eliminate the stress of deciding what gift to buy for a landmark birthday with a Gifting Owl experience he’ll love! Happy Gifting!

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