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Work Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Your Employees

Work Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Your Employees

Celebrating work anniversaries is an increasingly popular way for companies to express appreciation and gratitude to their employees. It is a great way to recognise to celebrate everything they have achieved over the past year, thank them for their loyalty and recognise the opportunities that await in the future. 

Not only is celebrating work anniversaries a nice gesture for employees, it also benefits the company as a whole. Studies show that employers who celebrate and publicly recognise their employees experience higher productivity levels, stronger engagement, increased employee morale and better staff retention rates. So the next question is- what’s the best way to celebrate and recognise your employees? 

Like any other anniversary, a gift is one of the best ways to make your employees feel valued and appreciated. A gift is a simple gesture that will make a substantial difference. Modern day work gifts focus on fun, excitement and public recognition. Gone are the days of handshakes and head nods, today’s gifts involve friends, colleagues and experiences that connect employees to their company. Whether it’s a work anniversary of an individual or a team, here are the top work anniversary gift experiences, perfect for celebrating your employees

Gifts For Teams 

Your team is the driving force behind the continued success and operation of your company. It’s their hard work, dedication and commitment that makes your business thrive. So when their work anniversary rolls around it should be celebrated with enthusiasm and vigour. 

Here at Gifting Owl we believe experiences are the best gifts money can buy. Experiences are exciting and dynamic and spark an incredible sense of joy and fulfilment. A fun team experience is a fantastic way to show your appreciation and thank your staff for all they have done. It’s a chance to celebrate your employees and get to know one another in a laid-back and relaxed environment. 

Delicious food and impeccable drinks are two of life’s greatest pleasures. As the old saying goes, the gateway to a person’s heart is through their stomach. So this year make your team feel loved, valued and appreciated by treating them to an iconic culinary experience. Whether it’s an easy-going lunch date or a tantalising food tour, Gifting Owl has a fantastic range of culinary experiences perfect for your team. 

A paid lunch is an oldie but a goldie. This traditional team celebration is a fun, relaxing way for your team to celebrate their hard work and positive contributions. Sharing a meal and a few drinks is an invaluable bonding experience, and will leave your team feeling refreshed, re-energised and ready for another year of outstanding work.  

If your team is ambitious, market-leading and likes to stray from tradition, why not shake things up with a riverside lunch cruise? Enjoy a delicious, chef prepared meal and bar service onboard a state of the art cruise ship. The fresh air, sunshine, and excitement of dining on a yacht will excite and invigorate your team leaving them giddy with joy. 

For the young and adventurous team, an explorative market tour is the perfect option. Team up and explore an exciting array of food stalls, market vendors and culinary delights. Beginning with tantalising tikki masala or sizzling sausages and moving to sweet cinnabon’s or chocolate covered crepes, you and your team can relish the incredible tastes and fabulous flavours of international cuisines. This company perk is the type of thing that will have them boasting to their friends and family about. 

Another fantastic way to celebrate a work anniversary is with a team building experience. Head outdoors and enjoy the freedom, fresh air and challenges of nature as you and your team embark on an exciting outdoor adventure. Activities such as kayaking, rock climbing or abseiling are great team building options. They are fun yet challenging ways for your team to come together, support one another and create long lasting, fond memories of their workplace.

Gifts For Individuals 

Each and every employee plays a vital role in the ongoing success and operations of a business. Without the hard work and positive contributions from all individuals the company simply would not be where they are today. So, when an employee reaches a significant work anniversary, a gift is a fantastic way to recognise their hard work and thank them for their commitment to the company.   

A homemade gift package is a thoughtful and sentimental way to show your employee that you know them, value them and care about them. Put together a collection of their favourite things such as wine, flowers, sweet treats and candles or beer, snacks, chocolate and gift cards and present it to them in front of their peers and colleagues. Accompany the package with a handwritten note, thanking them for their contribution to add a meaningful, personalised touch. 

Long service leave is a fantastic reward scheme giving individuals a well-deserved break from work. Many people use this time to travel, see the world and explore exciting, new cities. With this in mind, a great work anniversary gift option is to combine their long service leave with travel. 

What travellers love the most about the places they visit are the amazing local experiences they have. So, this year, give your employee an experience in a foreign country or a red-hot bucket list adventure to help them create feel-great, unforgettable experiences. Gifting Owl’s fantastic range of international experiences will have your employee traversing the globe and embarking on exciting experiences like racing dune buggies in Dubai, sipping champagne in the French Riviera or exploring Australia by hot air balloon. 

For the adventure-lovers, an outdoor activity is a fabulous gift option. A scenic kayak expedition will have them paddling through picturesque waterways and meeting exotic wildlife, a multi-day hike will have them trekking through foreign landscapes and exploring hidden sanctuaries and an underwater sea walk will have them face to face with breathtaking marine life and coral formations. 

If adrenaline is what you’re searching for, how about a hardcore skydive or exhilarating bungee jump? The thrill of defying gravity and plummeting towards earth will send their heart rate into overdrive but will leave them with the feeling of strength, invincibility and determination to tackle any of work and life challenges.  

With so many great experiences to choose from it can be hard to decide which experience is best. Take the guesswork out of gift giving with a Gifting Owl gift card. Valid for 3 years, this gift card gives the lucky recipient exclusive access to thousands of experiences in over 100 countries. With the ability to choose their ideal experience, this gift is guaranteed to add a touch of wonder to their epic overseas adventure. 

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