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Valentine's Day Gifts with Delivery - Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine's Day Gifts with Delivery - Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine's day is nearing dangerously closer and closer leaving many scrambling to find the perfect gift that lets their partner know just how much she really means to them this Valentine's day.

However, if you've already left it too late or your partner already has everything she could ever want or need, you'll have to think outside the box for this year's romantic gift ideas. And we mean that quite literally - absolutely no chocolate gift boxes allowed (even if she has a sweet tooth!).



For those really wanting to find a thoughtful Valentine's day gift that will make her feel extra special, avoid any of the stereotypical Valentine's gifts such as gift hampers, flowers, chocolates and other sweet treats and personalised leather gifts to name a few. If you do decide to indulge her in one of these classic Valentine's day gifts, at least pair it with an amazing romantic experience she will never forget!


That's where delivery gifts come in handy! All of these creative Valentine's Day gifts are available on Gifting Owl, order online with an instantaneous delivery service that offers worldwide delivery at no additional cost straight to your email.


What this means is that with one click you can send your girlfriend a romantic experience from anywhere in the world no matter where she may be! This is great news if you've forgotten to buy a Valentine's Day gift or left it to the very last minute, it only takes one click!


Upon purchasing online, your gift will be delivered via email within an instant and once given to your lucky partner, she will be able to book online at any time. It couldn't be easier!


Experiences for everyone


Whether your wife or girlfriend desires adventure, relaxation, luxury, dining or adrenaline thrills there is an amazing range of Valentine's day gifts on Gifting Owl that will excite anyone.



With options ranging from skydiving above the Grand Canyon to visiting some of the most renowned vineyards in the world, our diverse selection of Valentine's day gift options is unlike anywhere else.


At Gifting Owl, we believe that experience gifts are particularly special as they allow people to try something new, perfect a skill, or even embrace a talent. They might meet fascinating individuals along the way or discover a whole new interest. When it comes to giving experiences as gifts, there is really no knowing how life changing it could possibly be!


Below we have carefully curated a list of non cheesy ideas for Valentine's day experiences that are bound to have her falling in love with you all over again! We truly believe that these are some of the best Valentine's day gifts that money can buy!


Gifting Owl Vouchers


For those who have absolutely no time to decide on the perfect Valentine's day gift this year, we've got you. And for those who have read this blog and are still scratching their head at what to buy their lucky lady, look no further than a Gifting Owl voucher.


Leave the decision in her hands this year, but promise her that no matter what romantic gift she may just decide on, you'll be accompanying her for an amazing day out filled with laughs and some much needed one on one bonding time.


To make matters even better, Gifting Owl gift cards were created to be as flexible as possible to take away all of the stress that comes along with gift giving.



Contrary to average gift vouchers, a Gifting Owl gift card has a validity of three years and experiences can be swapped online completely free of charge. The value on the voucher can be used on any experience and will delivered instantly at any time of the day.


These gift vouchers are also perfect for those of you who may be involved in a long distance love but still want to show your valentine how much you really love her from across the world.


Cruise Dining


Now this is a date night she will never forget!


If you're looking for a delivery gift that will sweep your loved one off their feet, look no further than a cruise dining experience. Romantic, luxurious, and delectable, a cruise dinner is the perfect way to show that special someone just how much you care.


Cruise dining is up there with some of the most romantic Valentine's Day Experiences you can find. It adds a certain level of... splash to a dining experience in order to mark the special occasion.


Cruise dinners are typically set up with a buffet style or table seating so there is plenty of opportunity for time spent together chatting about anything and everything under the sun.


So, whether you're looking for something casual, intimate, or just plain delicious, we have some great options that will help make your cruise dinner experience one they'll never forget!

They say food is the way to your lover's heart, and cruise dining on serene waters is no exception to the rule. There is something extraordinarily calming about drifting through water that makes for the perfect ambience to pair with a meal.


Leave her many unwanted distractions of everyday life back on land and embrace her company for a divine romantic dinner.


Hot Air Balloon Ride


Could there be anything more romantic than floating across the sky with her in your arms as the sun rises on the horizon with a jaw dropping panoramic view of the world below?


Whether you're planning on proposing or she simply loves the idea of zooming through the sky in total comfort, this delivery gift will guarantee nothing but smiles and laughter.



A hot air balloon ride may just be the most romantic Valentine's day experience money can buy. Make her feel like it's her very first Valentine's day with a gift this special. Better yet, surprise her with this gift once you arrive at the destination!


This Valentine's gift is an intoxicating mixture of romance and adventure that she would be crazy to say no to (unless she has a serious phobia of heights!).


