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5 Christmas Gift Ideas to Make Your Friends Smile

5 Christmas Gift Ideas to Make Your Friends Smile

Stop the endless searching for 'Christmas gift friend' because we have the answer!

Seasons Greetings! In a few short weeks, everything will become hectic. You'll be running around town in search for those perfect Christmas gifts for friends and family members desperately hoping that you have indeed chosen well.

  • What to get for the friend that has it all?

Shopping for Christmas gifts for friends can be a difficult task that does nothing but create a stressful search operation that may just break your bank account.

Fear not, here at Gifting Owl we want to help alleviate any and all Christmas stressing this year with our incredible range of thoughtful experience gifts they are bound to love.

  • You can't put a price on memories

Whilst material presents can hold a special place in our hearts nothing can compare to making memories with loved ones.

  • Something for every kind of friend

Look no further because Gifting Owl has a Christmas present that is bound to please even the toughest person on your list.

  • Global gifting made easy

The best part is that all of our experiences are available worldwide, so no matter where in the world your best friend may be, we have a great idea that will be perfect for them.

Christmas Gifts for friends


1. Stress-free Gift Cards

The Christmas gift that can't go wrong!

Now we all know that buying gifts for friends at Christmas isn't always the easiest task, especially when buying a thoughtful gift for your best friend.

Contrary to the average gift card, a Gifting Owl gift card has a staggering validity of three years to ensure they do get around to using it when the time is just right. These gift vouchers can be purchased online and emailed to you or your recipient's inbox instantly. You can write a message on the gift card that you've created with love.

2. Christmas gifts for the Adventurous Friend

Give them yet another excuse to escape the hustle & bustle for some action

You know the type. They’ve done everything and seen it all, so they have a tough time being impressed by anything you do or offer them. But there is one thing that will always get their attention: adventure experiences!

So whether your mate loves skiing or helicopter rides (or both!), we've got exactly what they need to make this holiday season truly unforgettable and capital-F fun!


christmas gifts for friends


Hiking is hands down one of the best activities to do with a mate. It's healthy, and low-cost, and it gives you a chance to spend quality time in nature while connecting with your best friend.

There's nothing like exploring mother nature's beautiful flora and fauna whilst spending some much-needed one-on-one time with your beloved best friend. Walk in the sun and be reminded of favorite memories.

christmas gifts for friends


Water sports

If you’re looking for a gift for that friend you just can’t seem to get out of the ocean, (otherwise known as Thalassophile if you want to get technical) then you’re in the right place.

3. Gift Ideas for the Foodies

For those who love nothing better than a meal out

It's a known fact that everybody on this Earth adores food. No?

A one-of-a-kind culinary experience is a crowd-pleaser like no other. They are simply undeniably delicious and bound to live on in your friends' memories forever.

christmas gifts for friends

Walking food tours

A Christmas present like this will let all the amazingly delicious scents guide your best friend through a new and exciting culinary universe around them.

Gifting Owl provides a variety of these itineraries across the globe in order to ensure that wherever your foodie goes - they can always be in the know about all the delectable wonders around them.

Cooking Classes

Whilst a cooking class might seem like a random gift for a friend above a certain age, we can confirm that these are a laugh-a-minute and bring all the joy and fun back into cooking.


christmas gifts for friends

4. Adrenaline Thrills for the Daredevils

Get them something that really gets their heart pumping this year

If you'd like to buy a gift for an adrenaline junkie this Christmas, you have most certainly come to the right website with plenty of choice. Find the gift that matches your friend's personality. Something for everyone's interests and every budget.

Gifting Owl has all of the most extreme and exhilarating experiences imaginable in order to satisfy any friend with an adventurous spirit and thirst for thrills.

christmas gifts for friends



Skydiving is undoubtedly the ultimate thrill for the thrill-seeker who has done it all.

What better way to express your love and friendship for them than by sending them through the skies at unfathomable speeds paired with spectacular panoramic views.

Skydiving is truly up there with once-in-a-lifetime Christmas gifts that will block the socks of your best friend.

White Water Rafting

Now this is perfect for that one friend who loves to feel the wind in their hair and the sun on their face.

White water rafting is the perfect blend of exercise, fun, and exhilaration!

White water rafting is a great activity for friends and family to partake in.

5. Romantic Gifts for the Lovebirds

Inspiring experiences for a pair of lovebirds

Buying for a friend that just never stops talking about their significant other?

Couples who want to explore the world together might prefer some of our previously mentioned experiences like helicopter rides, cooking classes, and hiking tours.


Christmas gifts for friends

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning is a fantastic experience that will leave your loved-up friends feeling like they're floating on clouds. They'll be able to take photos they'll never forget.

One of the coolest parts about this activity is that no matter how many photos you take, there's something so special about being in a hot air balloon at a certain height.

Wine tasting

A wine tasting is the perfect gift for your best friend who claims to be a wine connoisseur or simply appreciates the finer things in life.

It's also a great gift for couples, as it provides the opportunity for them to spend some quality time together whilst enjoying some truly delectable world class wines.

christmas gifts for friends

Spa day

Why not treat the lucky recipients to the present of self-love. Choose a gift they will remember. Life is about relaxing too. Let them enjoy a day of relaxation.

What could be more relaxing than spending a day of rest at the spa?

If you happen to be buying for a woman friend, or a potential crush this is one of our recipient gifts that she'll love undoubtedly! Ditch the large jewellery box filled with rose gold and sterling silver and go for something more personalised!

Merry Christmas!

Here at Gifting Owl, we know just how hard it can be to find the best personalised Christmas gifts for your best friend, especially when you've found yourself in the classic last-minute Christmas rush.

Be inspired by personalised gifts!

We hope this blog has helped you find some fantastic Christmas gifts for friends this festive season. Strengthen your friendship with a day out together.

Ditch the flowers, pile of money, the large jewellery box, the makeup bag, the watch and choose a personalised experience gift this year!

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Happy Gifting!

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