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Think Again About Flower Deliveries This Mother's Day

Think Again About Flower Deliveries This Mother's Day

If you just searched ‘order flowers online’ or ‘deliver flowers near me’, then you’ve come to the right place.

We know it’s what you’ve always done. Mum is practically at the door anticipating her flower delivery to arrive. Perhaps you and your siblings do a last minute scramble and bank transfers to arrange the gift just in time. Or perhaps you’re already excited at the thought of showering mum in love and gifts so you are much more organised than that.

Mothers Day Flowers

But maybe it’s time to excite and delight mum by trying something new? Just in time for Mother’s Day, we have listed some options for you, much more unique and satisfying than your traditional bouquet of chrysanthemums. Backed by actual research with actual mums, we are lifting the veil to discover what mum ACTUALLY wants this Mother’s Day.

See, we are the experts in gift giving and we’ve learnt a lot over the years. We know that people prefer to be given experience gifts over physical things and that experiences actually make us happier. We know it’s not rocket science, but somehow we still manage to give so many gifts that eventually end up dying, in a cupboard or in landfill.

Not only that we also know mums. In fact, everyone at Gifting Owl has one! Crazy right?! What we know mum loves the most in this world, is spending quality time with her family. So, in this article, we have listed our favourite experience gifts for you to enjoy with her.

Mother’s Day Wine and Dine Gifts

mothers day experience gifts

It’s an easy bet this one. What mum (or human being) doesn’t love being wined and dined? An experience you won’t have to spend much time convincing your siblings to enjoy as a family.

They say a family that eats together, stays together. A food and drink experience gift is just as much about gathering around a table together, talking, sharing a meal, sharing family time. Like when you were growing up but perhaps minus the sibling squabbles. This is her day and your mum will be reminded as she looks around her of those days and the meaning of this day - all that’s she loves and is precious to her gracing her table - yes, I’m talking about you! There’s actually nothing finer than to be surrounded by your loving family.

If mum is a self-appointed wine connoisseur, perhaps a vineyard and wine experience will be more her cup of tea (or glass of wine, should I say?). In our previous blog, we’ve listed our favourite wine regions and experiences for you to choose from.

Another popular option with mums is to enjoy high tea with the family. Sweets, champagne, mini sandwiches. Need I say more? This one shouldn’t take much convincing to get the team organised and well-dressed. 

Mother’s Day Gifts for Adventurous Mums

Mothers Day Gift Cards

For the active and adventurous mums that often put their kids to shame. I personally know this one far too well. Whether she’s a paddle boarder (like mine), a kayaker, mountain bike rider, hiker or an all-round adrenaline seeker, we have the gift for her!

There are adventure experiences on all points of the adrenaline-spectrum to pick from - leisurely half-day hikes to 8-day mountainous treks in Iceland. From swimming with dolphins to cage diving with great white sharks!

Now, it’s double, triple (or however many of you daredevils can get on board) times the fun for your mum if you can join her for her adventure. So try to pick something you can experience together, even if it means lowering the adrenaline level.

Photography Gifts for Mum

The perfect gift for the mum who is a budding photographer or just loves a good family photo. Choose from photography tours all over the world or a portrait session for the whole family. Not only will she walk away with a great memory of her experience, but the photos to prove it!

Mother’s Day Gifts for Travelling Foodies

Some of our favourite experiences, no matter who the recipient, sit under the authentic culinary category. These are private cooking and dining experiences with locals. You can choose to do a market visit, cooking class and dining experience. Or you can skip the cooking part completely and skip straight to the eating and enjoying a traditional meal with a local.

These are truly unique and authentic experiences that offer the opportunity to get to know a local and their culture. So, if your mum has a trip planned to one of the 80 countries these experiences are listed in, this makes a perfect gift.

And if you’re lucky she might just come home and cook you the meal she learnt how to make on her experience ;)

Getaway Gifts for Mum

It’s probably something you’ve always wanted to do. Spoil mum with a mini-vacation or just enjoy a weekend away together. Because as we already know, it’s the time you spend together that she will treasure the most.

We recommend a long-weekend away by car or a short plane ride from home. Make sure you have ample relaxation time together and don’t forget to pack the champagne and board games.

Gift Vouchers for Mums Abroad

Mothers Day Gift Voucher

Apart from birthdays and the holidays, Mother’s Day is the worst time of year to live in a different country to your mum. At Gifting Owl we think it is nonsense how difficult it is to give a gift to someone overseas in 2019. Even arranging a flower delivery will feel like the biggest mission and leave you worrying about what the bouquet will look like, will it look the same as what you have chosen from the pictures? Will the flowers arrive on time? Will she be there to receive them? It’s enough to do your head in! 

We’ve spoken a lot already about our specific experiences, but you can also give mum a gift voucher so she can choose what she would like to do. Not only that, but all of our vouchers are exchangeable for experiences all over the world. So you don’t need to worry where your mum will be and when, as there will always be an experience for her to redeem. This is what makes us the best option for gifting overseas.

Say No To Flowers And Yes To Fun!

So there you have it, a few extra gift ideas to help you steer clear of flowers and chocolates this Mother’s Day. Giving an experience gift with Gifting Owl can be done in just a couple of minutes and will be delivered instantly to your inbox.

To see all of our Mother’s Day gift ideas click here. Or search based on her location.

Happy Gifting!

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