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Adventure and Experience Gift Ideas For Men

Adventure and Experience Gift Ideas For Men

Looking for the perfect gift that your special recipient will always remember you by? Outdoor adventures could be the perfect solution to your conundrum.

Buying for the man who already has it all?

Finding gifts for men can sometimes become days of hassle and anxiety, however an adventure gift is the perfect chance to spend some much needed time with him on one of our experience days, no matter if you're buying for a friend, a boyfriend, a fiancé, a brother, a father or even an uncle.

Here at Gifting Owl, we believe that giving a wonderful experience gift is equally rewarding for both parties and that's why we have composed a list of many a fun experience that he is bound to love!

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Regardless of his current location, Gifting Owl has such an extensive range of unique adventures all over globe. Sign him up for some once in a lifetime gift experiences that he'll never forget.

Best of all, if he doesn't think he will enjoy the particular experience all Gifting Owl gift vouchers offer free exchanges between experiences so he can exchange it for something he'll love!

1. Wildlife & Nature Experience Gift Vouchers

If he's a wildlife enthusiast or nature lover, you're in luck. Gifting Owl has a plethora of awe-inspiring experiences and gifts for men available that showcase some of the best of what mother earth has to offer.

If this sounds like an experience he would love spending the day doing, check out all the possible gifts for men available on the 'Adventure' category or the 'Wildlife' category on Gifting Owl.


Bush walks and hikes are fantastic excuses to get him out of the hustle and bustle of regular life and bond with him as you explore postcard worthy landscapes and truly amazing environments.

Even if your gift recipient is not very experienced in the field of hiking, the unspoilt wilderness will bring out the natural explorer within him! 

A great example of this is the Nature And Wildlife Bushwalk in Adelaide's Morialta Conservation Park. This tour will have him joining an experienced local guide for a full day of bushwalking through notable landmarks including three waterfalls along the famous Fourth Creek as he keeps an eye out for indigenous wildlife and gorgeous flora and fauna.

For those living in or visiting Jamaica, the Blue Mountain Peak Hiking Tour is another outstanding option. This breathtaking experience will have him hiking to the peak of the world-famous mountain that offers spectacular views of the beautiful city of Kingston.

Whale Watching

For the animal lover, look no further than a whale watching tour. With many tours also including dolphin and even seal sightings, he is going to be at a loss for words as he watches these giant sea mammals leap from the depths of the ocean into the air.

Fortunately, Gifting Owl boasts an amazing variety of whale watching experience gifts all around the globe including an astonishing option in Akureyri, Iceland. This company operates in specially made boats that allow your recipient to get closer to the whales and wildlife than any other boat can offer without disturbing them in their natural habitat!

2. Scuba Diving Experience Gifts

If you think he'll want an even more intimate experience with the astonishing creatures of the ocean, a scuba diving tour is definitely the one for him.

From the turtle reefs in Honolulu to Australia's iconic Great Barrier Reef, Mexico's majestic sea caves to Turkey's azure waters, Gifting Owl offers once in a lifetime scuba experiences in some of the best dive locations available on earth. 

3. Photography Tours & Lessons 

If he happens to be a budding amateur photographer or just loves getting that perfect snap, consider one of our many photo tours. Perfect for any and all skill levels, these private tours are designed just for your group and ensure that everyone walks away with new skills, perspectives and most importantly, stunning photos.

With a plethora of professional tips and tricks provided, this is a great way to help improve his skills at one of his favourite hobbies. The expert tour guides know all the best locations and angles to shoot from, ensuring that everyone will come home with stunning shots worthy of decorating the living room!

4. Adrenaline Packed Gift Ideas

If all these experience gift recommendations just aren't fast paced enough for the adrenaline junkie men in your life, head on over to the Adrenaline Thrills category page on our site. Here you'll find the perfect present with a wide range of amazing experience gift ideas in stunning locations per page.


If you're on the search for the ultimate thrill, the perfect gift has got to be skydiving. For the extreme thrill seeking men, you simply cannot beat the once in a lifetime experience of skydiving. Help him tick skydiving off his daredevil bucket list and make this one of his most memorable gifts to date! Sign him up to free fall through the clouds and hurling towards earth reaching insane speeds of over 200km per hour.

Driving Experiences

It's no surprise to anyone that some men simply love spending their days driving. Thankfully, Gifting Owl is home to a plethora of heart pumping driving experiences all over the globe. If he has a serious need for speed send him out onto the track in a supercar for a day of unparalleled fun. Other driving gifts include quad biking experiences, rally driving and even desert safaris. These available experiences make for great birthday presents. However, you may just not want to ride passenger in his car this time!

Will you join?

Most of these experience days even come with a personalised certificate just in case his friends don't buy it. Now the only thing left to worry about is whether you will be brave enough to spend the day with him? Even if you chicken out in the end, exchanges are completely free with Gifting Owl.

5. Choose Your Own Adventure - Gift Vouchers

Leave the fearful prospect of buying unwanted gifts for men behind by getting him a special experience he will always remember the occasion by. With such a vast variety of experience gifts available from a wide range of stunning locations, there are always some perfectly suited experience days waiting for him, no matter the location of your special recipient. He could be in any country and there will be fantastic gift ideas for all types of occasions with our occasion categories including birthday, anniversary and more!

Other Alternatives

If these experiences don't suit the man you had in mind there are a plethora of other categories and experiences available on our site including Food and Drink, Health and Beauty, Authentic Culinary and more. A foolproof option for the man that already has it all would have to be wine tasting night. After all, who doesn't love delicious gourmet food perfectly paired with their favourite drink?

Good Luck!

Save yourself the hassle of driving to the shop to search for a tired voucher that he'll forget the next day. Our massive collection of extraordinary categories, experiences and locations only takes an instant to shop. Best of all, every Gifting Owl gift voucher comes with free exchanges between experience days available, zero delivery waiting time and is valid for up to three years so your gift can't go wrong. Happy gifting!

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