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11 Adventurous Christmas Gifts to Give Your Boyfriend

11 Adventurous Christmas Gifts to Give Your Boyfriend

Stop googling 'Christmas gift boyfriend' because we have the perfect gift for your man!

The holidays are right around the corner and it's time to start thinking about what you're going to get your boyfriend for Christmas. Lets face it, gifts for boyfriends can be difficult. You could get him a new game, wallet or phone case but where is the excitement in that?

If you want to make this holiday season extra special, treat your boyfriend to a Christmas gift he'll love- an experience gift from Gifting Owl. Gifting Owl is an online gifting platform that offers thousands of amazing activities and experiences all over the world. They are the leaders in the gifting industry and allow you to deliver a unique gift experience in just minutes.

Christmas gifts for boyfriends of every kind!

The best thing about Gifting Owl is that they have something for everyone- whether your boyfriend is a foodie, music lover, thrill seeker or travel enthusiast you are bound to find an experience gift that will bring him a world of excitement and joy this Christmas.

Not only do experiences make for fun and exciting gifts but they also offer him the chance to try new things, explore the world around him and make awesome memories.

Whether you've been dating for three months, three years or three decades, an experience gift from Gifting Owl is the perfect way to show your boyfriend you care this holiday season.

Find the perfect gift he deserves

We know that choosing the best gift is hard- especially when it comes to guys. To help you on your quest to finding the perfect gift we have created this comprehensive Christmas gift guide to help you out.

In this guide we recommend products and a range of the best gifts for boyfriend, husbands and any other guys in your life.

Go grab a cup of hot chocolate and get cozy because it's time to take a look at our ultimate Christmas gift guide for your boyfriend.

1. Jet boating 

Get him ready for the ride of his life!

If your boyfriend loves the outdoors and adrenaline rushes, a jet boat ride is one of the best Christmas gifts for him. Jetboating is a fast-paced, exciting activity that will send the adrenaline coursing through his veins.

He'll be on the edge of his seat as he zooms over the water's surface, tackles the waves head on and races around the river bends.

Not only is jetboating a brilliant experience that will get his heart racing, it's also a fantastic way for him to experience some of the most beautiful parts of the country in a unique and exciting way.

If you're looking for a unique experience that allows him to get out of his comfort zone, try something new and explore the world in an exciting way, jetboating is for you.

2. Historical tours

Unbeatable gift for the history buffs

If your boyfriend is a history buff or just loves to learn about other cultures, historical tours are the perfect Christmas gift for him. He'll get an opportunity to experience some of the most historic cities, towns and landmarks firsthand.

Boyfriends can see the places that have been shaped by the previous generations while immersing himself in the enriching, local culture.

Not only are historical tours fun, exciting and educational but they also offer the unique experience of getting to see some of the most important places in history up close.

Gifting Owl has a fantastic range of historical tours to choose from in countries all across the globe. Check out Gifting Owl's 'Attractions & Landmarks' category page for ideas and a the full list of tours Gifting Owl has one offer.

3. V8 Buggy 

Has he got an insatiable appetite for everything motor?

If you're looking for an exciting, action-packed experience for your boyfriend check out Gifting Owl's range of V8 buggy experiences. V8 buggy rides are an exhilarating off road adventure where he can battle through the bush, soar through the sand dunes or conquer the rocky north face like a pro.

He will get the chance to break out of his comfort zone while battling against nature itself for ultimate supremacy!

Your boyfriend will join the likes of Mad Max as he feels the power of a 1000 horse-power engine underneath him and tears up and down the track. Whether he's an experienced driver or a first timer, V8 buggy rides are the perfect way to have some fun and experience something new this Christmas.

4. Scuba Diving 

Explore the ever amazing underwater worlds

Does your boyfriend love the water? Is he inquisitive, adventurous and always on the search for new things? If so, scuba diving is the perfect Christmas experience for him.

Scuba diving is one of the best ways to experience earth’s natural beauty and experience Mother Nature in a completely unique way. Very few experiences can compare to the magic and wonder of seeing exotic marine diversity and coral reefs in their natural habitat.

A scuba diving experience will allow your boyfriend to discover the natural beauty of the world below sea level as well as challenge his boundaries by learning a new skill or sport.

With these gifts boyfriends can explore some truly breathtaking underwater worlds, from tropical paradises to mysterious shipwrecks.

He'll get to see some of the most stunning coral reefs and brightly coloured fish that only live in these conditions, giving him a unique glimpse into another world.

5. Hiking 

Get him away from the hustle & bustle

If your man has a green thumb and considered the outdoorsy type, hiking is one of the best gift ideas. Hiking allows him to explore nature up close and personal, giving him a sense of adventure that will leave lasting memories.

He'll be able to connect with his natural surroundings in ways he never thought possible while taking in some truly breathtaking views along the way.

Your boyfriend will be able to appreciate nature from a whole new perspective as well as challenge himself with some serious physical activity that is both mentally and physically rewarding.

Hiking is also a fantastic activity to do together. You can take your time walking through the stunning scenery and soaking up the peaceful natural surrounds.

