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Encounter the amazing animals of the world with an exciting experience gift, choosing from a great range of days out in countries across the globe. From swimming with sharks to cuddling koalas, you're guaranteed to find an experience that's perfect for any animal lover, and with live availability, booking couldn't be simpler!

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Wildlife Gift Experiences For Everyone

Gifting Owls wildlife experience gift vouchers make the best gifts for animal lovers. Whether they’ve always dreamed of cuddling a koala, or swimming with sharks or even getting up close and personal with gorillas, we have a special gift for you that will show how much you care about them.

Wildlife experiences make fantastic gifts for children and kids. See the curiosity and amazement in their eyes when they realise just how big of a splash a whale can make when it breaches 3 meters out of the water! It’s not often that a child will remember that toy that were given 5 years ago from their favourite uncle or aunt. But that whale watching experience, or the time they rode a horse for the first time. These are the gifts they will remember forever.

Gift Experiences For Everyone

Not only do wildlife experiences make great gifts for kids, they make great days out for the whole family. Instead of giving a Father’s Day gift just for Dad, take him and the whole family on a outdoor adventure. Whether that be to your local wildlife sanctuary or you jump on a marine sightseeing cruise, it’s a gift worth much more to him than your standard socks and jocks! Looking for a gift for a serious adrenaline junkie? Why not give them a crocodile feeding experience, where they get feed an 800 kg crocodile it’s dinner?!

If that isn’t enough adrenaline for them, Gifting Owl even has cage dives with great white sharks! Obviously not so suitable for kids this time, but if you know an adult who would love to stare directly into the eyes of a great white shark, this is the experience gift for them.

Marine Wildlife Experiences

Gifting Owl has hundreds of marine wildlife experiences for that one friend you just can’t get out of the water. We have humpback whales, dolphins, penguins, sharks, manta rays, seals, turtles and even orca whales! Tick off that bucket list item for that special someone in your life with an experience gift they’ve only ever dreamed of.

Wildlife encounters are popular things to do when at home or abroad. They are both fun and educational as they give a better understanding of our natural environment and why we need to look after it. Gifting Owl even has experiences with endangered animals such as the Tasmanian Devil that showcase the incredible work that organisations do to protect these species. If you’re after something a bit out of the ordinary, you can find experiences with puffins in Iceland or miniature penguins in Australia.

Gifting Owl Vouchers

Gifting Owl gift certificates are delivered instantly to your email and are fully exchangeable. So if you’re worried they won’t ever feed that 800kg crocodile or jump in the water with a great white shark then they are free to use it on any other experience on the platform. If you are unsure which experience to choose for them, you can always opt for a dollar value gift certificate.

This will let them choose for themselves from any of the activities Gifting Owl has listed around the world. Gifting Owl has thousands of wildlife experiences ready to give as a gift certificate for that special person in your life. Give them that animal encounter they have always dreamed of doing. Like swimming with whale sharks or seeing the miniature penguins on Phillip Island.

The options are endless. Whether they are in London or Brisbane, Queenstown or Sweden, we will have a wildlife experience for them on Gifting Owl. If you’re reading this and thinking ‘I don’t just want to give this as a gift, I want to go myself’, don’t worry.. We get it all the time! You can gift that special friend or loved one an experience for two people, so you can go along with them. Or, if you find yourself feeling like a wildlife encounter you can book yourself in also. Because you deserve a gift also!

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