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Leaving & Retirement

Leaving & Retirement

They say that actions speak louder than words. Retiring and leaving an establishment where you have spent so many hours working is a hard thing to do, yet it needs to be celebrated. So why not give a heartfelt experience gift to show your appreciation and to say thanks for all their hard work over the years?

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Special Retirement And Leaving Gifts

Having a valued member of the team move on is a sombre occasion for companies and their employees. We spend approximately one-third of our lives at the office, and we mustn’t underestimate the bonds and friendships that form during this time between coworkers, and coworkers become a friend. But moving on to another company or retiring completely is just a part of life. As such, it’s important to celebrate and commemorate this change for an employee in a thoughtful and heartfelt manner. Find a great retirement gift that will leave lasting memories for your colleague, family members or any worthy recipient.

Saying Thank You

To retire is a big decision. The one thing we can control is how we celebrate their time with the company and say thank you for all they’ve done over the years. Sometimes, it comes as a shock; other times it’s expected; when a valued member of the team moves onto bigger and better things, it’s important that everyone gets to say a proper goodbye to their colleague. A retirement party is one way to show you care paired with an experience gift that will leave long-lasting memories.

Many companies choose to have a little celebration with the rest of the team, whether it be a casual drink on their last day or a meal out with the team. It’s often a day when the employee is showered with gifts and giant co-signed cards with plenty of well wishes for the future. If you’re looking for a special leaving gift idea that’ll mark the end of their employment with your company, we’ve listed plenty of unforgettable gifts to celebrate a happy retirement.

Gifts For Retirement

For the newly retired, experience gifts that’ll help them search for their new favourite hobby is a great gift idea. Perhaps they’ve always wanted to learn to stand up paddleboard on their local river or canal. Or, potentially they’re an amateur photographer hoping to learn more about professional photography. Consider a stand-up paddleboarding lesson or an intro to photography tour. Whichever new hobby they’ve been trying out can make a really thoughtful ideal gift.

Another fantastic retirement gift idea is time spent with family and friends. If nothing else, all they want is to run around after the grandkids more and create memories. Family-friendly experiences like whale watching, farm visits, fishing expeditions and wildlife encounters make the perfect retirement gift.

For the ladder-climbers who are shooting for the moon and have outgrown their role, give them a rejuvenating experience to make sure they take some time to relax before their next conquest. Always focused on productivity and targets, these go-getters need a little helping hand to ensure they don’t burn out. Gift ideas to help ground them could include spa experiences with massages for a big dose of zen.

Retirement gift ideas that focus on experience will leave lasting memories and help fill their newly found free time. A retirement gift such as a mini-vacation or hotel getaway for them to enjoy with their significant other or close friend. There are plenty of short getaway options available that are fully exchangeable for any destination worldwide.

So no matter whether they’re moving interstate or overseas for their next gig, they’ll always be able to book a weekend getaway. It’s an exciting time to have expecting mums or dads about to take paternity leave to raise their little ones. Life is about to be turned upside down when their little one enters the world, so making sure you provide them with plenty of support before and after their maternity leave is really important.

Gifts For Employees Expecting A Baby

Gift ideas for employees who are expectant parents could include anything to help them get through their first months with the bub. A food delivery gift voucher or even a grocery home delivery with plenty of easy, healthy meals for them to eat is a really thoughtful gift idea. Other popular gifts include a pregnancy massage to help them settle into maternity leave, or a mini-vacation/babymoon to soak up the last moments of pre-parenthood.

Gifts For Employees Moving Across The Globe

For the movers and shakers who’ve decided to uphaul their life and move interstate or overseas to explore the world, we have plenty of global experience gifts that’ll help them get to know their new home. A popular option is to head straight for any iconic landmarks and attractions in their new city or country.

For example, a Great Barrier Reef scuba dive, a private romantic Eiffel Tower experience or tickets to the Top of the Rock in NYC. Another option for employees moving to a new city is a walking city tour. This way they’ll really get to know the city from a local perspective. Often including some bar hopping or some bites at a couple of restaurants, these experiences can really help them settle into their new home.

The more personal the experience the better, if you know they love dumplings how about a Dumpling City Tour? Or if they enjoy sipping on a craft beer, how about a local brewery tour? Receiving a gift so well suited to them makes the gesture that much more thoughtful. If you aren’t entirely sure what they’d love to do, ask around in the office to see if anyone has gotten to know their likes, interests and quirks.