6. Romantic Weekend Getaway 

The experience just perfect for the two of you

If you are looking for a sentimental gift that will steal his heart and put a smile on his face, a romantic getaway is a wonderful option. This romantic occasion is a great chance for him to relax, rest and reconnect with you in a way that he has never done before.

Whether you opt for somewhere big and bustling or small and secluded- your boyfriend will love it! He'll be able to enjoy some true downtime and simply unwind without any distractions or interruptions.

He'll get the chance to completely unplug from technology, recharge his batteries and enjoy a sense of happiness that only comes from time spent with you!

Whether you've been dating for three months, three years or three decades, a romantic getaway is a phenomenal gift idea and a sure way to make your boyfriend feel truly special this Christmas.

To find your perfect destination and to see Gifting Owl's full range of getaway experiences, head to the 'Hotel Getaways' category page.

7. Cooking Class 

Strap yourselves in for a messy affair!

Clear some counter space and fire up the oven because cooking classes are a gift that your boyfriend will never forget! Your man can learn how to cook like an absolute pro and show off his new skills in the kitchen.

During his class your boyfriend will be able to explore his creativity and experiment with new flavours, textures and ingredients to create a dish he can truly be proud of.

With expert chefs on hand guiding him every step of the way, he'll effortlessly learn how to chop, bake and mix his way out of any recipe book.

Cooking classes are also the perfect way to bond with your partner and have some fun together in a low key environment. You'll both be able to chat, laugh and share stories as you work through each step of the cooking process.

8. Massage

Gift him the rest & relaxation he deserves

For the boyfriend who is always on-the-go and needs some time to relax, a relaxing massage makes thoughtful gift for boyfriends. This experience allows him to relax his body and mind while enjoying pampering hands.

He'll feel refreshed and ready to take on life again after spending an hour or two under the watchful eyes of a masseuse.

Whether he wants to unwind for an hour or two at the end of a long week, get rid of sore muscles from working out or just needs some time alone with you- massage is so much more than simply a way to relax.

9. Surfing 

Let him indulge himself in his favourite hobby

If your boyfriend loves the ocean and is always looking for a chance to get out of the house, why not gift him some surfing lessons? Surfing is a sport that requires patience, perseverance and a love for the outdoors.

It's a total body workout that will allow him to get in touch with nature while challenging his skills and abilities all at once. He'll learn how to paddle out into the waves, read the ripples of water around him and use all of his strength to stay above water as he catches each wave.

Whether your boyfriend is a beginner or has tried surfing before, there are plenty of class options to suit his skills and abilities.

He can learn basics like the fundamentals of surfing and how to stand up on a board in the water, get expert tips and tricks to improve his style and technique or learn gnarly moves like a tail slide or switch stance.

10. Skydiving

Will you go down with him?

For boyfriends that want to experience the thrill of a lifetime, a skydiving session is the perfect Christmas gift. Skydiving will leave him feeling on top of the world and he'll be full of adrenaline for days after!

There's no experience quite like a skydive- he'll be pushed out into thin air from thousands of feet up in the sky, freefalling at over 200 mph before enjoying some spectacular views of the earth below.

Skydive experiences are available in many stunning locations such as the Australian outback, the New Zealand countryside and the Brazilian coast line!

11. Brewery Tours 

Boyfriends could never say no to this!

For guys who enjoy good beer, a brewery tour is a great gift he'll love this Christmas. A brewery tour not only gives your boyfriend an opportunity to drink some new beers and uncommon goods he may have never tried before, but it also lets him explore where his favourite tipple comes from and how it's made- something that is sure to fascinate any beer lover.

Brewery tours look behind the scenes of a brewery, giving an insight into how it all comes together from grain to glass. If your man prefers a glass of wine, look into some of our cute vineyard gifts.

Happy Gifting 

It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts for your boyfriend. From helicopter tours and wine tasting, to surfing lessons and hot air ballooning, your partner will love exploring new places, meeting new people and trying out new experiences during the festive season.

The best part about giving your Gifting Owl experience gift is how easy it is for you! Gifting Owl's easy-to-use online platform makes gift giving a breeze. All you have to do is type keyword into search bar, select the experience of your choice and proceed to checkout.

Your experience gift voucher will be sent directly to their inbox via WhatsApp of Facebook. That's right, no major shipping delays or battling shoppers at busy malls this Christmas- just a quick click of the mouse and your gift is only a moment away! 

This year try something new in terms of present ideas with Gifting Owl's incredible roster of gift experiences filled with thoughtful and unique gifts for boyfriends. Instead of the record player, wireless headphones, apple watch, trendy socks, cute little paid commissions from Etsy, stylish leather bag or the latest New York Times best seller, go for some uncommon goods such as amazing gift experiences, as we believe those make for the best gifts.

These personalised gifts create sentimental memories of the occasion that will live on throughout your relationship.

We hope this bespoke post has given you some inspiration and maybe even an idea or two for what you could be getting your boyfriend (or husband) this Christmas. 

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