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Epic Experience Gifts For Your Best Friend's Birthday

Epic Experience Gifts For Your Best Friend's Birthday

The best gifts are experiences you will remember forever. Some of my favourite gifts I’ve been given have been experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to buy for myself. A helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon for my 21st birthday, that one has to take the cake!

Finding the perfect gift for a true friend can be a daunting experience. In this article we list unique birthday gift ideas for your best friends upcoming birthday.

Once in a Lifetime Gifts


If you’re like me and my friends, we often like to pool our money together and get experience gifts that would otherwise be out of our personal budget. This means that the lucky gift recipient gets the chance to have a once in a lifetime, bucket list experience that they’d likely never buy for themselves.

For my best friends 21st birthday we all pooled our money together to buy her a skydive in Byron Bay. The look on her face when we gave her the gift was SO worth it! It took her almost 12 months to book it in, but she eventually did it! The great thing about Gifting Owl vouchers is that you can use the value of your voucher on another gift, if you decide you’ll never jump out of a perfectly good plane.

Gifts to Enjoy Together

We love a double gift! An experience you can enjoy together often makes the best gift. If you have a shared hobby or passion, or you just love outdoor adventures, than that’s your gift!

Here are some of our favourite gifts for two:

1. A hobby you share together: Mountain biking? Chocolate eating? Whatever the hobby it is, you’re sure to both enjoy yourself on your experience.

2. Winery or vineyard days: If you and your bestie could really do with a day away from reality, surrounded by delicious wine, this is your gift!

3. Dining gifts: Sharing a nice meal together is one of the most underrated gifts. But if you are looking for something more unique than your regular thai restaurant, try our authentic culinary experiences.

4. Private experiences: We’ve chosen most of these gifts because they let you spend quality time together. Any private activity will allow you more time together on your experience.

Gifts That Thrill

Thrill, scare, terrify, or all of the above! We all have that one friend who is addicted to adrenaline. If your bestie loves experiences that push them well out of their comfort zone, you’re in the right place. From overnight ghost tours in a Melbourne prison to shark cage diving, we have the terrifying experience gift for them! Be careful with this gift idea, as it might come back to bite you come your birthday next year.

Gifts For Travellers

Having a best friend that lives overseas can be tough. You miss them and want to get them something special to let them know you are thinking of them on their birthday. But strangely enough, buying a gift for them while they are in another country is very difficult. Calculating shipping times to make sure it arrives just in time can be stressful, especially if they are constantly on the move.

That’s where we come in. Instead of giving them something to lug around in their suitcase, why not buy them a birthday experience gift that they can enjoy while on their travels? Perhaps an authentic culinary experience with a local in Japan? Or a multi-day trek in Iceland? With a global experience gift they can use in whichever country they find themselves in, you can be sure they’ll remember this birthday gift forever.

Global experience gifts are a win-win for both you and your travelling bestie. With instant delivery to their email or mobile, you don’t have to worry about shipping or planning the gift months in advance!

Gifts That Prompt a Vacation


Gift cards and gift vouchers can often be very restrictive to a certain activity or place. But at Gifting Owl, not only do we have experiences to choose from in 103 countries, but we offer free exchanges on gifts anywhere in the world. This means you can give your bestie an Iceland activity gift and she can decide to use it in Thailand instead. Global gift vouchers are our specialty, so why not pick a country you’ve always wanted to visit with your bestie and gift her an experience there?!

Even if you want to stay close to home, an experience in another city is the perfect excuse for a weekend away with your best friend. Just last year I did this after I was gifted a helicopter experience over the 12 apostles on the Great Ocean road. Not only was the helicopter experience incredible, but spending a weekend away in Melbourne with her was just as fun!

Let Them Choose Their Adventure

If you aren’t sure what to buy for them, you can always opt for a gift voucher instead. Just choose how much you would like to spend and gifting is as easy as 1,2,3! They aren’t restricted to any experience in any location. They can use the voucher on any experience listed on the site!

There you have it! Finding a birthday gift for your best friend has never been easier.

We are so glad we could make sure your bestie has the BEST birthday ever!

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