This Valentine's day, glide through the clouds on an enchanted journey as the two of you get lost in the breathtaking views below.


Spa Day


This might just be the exact Valentine's day gift she's been praying for.


Picture the scene: the two of you getting pampered and massaged all day long as you lie there in your private massage room. The two of you will enjoy a sensual full body massage for an hour each during which time she can just drift away into a world of pure relaxation.


Of course, this experience is about so much more than just the massage itself. It's also about getting to spend time with your loved one without any distractions or interruptions.


Spa days are a fantastic way to treat yourself and relax together as a couple on Valentine's Day. It helps you unwind from your stressful lives whilst spending some quality time together.


Spa days are perfect delivery gifts for the girl who loves to be pampered and channelling their inner goddess on Valentine's Day is a lovely way to show your appreciation for everything they do for you all year round!


These extraordinary encounters come in a variety of types, so there's something for everyone! It's an opportunity to discover how they like to spend their leisure time - whether it be massages, mud baths, steam rooms, saunas or other relaxing treatments!


Wine Tasting


Delicious wine, delicious food...what more could you want on your romantic Valentine's day date?!


Picture this: the two of you getting dressed up and heading out for a night filled with good food and great company. After dinner, it is time to taste wines! That is right - the delivery experience includes an actual tasting session where you get to taste a variety of fine wines.


You may not be sophisticated sommeliers, but you will certainly feel like it in the company of so many different wine varieties! You'll learn about the region in which they were produced and chat about how each one tastes with your knowledgeable delivery specialist.



This might just be the wine gift that actually wins her over on Valentine's day. It certainly beats the classic Valentine's gift of a bottle of red wine and chocolates from the grocery shop.


Gifting Owl also boasts an incredible range of vineyard tours, if you happen to be nearby any wine regions that are definitely worth visiting with that special someone on Valentine's day this year.




What is more romantic than spending the day in the great outdoors with the love of your life? Getting out into nature together can be an exceptional way to spend Valentine's Day. Just pick a hiking trail you both enjoy and see where it takes you!


What better way to bond with each other this Valentine's day than to escape the everyday hustle and bustle for a wonder in mother nature's scenic landscapes.


It's not just about walking through mountains and valleys, there are plenty of other activities you can do together on a hike. Try snowshoeing, biking, picnicking or just simply spending time admiring the views from atop a mountain!


Gifting Owl is home to many jaw-dropping hiking experiences, from Glacier hikes in Iceland to Blue Mountain hiking in Jamaica and everything in-between.   


Gifting Owl also has an incredible range of delivery experiences that involve wildlife. If she's into animals and nature then any delivery experience with animals is sure to leave her reeling.




If your valentine is always on the look for the next best thrill, this is obviously the one of the best Valentine's day gifts for her in the world. It's all a renowned adrenaline junkie could ever want in one absolutely unforgettable Valentine's day gift.


A delivery experience to jump out of a plane with her? Yes please! Give your girlfriend the most exhilarating Valentine's day delivery gifts this year by taking her skydiving.


Imagine the look on her face when she sees you behind her in all your gear, as she goes to leap towards the clouds for an extraordinary Valentine's day jump.



Valentine's day is the perfect time to go skydiving together. You can say it is your love that makes you feel like flying every time you embrace, and what better way to celebrate this than going on a tandem skydiving adventure?


There is nothing like experiencing life from a bird's eye view as you soar through the sky, free falling at speeds of up to 200km/h with nothing but thin air below you.


Help them tick skydiving off their list of daring adventures and make it one of the most memorable presents they've ever received! Most dives come with a personalised certificate to prove that they completed it, in case their friends don't believe it!


Best Valentine's day ever!


Helicopter Tours


If skydiving is a little too extreme for her taste, a spectacular Helicopter tour is just as thoughtful a present and makes for some super romantic moments up in the sky. 


Sit back to watch some of the world's most incredible sights with your delivery specialist piloting you over landscapes, coastlines and cities all in just one helicopter ride!


From coastal cliffs to mountain ranges or even the vast desserts, there are plenty of delivery experiences for helicopter tours to match her desires.


Good Luck!


No matter what that special someone might be into, there is guaranteed to be a range of amazing Valentine's day gift ideas that she'll absolutely adore on Gifting Owl.




Some people are of the opinion that a classic romantic gift must include flowers, chocolates, and jewellery. While this may be true for some people, gifting an experience is always more thoughtful than material things. 


Show her just how much she means to you this year with a thoughtful Gifting Owl experience the two of you can share. And remember, there is absolutely no pressure on what you choose as she can always swap for another fantastic activity free of charge!

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