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Easy Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Easy Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is a time for celebration, good food and enjoyment but when you’ve got the pressure of a lengthy gift list hanging over you, it can be near impossible to look forward to the holiday period with any joy. 

Look, we get it, gift shopping is stressful. From the car park stand-offs, the shopping centre squabbles and the blaring chorus of ‘All I Want for Christmas’ on repeat, it’s no wonder you’ve put off your Christmas shopping this long. Not to mention, the whole process of trying to come up with a personalised list of gifts that are different from the monogrammed towels and engraved wine glasses of previous years.

But lucky for you - it doesn’t have to be this way! I know, I know, it sounds too good to be true - but just imagine... 

A last-minute Christmas gift for everyone without having to leave the house! 

Yep, it’s that simple. Here at Gifting Owl, you can upgrade your giving skills this season with the gift of experiences. Why add another chore to the Christmas mental load when you can just hop online and explore the range of unique experiences to excite everyone on your favourites list this year.  

And if that’s not already sold you, here are some extra little incentives sure to make you wonder why you’ve never gifted experiences before…

Skip the Queues 

Picture this - it’s five days out from Christmas, work is in overdrive trying to tie up all final tasks before the break, you’ve got five-holiday parties to fit into a two-day weekend and you STILL haven’t done your Christmas shopping. That’s enough to make you rethink just how wonderful this time of year really is.

But don’t let the Grinch take over your Christmas fun. It’s easy to remove the gift-giving drama when you can have your gifts delivered immediately through email or SMS. You can spend however long you like perusing the range of experiences on offer and with only a few clicks, your gift will be in their inbox, ready to be presented on Christmas day. 

Forgetful but Thoughtful

Just because you’re short on time doesn’t mean you don’t care. There are a million and one things to think, prepare and do during the hectic Christmas season so coming up with gift ideas that are special and unique for all your friends and family could take you all the way into next year. 

Gifting Owl experiences provide an opportunity to select the perfect gift for your lucky recipient from an easy to follow website, cutting out unnecessary time and confusion. Whether your friend is into hiking, wildlife, authentic culinary experiences or adrenaline thrills, all you have to do is explore the range of activities on offer and select which will best suit. Once you head to the checkout - that’s it! No waiting on delivery, just an instant present, ready to pop under the Christmas tree.   

Gift Cards to the Rescue

Trying to personalise a gift list for all your friends and family can be tedious, especially for those long-distance cousins you only see once a year. Gift cards are the go-to last-minute gift but even they can be difficult to give when you can’t remember any interesting details about your second cousin Josh who grunts his way through the annual small talk. 

When it comes to experiences, there is something for everyone. You may not know about your Aunt’s secret passion for authentic Japanese cooking or your cousin’s fantasy of skydiving but with a Gifting Owl gift certificate, you can still make their Christmas stocking hopes come true. 

Vouchers are Exchangeable!

What’s more awkward than receiving a gift that you already have or will never use? Being asked for the receipt of a gift you shopped long and hard for. Yeah, it can be unpleasant from both ends of the gifting spectrum so lucky for you, Gifting Owl has managed to remove this complication. 

Each experience can be exchanged online - free of charge! That means the value of the voucher can be used on any other experience without having to have that awkward conversation. This way your gift can be enjoyed regardless of whether your recipient is keen on cashing in their bird watching experience or would rather be shredding it down the slopes on their next trip to New Zealand

Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone

The spontaneous act of last-minute gifting can be used to your own advantage. This gift-giving opportunity can push you into something you've always talked about doing with a friend. Whether it’s finally booking in for the tandem bungee jump or finding a reason to book that trip to Germany, the less time to think, the better. 

Finally, with an actual plan in place, you and your friend can live out your adventure fantasies and it’s all thanks to the fact that you were running short on time this Christmas. 

Ditch the Paper

The best part about gifting experiences? You don’t have to wrap them! In fact, no one would ever expect you to! Mind you, with the time you’ve saved on running around trying to find a gift, you can probably spare a few minutes on the creative ways to you can make your Gifting Owl selection look its absolute best. Check out some pretty cool ideas here

Of course, ditching the paper has lots of other benefits other than saving you time. It’s environmentally friendly for a start. So, for a last-minute gifter like yourself let the gift speak for itself and send it directly to your recipient's inbox as a notification surprise. This technologically savvy present will impress your lucky recipients while you get to rejoice knowing you put in no extra effort. It’s a win-win!  

Last-minute gifting doesn’t mean you have to resort to the clearance chocolate aisle on Christmas eve. It’s an opportunity to test your time pressure abilities and come out on top with some great experiences to share with your family and friends. Whether you’re looking for a unique and personal gift or something quick and easy, Gifting Owl’s range of experiences will have a gift for everyone this Christmas. 

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