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Fun Birthday Gift Ideas for Adventurous Dads

Fun Birthday Gift Ideas for Adventurous Dads

So Dad’s birthday is rapidly approaching and you are simply at a loss for thoughtful gift ideas. What do you possibly get for someone who claims to already have everything he wants? There’s only so many times you can hear the same old answer of “I don’t want anything”. We get it. Buying gifts for Dad can be very tricky, however here at Gifting Owl we have spent hours and hours carefully deliberating what fathers really want this year. We firmly believe that giving a thoughtful gift is just as rewarding for the giver as it is for the lucky receiver! Rather than the standard Dad gifts including socks, ties, undies and shirts, gift him with a personal experience voucher that he is bound to love! Ensure that he will always remember the day by going the extra mile to make memories with him that he will cherish forever. Even longer than socks! 


With such a diverse and large range of unique experiences all over the globe, Gifting Owl makes the usually stressful task of buying dad gifts such a breeze! Within a few clicks of the mouse you’ll have sorted a perfect birthday present that he’ll never forget. There is bound to an unforgettable experience totally tailored to him no matter what sort of Dad you're buying for. 

1. Dining and Culinary Gifts


If your Dad is known to be quite the foodie, Gifting Owl happens to be awash in completely unique dining and drinking experiences that will be sure to make his birthday just that much more special. With such a massive selection of options each varying in cuisines, venues and levels of interaction, the only difficulty will be choosing which one to gift! 


For an interactive day out that’ll have Dad and the rest of the family entertained, a cooking class is a fantastic option. Some say that the best part of cooking is the eating. We can assure you these people have never been to one of our incredible classes. Getting messy in the kitchen with Dad whilst learning expert tips and tricks on his favourite cuisine definitely proves to be an insanely fun day out. And of course, the experience ends with everyone savouring their scrumptious meals paired with tasty drinks. Gifting Owl boasts a wide range of cooking classes all over the globe, with more cuisines available than you can count! Many of these authentic experiences involve visiting a local’s family household in which they will warmly invite you in and teach you of the beauty of their unique cuisine and culture. A superb example of this is the Central Thai Home-Cooking class in the Heart of Bangkok. Cherry, a Bangkok native, practically grew up in her grandmother’s restaurant and by the time she was ten years old she was preparing most of the meals for her family. Cherry now offers incredible cooking classes from her lovely family home in which she aims to teach visitors about the wonders of Thai cuisine. Gifting Dad an experience of this calibre will ensure that he never forgets this year's birthday celebrations. 


Alternatively, for all the wine connoisseur Dads out there, Gifting Owl has you covered. He will absolutely adore spending his special day sampling incredible regional wines and the delectable foods they are carefully paired with. This is a truly luxurious gift for the Dads out there that need a bit of pampering. From strictly wine tastings to beautiful vineyard tours, Gifting Owl knows how to do everything wine related. If Dad happens to be Florence bound, the Florence Aperitivo Time & Wine Tour is definitely the one. It well and truly is wine-o-clock on this tantalizing tour. The tour starts with a late afternoon stroll around Florence discovering famous Tuscan red wines, including chianti and brunello, along with a selection of equally delicious white wines. Then some of the pre-dinner drinks favoured by locals ‘aperitivo’, will be enjoyed at some of the best local spots for it. 

Alternatively, for the Dad’s that can never have enough beer, a brewery tour or walking tour of the best pubs is a great option. Put Dad to work on his beer belly for his birthday, a task we at Gifting Owl are sure he’s going to be up for. The Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe in Sydney offers a fantastic learning (and drinking!) experience with the Boutique Beer Class.   The 5 course degustation menu, or ‘Beergustation’ as Redoak coined it, includes a perfectly paired beverage with each delectable small dish. During carefully curated experience, the experts at Redoak will introduce guests to real craft beer, teach them how to judge a beer by evaluating different beer qualities and also demonstrate how to match your beer with food. Dad will be an absolute expert in the field by the end of the night, armed with an extensive arsenal of beer knowledge to impress all his friends with. 


Regardless of your Dad’s favourite cuisines and dishes, there will be an incredible dining option perfectly suited to him on Gifting Owl. From cruise dinners to pastry walking tours, home cooked meals in family households to craft beer experiences, there is a food and drink option for every Dad out there on our site. 

