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Unforgettable Father's Day Experience Gift Ideas 2019

Unforgettable Father's Day Experience Gift Ideas 2019

Are you struggling to find something amazing for Dad for Father’s Day? Nothing catching your eye? Is the same old gift just not cutting it anymore? 

Why don’t you let Gifting Owl solve your problems with some awesome experience gifts just for your Dad. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

All dads are different. Whether you have a serious dad, one of the kid’s dad, or the adventurous dad (just to name a few), Gifting Owl has ideas for your father no matter what type of dad he is.

After thorough research (asking the Gift Owl team fathers), we can confirm that experience gifts are by far the best present to give.

Gone are the days, that dad is waiting for his kids to come and jump on him and present breakfast in bed…. Wait a second that exactly what he wants! I know for my dad he will be waiting for eggs on top of toast with smashed avocado with a side of salsa and jalapeños to spice things up. Oh and don’t forget about the coffee! 

Just like mums, dads love to be pampered. And what better way to wine and dine Dad than with the whole family on a cruise. Here, you have many gift experience options. The Champagne and Seafood brunch experience is on our very highly recommended list. Docking from Docklands to Williamstown, sit back and relax while sailing the seas. What dad wouldn’t absolutely love this experience!!! 

If your dad is more of an adventure lover, we recommend the Ultimate Island Trek Jetski Tour. This is 3 hours of exhilarating jetskiing topped off with sightings of sea turtles, dugongs, seabirds, and the occasional humpback whale. Trust me, your dad will be left speechless. In the middle of your session, there is a pool side pizza lunch and time to relax around the Palm Bay Resort pool. So bring your GoPro and get ready for some picturesque photos for instagram to show off how amazing your dad’s Father’s Day was. 

Similarly, the Island Hopping Kayak Tour is something you can’t miss the opportunity to do. Not only will you be stopping on Palm Cove, Haycock Island, Limestone Cave and secluded beaches, but you also get to experience beautiful marine life all from your kayaks.

Buying Dad a gift that he can use on his travel adventures is a great idea. But chances are he already has all the luggage, eye masks and travel pillows a man could ever need. An unexpected Father’s Day gift is an experience he can have on his travels. 

They say a picture paints a thousand words so why not get your dad a photography gift experience. Ranging from Venice, Bangkok or even Sydney you are bound to find a Photography Gift Tour that will take pride of place on the living room wall for years to come.

Book him in to swim with sharks in Western Australia, snorkel with turtles in Hawaii, or skydive from 14,000ft! After all, experiences are the gifts that we remember forever. The only thing that Dad will miss on his adventure is you - unless of course, you make it a trip for you all to enjoy!

Or how about booking your parents a private getaway with a Winery Tasting tour. Sometimes all your dad wants is some alone time with his wife. So a quick scroll through our site will reveal some fantastic tour options in countries across the world. 

Along the lines of chilled out times, why not enjoy some beer tasting or 5-course degustation meal at Redoak. Or should we call it Beergustation! Located in Redoak, Sydney, they prepare dishes of food matched with beer. Sounds awesome if you ask me! So make it a lunch or dinner that your dad won’t forget and share that special time together.

If your dad is the cook in the family or simply loves to show off his culinary skills, why not take him to a cooking class. Whether it be Thai, Argentinian, or Italian food he is bound to find something that he can sink his teeth into. The bonus here is he can learn skills and find new recipes for you to enjoy on a later day - sweet! And if he doesn’t want to serve then let him be served! Gifting Owl has many food tours on offer.

Perhaps you’re looking for something that will blow your dad’s socks off? Try something in the air! Whether it be sky diving, private helicopter tours, or aerobatic flights - these gifts are once in a lifetime adventures, and may even be one more thing your dad can tick off his bucket list. 

If your Dad happens to move around from country to country, a Gifting Owl gift voucher is perfect. Valid to book experiences in over 100 countries, there is sure to be an experience for your Dad to book. Just choose the amount you want to spend and send the voucher directly to Dad in seconds. This takes the guesswork out of buying and Dad gets to choose his dream adventure!

Every dad is number one or the best dad in their children’s eyes. So why not give your dad the best gift? Remember, it’s only Father’s Day once a year so make sure he enjoys his special day filled with memories that will last forever. Gifting Owl is here to help!

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