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Find the ultimate wedding gift that will put all other guests to shame with a Gifting Owl experience gift certificate, browsing thousands of activities and trips around the world. Give the happy couple an experience they can share together and remember for a lifetime, creating memories that they'll forever cherish!

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Finding The Perfect Wedding Gift

The big day has arrived, and the wedding couple is about to make their vows and begin their lives together. Their marriage is more than a commitment of love between the happy couple, it is the bringing together of two families and for most, the prospect of a new family to come. A wedding is universally one of the most celebrated events in a person’s life and you want to ensure you fit the perfect wedding gift to fit.

Gifting is all part of the wedding fanfare. In the preceding weeks or even months, wish lists would have been issued, wishing wells set up, shopping expeditions done, and decisions made about what would make the perfect wedding gift. For newlyweds that already have all they need to start their married life, it’s travel and adventure experiences that hold the most appeal. Gifting Owl is the perfect online gift emporium for experiences. No matter where the couple plan to holiday and honeymoon, you’re bound to find something they’ll both enjoy along the way. Start your wedding gifting here.

Before you begin your search, you need to know some basics. Where the happy couple plans to honeymoon. Their itinerary - when they leave home and how long they’ll be away. And if they have stopover days in other destinations in between; this little titbit of information can really help to widen your wedding gift choices. Gifting an adventure either before or after on the way to or on the way home from the honeymoon is a nice start or finish to their travels. Another noteworthy point is what interests the couple share. After all, you want to give them an adventure they can share and love doing together.

Romantic Hotel Getaways

Gifting Owl has the largest range of hotel gift cards on offer globally. So if you’re looking for a hotel gift card, you’re in the right place! Not sure where they’d like to go? From scuba diving on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, to sailing Sydney Harbour or even trying your hand at roulette in Las Vegas, there are so many locations available!

It may be daunting choosing just one package, but fear not - they are completely free to change their getaway destination prior to booking (yes, even overseas!). Gifting Owl has packages suited to every budget and style of traveller.

Wine Tasting

A wine-tasting experience is a perfect gift for newlyweds celebrating their marriage. Needless to say, for many of us, wine plays a big part in our lives. For this reason alone, we know you’ll love browsing through our Gifting Owl pages for winery experiences to gift your friends and loved ones whether they are at home or abroad. In Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, wineries are a huge attraction for visitors who can’t wait to sample the wine varieties made from the local grapes of the region. The great thing is, every winery and vineyard is different.

Wineries specialise in the wines they produce based on several key factors. The environment plays a massive role in the finished product. The soil quality and the amount of water available to the crops, the climate and general temperature fluctuations of the region, the average amount of daily sunshine and the species of grapes that grow best in that location all work together in determining the outcome.

Wildlife And Nature Experiences

Wildlife and nature adventures make perfect wedding gifts for couples that are all about the outdoors. Every destination has its wildlife adventures. We share the planet with wondrous creatures. Some have adapted to the urban sprawl of large cities and those are well hidden from view behind forest walls and below the ocean surface. Gifting Owl has close-up adventures with animals in the wild that are as unpredictable as they are unforgettable.

They create connections and cross the divide between humans and animals. Animals in the wild can be as curious about us as we are about them. Whales are renowned for their close encounters with us. Many a whale-watching tour has had the thrill of a whale coming up against the vessel and then rolling to one side, to peer up into the many faces straining over the deck to get a closer look. It’s a magical experience made all the sweeter as they dip and drift away only to suddenly breach metres into the air as if in celebration of the connections that were made in those few short moments - as if to say thank you, remember me. And your wedding couple will remember.

Gifting Owls' top whale watching experiences happen in Húsavík, Iceland, on the east, west and south coasts of Australia during its winter months, and on the Hawaiian Islands.

Boat Experiences

Sailing and cruising adventures are wonderful getaway gifts for wedding couples keen to leave the world behind. Made for romance, the happy two will ride the waves of a deep blue sea with sunshine overhead and wind billowing the sails as they go. On the other hand, ocean rafting, jet boat and jet ski tours are the fast ways for your wedding couple to find fun and adventure on both land and sea. These tours vary as far as inclusions are concerned, depending on the location and duration of the tour. It’s good to check the tour descriptions to make sure they match the type of adventure you have in mind.

A river, lake or ocean cruise will give your newlyweds a completely different perspective of the place they’re visiting. Boat cruises happen in coastal destinations the world over. Boat tours are the way to get close up with crocodiles, haul in that big fish you plan to cook for dinner, peer below the water surface to see what’s below, discover deserted coastal coves and hidden caves carved out by the sea, ride the waves with a pod of dolphins leading the way or skimming the surface alongside and in the wake of the boat.

Outdoor Adventures

Land-based adventures also include exciting ways to get around and see and do the sights. All-terrain quad bikes and dune buggies are a big hit with anyone who enjoys getting out on a bush or beach trail, over snowfields and across arid deserts. 4 WD gifts are the same. They’re the go-anywhere motor experiences that will have the happy couple on safari, traversing hills and mountainsides, driving the shallows of a rocky river bed to reach the other side, thrashing through the jungle or cruising a coastal beach road. Driving tours are all about the power and thrust under the hood that will take you to the place you want to go on and off-road.

Travel Gift Vouchers for Newlyweds

Travel Gift Vouchers are a great option for couples who are living or travelling overseas. Gifting Owl vouchers can be redeemed for romantic experiences and activities anywhere in the world. It is a great gift idea that guarantees an experience of a lifetime for the lucky couple!

The process is simple, couples will have to redeem their voucher number and pick an experience/s when and where they are available. All couples have to do is provide their email address, which will be used as a login account where they'll choose an experience/s of their choice any day of the week! All vouchers are valid from three years of purchase, so they'll have plenty of time to book in their romantic experience!

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