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Top 10 Valentines Day Gifts For Her 2020

Top 10 Valentines Day Gifts For Her 2020

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day gifts involve a box of chocolates and dinner. However, here at Gifting Owl we are ready to spice things up for February 14th 2020! Gift giving is just one-way partners can show their love, but gifting an experience to do together takes the relationship to a whole new level. Show her this Valentine’s Day how much you care by giving her the gift of a lifetime. In this blog we share our top 10 experience gift ideas for her. These carefully selected experience gifts are thoughtful, romantic and just the ticket to bringing you and your Valentine even closer together. No matter which experience you choose, Gifting Owl will not disappoint.

Gift Idea 1: Chocolate Tasting 

What woman doesn’t love chocolate? Desserts are a sure way to a woman’s heart and with this experience gift, she will be talking about it for years to come. Although she will be bragging to her friends, chocolate tasting is an intimate experience that will be an absolute hit with your wife, fiancée or girlfriend. Enjoy tasting a variety of cheeky chocolates with your partner while celebrating the most romantic day of the year. Not only is it delicious, but Chocolate tasting is a great way for long-term couples to reconnect, find the spark again and even fall head over heels with each other all over again. Valentine’s Day 2020 is the year to step it up and spoil her with an experience you know will keep you in the good books.

Gift Idea 2: Cooking class

Cooking classes are a great way for couples to have fun in the kitchen together, make great food and have a laugh. This type of environment brings couples closer together as this activity helps the couple work as a team and collaborate to create a delicious end product. With this, a cooking class gift is an experience like no other. The friendly, creative and distraction-free environment gives couples plenty of quality time together. Together with this, experiencing a cooking class with the light of your life is a great way to show her that you want to spend time with her and want to experience new things together.

Gift Idea 3: Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is an unexpected yet amazing gift for her this Valentine’s Day 2020. Granted, this experience gift is not for every woman, but it’s a pretty good way for couples who enjoy the outdoors and spend time together lapping up the sun. And, we know it doesn’t take long for those couples with a competitive streak to channel their inner rivalry with a race or two. This is an experience never to be forgotten, especially for first-timers. Outdoor activities, adventure and fun are sure to nudge complacent couples out of their comfort zone, and what could be better! Jet skiing across the water, bonding over the adrenaline rush and creating happy memories - it’s a Valentine's Day gift that will set the benchmark and something she’s likely to treasure forever. 

Gift Idea 4: Day Spa

Now, if you want to charm and disarm your sweetheart, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day 2020 with a gift that will never disappoint, a spa day. Spa days are the ultimate luxury experience and show her how much you truly love and want to pamper her. Enjoying a day spa together might be just what you both need after a busy festive season and to get feeling nice and easy and in the mood for love. Whether you choose a couple’s massage, a relaxing facial or simply enjoying a hot sauna together, we’ve got lots of options. This experience gift is one she is likely going to ask for again!

Gift Idea 5: Wine and Cheese Tasting

If she loves wine together with some fine cheese then your Mrs certainly has great taste! A wine and cheese tasting makes for happy surprises with every mouthful. Set in the beautiful, idyllic wine country with picture-perfect views, this is the perfect set up to celebrate your love for her and to enjoy your Valentine’s Day in style. 

Gift Idea 6: Hiking

Hiking is a great bonding activity especially for those couples who share a great love of the outdoors. This gifting experience is versatile as couples are able to enjoy it either in a group or just themselves alone. Hiking is also a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as couples are able to take a step back from all the business and noise of their day to day lives and truly get back to nature.

Gift Idea 7: Snorkeling 

Surprise her this Valentine’s Day with a splash! A snorkelling experience is the perfect gift for your girl who loves to be salty and sandy! Snorkelling is a relaxing outdoor activity for couples to do together when celebrating Valentine’s Day. Switch off your smartphones, jump in the water and enjoy quality time together in the ocean. Going snorkelling together will be a highlight of her year and will possibly be one of her favourite memories with you.

Gift Idea 8: Hot Air Balloon Ride

This gift experience one for the true romantics. This coming Valentine’s day surprise her with a hot air balloon ride. Give her a bird’s eye view of the city or hinterland. This is an experience like no other. Hot air balloon rides are a big hit among couples wanting to share a brand-new experience together - and a perfect way to pop the big question. This gifting experience will have you riding high on the winds of love this Valentine’s Day and showing her that you will always protect her, even when floating over 1,000 feet in the air.

Gift Idea 9: Speed Boat Tour

If she has the adrenaline bug in her bones, this is the experience gift for her this Valentine’s Day. Jet Boat tours are a thrill a minute for couples who can’t wait to get under the sun and on the water with the rush of wind in their hair and the engine at full throttle. Gifting her a speed boat tour this Valentine’s Day will absolutely bring a wave of adrenaline into the relationship - no pun intended! 

Gift Idea 10: White Water Rafting

Having wild and adventurous experiences as a couple is a great way to reconnect, laugh and build all new memories together. This Valentine’s Day surprise her with a gift she won’t ever be expecting… white water rafting! This is an action-packed experience couples can do in a group with friends if they prefer. White water rafting is challenging, high energy and absolute magic for adrenaline junkies. 

We hope that all you love birds found inspiration from our blog. These experience gift ideas are all available on We have faith that the perfect Valentine's Day activity gift for her is just waiting to be booked! 

Take the leap and have a look. All Gifting Owl vouchers are fully changeable and can be used in over 115 countries! So, don’t stress - you’ll find something that the best just for her. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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