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Online Shopping Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Online Shopping Christmas Gift Guide 2020

2020 has been one hell of a stressful year filled with all sorts of curveballs that no one saw coming. It's fair to say that most of us are ready to put the year to rest in the spirit of Christmas with lashings of unforgettable fun, love and sharing. Christmas is one of our favourite holiday seasons, and here at Gifting Owl, we want to help alleviate any gift anxiety you might have to ensure your year ends on a stress-free note! For those that are at a loss for out-of-the-box brilliant gift ideas, sit back and breathe with relief. We have carefully curated a list of online gift ideas that are bound to spark your excitement and lead into a world of magnificent gifting possibilities! 

Gifting Owl has thousands of experiences from all corners of the globe. We like to make things easy for everyone, and that's why all Gifting Owl gifts are fully exchangeable and can be delivered instantly online. So, if you are:


1. Unable to be with family and friends due to COVID-19 restrictions

2. A last-minute online shopper who always ends up buying stuff that isn’t that well planned

3. Have no tolerance for standing in long queues


You’re in luck! Gifting Owl has you covered.  No matter who you are buying for, there will be a plethora of experiences perfectly suited to all those names on your Christmas gift list. If you’re still scratching your head over that one or two who are always hard to buy for, you can opt for a money voucher instead - that way, they get to choose, and you are off the hook! Nevertheless, here’s some food for thought. 

Delicious gifts


It’s no secret that everyone loves food. You can’t deny it. It is one of life’s simple pleasures that brings happiness to our everyday. Regardless of one’s prowess in the kitchen, or if they consider themselves a certified “foodie” or not, everyone remembers a great food experience. That’s why our first suggestion on the list has to be the unbeatable dining and drinking gift experience. Food and drink gifts are the ideal life-saving option for those of you who are still struggling with the what-to-get blues. 


From mouth-watering affordable street food to indulgent 7-course meals paired perfectly with unique wines, Gifting Owl has every kind of dining experience available and more! Some notable examples from around the world include:


• Jazz Safari Johannesburg where guests dine on local cuisine listening to live jazz in the homes of the musicians 

• Tokyo Kitchen & Famous Fish Market Tour - an unforgettable cultural food odyssey

• Paris Seine River Lunch Cruise that includes a divine 3-course meal boasting the many delicious flavours of French cuisine. 


While these fantastic dining options will no doubt do the trick, Gifting Owl also boasts one of the largest selections of authentic culinary experience gifts offered in the world. These immersive experiences often see guests visiting a welcoming local’s family home where they learn about the local cuisine and culture in a personal one-on-one cooking experience like no other. From meeting the kind Cinzia in her Tuscan home to expertly make delectable handmade pasta to learning incredible Northern Thai recipes handed down through the generations with Lin in Chiang Mai, these special culinary encounters are truly unique and intimate. Available in over 60 countries, these options include captivating lessons in cuisines such as Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Indian, Russian, Japanese, the list is endless! So no matter what your friends and family love to eat, there's a fail-proof gift option on Gifting Owl that will have them salivating! 

Outdoor Adventures


Adventure experience gifts are a great idea for active couples, families and groups who might want to start the new year off with a bang. After all, being cooped up inside for so much of 2020 has probably left them ready for anything!  If you’re unsure of when you’ll next be able to see certain friends, these options are the best way to plan an exciting outing for the not too distant future when things have returned to normalcy. Gifting Owl makes planning for the future easy with all vouchers having a validity window of 3 years! 


If you know someone who needs to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the gift of an adventure makes it possible to relax, still the mind and focus on the best that mother nature has to offer. Perhaps the people you are thinking to gift are an outdoor adventure couple, a nature enthusiast, camping addicted family, or a group of friends that love to hike. The big plus for you is that you’ll find just the right thing for them all this Christmas. With Gifting Owl offering so many unique adventures from across the world, there’s even one out there for the most reclusive teenage gamer! 

For the wildlife lovers, gifts such as mesmerising whale watching tours, enchanting scuba dives, exotic bird watching experiences and even visiting elephant orphanages are all marvellous options that will save you hours of unwanted gift deliberation. Other lively outdoor experiences include river kayaking, mountain biking, scuba diving, bushwalks, and so much more! This year gift your loved ones with an exciting adventure that’ll have them recounting the memories for years to come. 

Buying for beloved adrenaline junkees 


Know someone who lives life on the edge with an unparalleled love for thrill-seeking? Head straight on over to our ‘Adrenaline Thrills’ selection, and we’ll have Christmas sorted for you in a matter of moments. Get their hearts pumping this holiday season with some truly exhilarating experiences that they’ll always remember you by (if they live to tell the tale!) Just kidding! These once in a lifetime opportunities will have them bragging to their friends about their legendary feat for years! 


Coming in at one of the most daring activities on offer is, of course, the skydive. Have your loved ones face their fears by plummeting through the troposphere hurling towards earth's surface in an admirable act of courage. Did we mention the truly spectacular unmatched views that will have them lost in an adrenaline filled daze? Yes, this absurd mix of serene beauty and extreme fear has long been a staple on everyone’s bucket list. Here at Gifting Owl, we have some spectacular locations to soar over including the iconic Uluru at sunrise, the Grand Canyon, some of the world’s largest waterfalls in Foz do Iguaçu and the stunning Dubai Marina to name a few. If this is just a little too much exhilaration for the giftee you have in mind, other equally fun options include bungee jumping, quad biking, or jet skiing and white water rafting. 

Don’t worry if what we have mentioned so far isn’t quite going to lick boxes for your loved ones; we are the world’s largest online experience gifting catalogue. The activity and tour selections are almost endless. However, if you’re still unsure about what to give this year, remember, you can always buy a voucher at a set value and let your recipient make the decision. With a whole 3 years to decide on the what, where, when and how, there will be absolutely no stress involved at their end either. 


Let your loved ones know just how much you appreciate them this Christmas with some of the most exciting, unique and personal gifts that they’ve ever received. And above all, have the very best Christmas ever!

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