Retirement Gift Vouchers

Retirement can be an overwhelming experience. Not sure what to get your coworker or employee? Why not let them decide, flexible travel vouchers are available, and the recipient can decide what to spend their credit on. We have a huge range of experiences that the recipient can search through.

Or if you’re sure they’ll love just about any experience, you can opt to give them an experience gift voucher instead. A popular option for corporate gift-giving giving a value-based gift voucher. With gift vouchers, they can choose from thousands of experiences around the world. They can book one or multiple experiences, depending on the value of the voucher. All gift vouchers are valid for three years, so they’ll have plenty of time to book an experience gift. Don't forget to add a personal message on the voucher for the recipient to read.

Group Gift Experiences

Perhaps instead of a gift to the individual leaving, you could plan a group experience for the whole team. A final day together, making memories before a vital member of the team leaves.

There are plenty of fun group activities that come to mind for corporate groups. An instructed sunset kayaking tour with drinks and nibbles to follow. Or potentially a trust-based exercise like rock climbing or abseilingThe Gifting Owl team have even been out on a private group surfing lesson before. A fun outdoor activity with the team is the perfect way to end their time at the company. If you aren’t blessed with good weather, consider an escape room experience or perhaps indoor skydiving? 

Whatever group experience you choose, the whole team will remember this day forever. When looking for a gift to say thank you to a coworker, an experience gift for them to enjoy with their family is the perfect memory to add to all of the great memories they’ve already made with you.

Make sure you request pictures of their experience so everyone in the office can be part of it. Finally, the most important thing is that you show your appreciation to their dedication and loyalty over the years. Leaving this lasting memory for both you and the departing employee is the fitting way to celebrate your time together.

Relaxing Retirement Gift Ideas

Retirement is a time for relaxation and free exploration of interests that may have been put on hold during the busy working years. A retirement gift that promotes relaxation and enjoyment can truly make their transition into this new life stage memorable. Best retirement gifts focus on the recipient relaxing after many years of a career working hard. Show your gratitude to this person by wishing them a happy retirement. A unique retirement gift will be much appreciated.

Spa Days

Think outside the box when thinking of a retirement gift. Retirement is the perfect time to unwind. Treat the recipient by giving the gift of a day at the spa offers an idyllic setting for the retiree to unwind, rejuvenate, and embrace the calm that comes with retirement. Offering treatments such as massages, facials, and hydrotherapy, a spa experience is the perfect gift to help retiree destress and remind them to focus on their well-being.

Similarly, a massage gift voucher allows the retiree to enjoy a soothing retreat that targets any stress-related tension, offering a holistic approach to relaxation and wellness. Whether they prefer a gentle Swedish massage or a deep tissue treatment, this is a gift that caters to their personal relaxation preferences. Treat retirees to a range of meaningful unique retirement gifts.

Food and Drink

If the retiree is a food lover, a winery tour could be an exceptional gift. Get the wine glasses out. Winery tours not only provide the opportunity to taste a range of wines but also offer insight into the winemaking process, often set in picturesque vineyards. This is a unique retirement gift that combines relaxation, education, and indulgence, making it a truly enriching retirement experience.

Cooking classes present an exciting and immersive gift experience for employees. Whether the retiree is a seasoned home cook or a novice in the kitchen, cooking classes can offer an enriching and enjoyable learning experience. Additionally, cooking classes provide a social environment where they can connect with fellow food enthusiasts, adding a layer of community to their retirement life. This unique retirement gift not only provides a fun day out but also equips them with new culinary skills they can use in their everyday life.

Time to celebrate a wonderful career

In conclusion, the perfect retirement gift is one that resonates with the retiree's interests fun activities, allowing them to indulge in relaxation and leisure. Whether through a spa day, a therapeutic massage, or a winery tour, these experience gifts reflect a thoughtful understanding of the retiree's wishes for a calm, fulfilling retirement.

These retirement gift ideas vary based on price, location and duration. Find the perfect way to celebrate their hard work. Think outside the box, ditch the coffee mugs present and pick a great retirement gift experience. Search our range of adventure, food and drink, hotel getaways and relaxing experiences. Find out more details on our website.

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