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The Top 5 Family Friendly Experience Gift Ideas

The Top 5 Family Friendly Experience Gift Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to know what the perfect gift is for your family or friend. Not because you don't know them, but because you run out of ideas over the years! Well, family is a gift that lasts forever, so technically YOU are the gift. But, let’s face it, that’s just not going to do it. Gift them an experience that doubles as face time with you! Here are 5 family experiences that you could gift your loved ones anytime you like.

1. A Family Adventure


If you’ve got a family member that loves taking matters into their own hands, gift them an experience where they have control over everything. Abseiling is an exhilarating experience that will give them the best of life’s ups and downs in just one session. Abseiling is a lot of fun and it makes a perfect gift for beginners through to the advanced abseilers.

Gift your younger siblings a surf lesson and while they’re busy crashing around the cool wave, you could be taking it easy on a paddle boarding tour. At the end of the day, watch the sibling rivalry kick in while debating on who rules the waves. You could even treat your entire family to a kayak reef tour while watching the sunrise on a Sunday.

You always take extra effort to make your partner feel like they’re on top of the world. Maybe, it would mean more if you’re both on top of the world together. Fly high with a reef flight and try spotting whale sharks from a bird’s eye view or fly like a bird by opting to take the controls of your flight. If your partner is a chicken when it comes to flight, a bridge climbing  might be more their style. A bridge climb is something the whole family can experience together.

Want to relax with your family but still make it an adventure? Now you can do them both! The family that floats together stays together on a comfy rubber tube being carried on the current of a lazy river. You don’t even have to worry about driving home. The relaxation continues with a shuttle bus ride to your door.

You shouldn't need to choose between your young child and having a thrilling adventure. Indoor skydiving is for everyone from the age of 3 to a 103. Lean into a glass wind tunnel and experience skydiving without all the risk factors involved. This is a perfect adrenaline rush family fun adventure for thrill seeking parents and kids. Surprise the new graduate with a private session and celebrate his or her new journey. What better way to start a hectic lifestyle than a carefree sport? Indoor skydiving is a great everyday gift for the whole family regardless of the weather.

2. Family Portrait


Filling your photo books with family pics is a lot of fun. But, you often forget to live in the moment because you're too busy trying to get that perfect shot. Now, you can kill two birds with one stone. Enjoy your family vacation, and capture every moment with a professional photographer by your side. What could be more memorable than having your family picture taken with some of the world’s top spots as your backdrop. Look back at the lovely memories on your way home. This is a fantastic gift for the families that love to travel!

Families come in all shapes and sizes, perhaps the kids are the furry kind. If your partner is an enthusiastic wannabe photographer, a portrait photography workshop might be the best gift for them. Spend your quality time working on a great family album together. Gift a street art and food tour as a graduation present to your child majoring in Arts. You get to explore your child’s passion and have great street food as a fun family experience. You could also gift a private photography tour for that shy photography enthusiast of your family.

3. A Wildlife Experience


Gift that animal lover of your family an experience of a lifetime to get up close and personal with their favourite furballs. Spend “koala-ty” time with your family cuddling up to koalas and hand-feeding kangaroos. Swim with dolphins in the wild while learning all about their natural habitat. Swim with your kids and try having a conversation with your family like a true dolphin – by whistling. *whistle, whistle, whistle* That translates to “You’ll have fun!”

Gift your animal-loving kid a horseback riding adventure for their 10th birthday. Don’t worry, they’ll be equipped with all the gear they need for a safe ride. You could join them and double dose on a great family experience!

If you aren’t so keen on getting your hands dirty, getting up close to the furry mammals and marine life, fret not. You could gift your family to a whale watching tour instead. You’ll be crammed around the edge of your catamaran searching the horizon for tell-tale signs that whales are close by. Watching friendly dolphins swim and jump high out of the water while you hangout out on top of the water on tour with your tribe. For something completely different, try a dog sledding and a snowshoe tour in Sweden instead. This adventure is for families whose kids love canines and cool winter days. Just look out for that stray snowball that would make it your way!

4. High Tea Gifts

Gift the ladies of your family for an evening of sophistication. Sip on teas on private cruises and experience your very own Gossip Girl moment with your family, nibbling macaroons and scones with jam. You could even please that coffee and tea hater of the family by opting for the bottomless bubbles option on your high tea cruise. Makes the best of both worlds, don’t you agree?

You and your family could also go for an exciting adventure exploring the city of your choice while having quick stopovers for different tea experiences accompanied by a platter of sweet and savoury delicacies.

Is your husband, dad or brother the chef of the family? They do say that food is the best way to one’s heart. Get one step closer by gifting them a high tea cooking class and enjoy a culinary experience as a family.

A high tea experience makes a great Christmas gift too, bringing the family together over a hot cup of tea or champagne bubbles.

5. Family Day Trips

Pack your family away for the day on guided island tours. Dive into the experience of one of Queensland’s most popular islands - Stradbroke Island or Straddie as its fondly called. Play with your kids in the sea, on the sand or in the bushland. You can face off with some fun spotting koalas and kangaroos in the wild. Bring the history buff of your family for guided Ship Wreck tours and learn the tragic true stories behind the wrecks.

If you’re the family holiday planner, it's time for you take a break and check out one of our fantastic pre-planned tours. Enjoy your trip while someone else does the work for you. 7.01AM hotel pickup. Check. 10.10AM snorkelling with the Manta Rays. Check. However, if you're planning for no plans at all you can lean back on your beach towels against the soft white beach while watching your kids safely snorkel along the shoreline.

Make a family volleyball tournament interesting by teaming up and going hard against the boys. If you’re outnumbered, remember to bring your friends - they’re your extended family anyway. Keep scores. The losing team gets to plan the next family vacation. Beat the summer heat having a splashing good time with your family. You could request pickup and drop off services to make the gift even more fuss-free.

Experiences are the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with family. Whether you're planning a yearly trip with your Mum, or a getaway with the entire family, look up Gifting Owl for the best experience gifts. After all, they say the family that plays together stays together. We can’t think of a better reason to use Gifting Owl.

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