2. Guided Tours & Attractions


Another perfect category of experiences for Dad’s birthday this year is tours. Tours are a foolproof method of getting the whole family involved for his special day and can provide hours of informative fun! 


How about making Dad’s birthday a bit spooktacular this year by gifting him one of our many spine chilling ghost tours. These haunted excursions prove to be hilarious when seeing family members jumping in fear or letting out a terrified shriek (especially when it's Dad). From exploring the haunted past of Tokyo to meeting the ghosts of Venice, discovering the dark side of Paris to hunting the undead spirits of Vegas, Gifting Owl is home to a plethora of hair-raising tours in all corners of the globe. A particularly bloodcurdling option, if the family is brave enough to endure it, is the Overnight Paranormal Investigation at the J Ward Lunatic Asylum in Ararat, Australia. Once home to notorious criminals including Chopper Read, Gary Webb and William Wallace, this tour is not for the faint of heart. After a meal, your group will  follow an expert paranormal investigation team as they explore the governor's bathroom, hangman's gallows, kitchen, shower block, grave sites, West Wing, the exercise yards and much more in search of the souls that still linger. And to top it all off, the night concludes by sleeping in the original, unrenovated gaol cells. Will you and Dad make it out alive to see the next day?


On a lighter note, Gifting Owl is also home to many fantastic photography tours around the world if your Dad happens to consider himself a budding amateur photographer or if you just can’t get the camera away from him on family holidays. These tours prove to be perfect for increasing everyone’s photographer abilities no matter what skill level they are currently at. With a plethora of professional tips and tricks provided, this is not only a great way to help improve his skills at one of his favourite hobbies but to also partake in it as a family. 

No matter what sort of hobby your Dad partakes in, Gifting Owl will have a tour that will satisfy that urge of his to make this year’s birthday extra special!


3. Outdoor Adventures


Now how about a bit of outdoor adventure for his birthday this year? Getting the whole family involved with some exciting open air activities makes for some quality bonding time with Dad and not to mention all the fun memories that will live on! 

What better way to reconnect as a family than going for a wonderful hike amongst beautiful wildlife, flora and fauna. Take Dad away from the hustle and bustle of regular life by dropping him into some of the spectacular natural beauty that mother earth has to offer. 


We recommend the Nature And Wildlife Bushwalk hosted by PureSA in Adelaide’s Morialta Conservation Park. Morialta, meaning ever flowing, is part of the traditional lands of the Kaurna people and its waterfalls, gorges and 500 hectares of natural bushland have provided a popular escape for locals over the past 100 years. Morialta’s unique biodiversity boasts kangaroos, koalas, echidnas as well as several species of frogs and small lizards such as geckos, skinks, and dragons! Dare we forget to mention Australia’s iconic Laughing Kookaburra. 


Alternatively, get Dad up close and personal with some of the ocean's magnificent creatures with experiences like whale watching and scuba diving. Words can’t describe how astonishing it is to see these giant whales leap from the ocean before crashing back down causing small waves in all directions. With sightings of dolphins, seals, dungeons and more often included on these trips, the inner animal-lover within Dad will be reawakened. A scuba tour takes that intimacy one step further by having him delve into their underwater world and swim amongst all sorts of sea creatures from turtles to jellyfish. Some incredible dive destinations available on Gifting Owl include the turtle reefs in Honolulu, Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef, Mexico’s majestic sea caves and Turkey's azure waters.


After reading this blog, you really have no excuses for not getting Dad an absolutely kick-ass gift this year! With such a massive range of unforgettable experiences that are all completely unique to one another available on Gifting Owl, buying Dad a birthday gift has never been easier. You are just a few clicks away from getting him the ideal gift voucher that truly shows just how much he means to you. Ditch the boring material presents behind this year and make some memories with Dad that you both will cherish for the rest of your life. Whether he is a foodie, an outdoor adventurer, an amateur photographer or even a fisherman, there is an amazing experience perfectly tailored to your Dad available on Gifting Owl. No matter where in the world he may be, we have got you covered. Best of all, every Gifting Owl voucher is fully interchangeable and valid for up to three years so your gift can't go wrong. Happy gifting!

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