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The Best Christmas Experience Gifts for Mum

 The Best Christmas Experience Gifts for Mum

Gifting Owl is here to help you find the perfect gift!

Without a doubt, Christmas is the most magical time of year. It's a time filled with love, joy and celebration and a great opportunity to connect with family, build memories and of course- give gifts! The time-honoured gift giving tradition is a fantastic way to show your loved ones how much you value and appreciate them. It's a way to say "I love you and I'm thinking of you" and to show your appreciation for everything they do.

Now, when it comes to gift recipients, I’m sure there is one important person at the top of the shopping list- your Mum! 

Your mum is a special, unique and wonderful woman who deserves a gift that will make her feel extra loved this Christmas. You could buy her a fancy dress, a box of chocolate or bouquet of flowers- but really why settle for anything less than the best? 

Mums are the best. They always know how to make us feel better, even when we're having a bad day. They're also always there for us, no matter what. This year, why not show her how much you appreciate her by getting her an experience gift?

Mum's are notoriously hard to buy for at Christmas time, but we've got you covered! This blog post is all about experience gifts that she will love. From relaxing spa days to exhilarating flying lessons, we have something for everyone. Gifting Owl is an online gifting platform that specialises in experience gifts all over the globe. We have a huge range of gifts to choose from, so finding the perfect gift for your mother will be easy!

Experience gifts are so much more than other gifts because they encapsulate a world of love, adventure and excitement. Experience gifts are the chance to try something new, explore the world and spend quality time with friends and family. They are the perfect gift to show her how much you care. Kids listen up - gift experiences are the way to warm her heart this year. Skip the box of sweets and get her the best present she's received in the last five years.

The best thing about experience Christmas presents is that they are unique, thoughtful and can be personalised just for her! 

Whether your she is an adrenaline loving extremist, a blissful bohemian dreamer, a flavour seeking foodie, or a spa loving sophisticate there are experience gifts to suit her tastes and interests. Before selecting your gift, take some time to consider her hobbies, interests and passions as well as where her favourite people, places and activities are. 

Perhaps your Mum dreams of travelling to a specific place or country. If so you could take her on an enchanting, exotic getaway. Or, if she is passionate about history, culture and the arts you could send her to a local museum, gallery or exhibition. If she is a busy workaholic or loves the tranquil setting of a spa you could treat her to a relaxing pamper package that will have her feeling pampered and relaxed in no time! 

Experience gifts are the perfect way to make memories with Mum this Christmas and to show her just how much you care. 

If you are struggling with what kind of experience gift would suit your Mother best- don't panic! Our team at Gifting Owl have been busy putting together a list of our favourite experience gifts for her. These gifts have been tried and tested and are guaranteed to put her in the best mood this festive season. 

Ready to see what we have come up with? Scroll down and see the best gifts for your Mum this year!

Christmas Gifts for the Adrenaline Loving Mum 

1. White water rafting

Forget snow, there's a new kind of white in town - white water rafting! This holiday season make her feel alive by booking her an exhilarating adventure through the rapids. White water rafting is a phenomenal way for mothers to explore nature and truly appreciate life. She'll get to experience the heart pumping excitement of battling through turbulent waters, conquering gushing rapids and getting up close and personal with some of Mother Nature's best kept secrets. 

Not only will this out of the box gift leave her feeling refreshed and invigorated but she'll also be glowing with a new sense of energy and adventure. We know she'll be overwhelmed with happy tears after an exhilarating day out on the rapids. 

2. Skydiving 

Take things sky high this year and give Mum a gift she will never forget- a skydive! Skydiving experiences are a once in a lifetime opportunity to plunge through the air and defy gravity. 

From the moment her feet leave the ground, her senses will be heightened and her adrenaline pumping! As she soars up into the air, she will gain fantastic views of the landscapes below and truly appreciate what it is to be alive. 

Skydiving is a hugely rewarding experience and a great way for her to build confidence, self esteem and test her limits. Whether she takes the plunge alone or with a friend, skydiving is a special occasion that will leave her feeling on top of the world! 

3. Bungee jumping

If sky diving isn't quite extreme enough, how about bungee jumping? Bungee jumping has and always will be one of our most popular experience gifts- especially at Christmas time! There's nothing like the thrill of jumping from a bridge, platform or cliff and feeling the rush of adrenaline as you freefall. 

If you're looking to give Mum a real high and put her back in control of the situation, a bungee jumping experience gift is for you. She will be able to push herself to her limits and gain a real sense of achievement from overcoming fears all while creating some wicked Christmas memories.

4. Abseiling 

Santa may descend down chimneys to deliver presents but Mum deserves a much more exciting descent than that. This year give her the chance to conquer heights and get a bird's eye view of her surroundings while descending down some of our most iconic landmarks with an Abseiling adventure! She'll be able to enjoy the great outdoors, take in spectacular views and gain confidence as she scales down rock faces like Spiderman.

Abseiling is a gift that's both exhilarating and exciting and offers the chance to see the world from a whole new perspective. As she steps over the edge of a cliff or rocky precipice and descends down the face, she will enjoy the rush of adrenaline that comes with taking on a new, exciting adventure. 

Abseiling is also a great activity you can do together. Whether you are wrapped up warmly together or looking out at the horizon, abseiling is an activity that will make you feel closer than ever before.

Christmas Presents for Foodie Mums

1. Cooking Class

Food is the heart and soul of Christmas, so what better way to celebrate the festive season than with a cooking class? Cooking classes are fantastic gifts for Mums because they offer the opportunity to experiment in the kitchen and discover new culinary delights. She could learn about different cuisines such as Thai, Indian, Japanese or Italian or embark on a cooking class that focuses on a particular ingredient or theme. Cooking classes that specialise in making Christmas goodies like ham, turkey, chocolate cake, fruit pies and gingerbread are fantastic seasonal occasions that are bound to impress. 

To make this experience even more memorable we recommend getting the whole family involved and trying a group cooking class. This is a fantastic way to spend some quality time with one another, create special holiday memories and learn new skills that you can put into practice when it comes to Christmas dinner. 

2. High Tea 

Forget eggnog and punch, the festive drink she really wants is wine! Wine is like an energy source for many Mums. It fuels them through their busy schedules and is something to look forward to at the end of a busy day. 

winery tour is one of the best gifts for her because it gives her the chance to explore new regions, sample some delicious new flavours and learn about different winemaking techniques. During the tour, she will get the chance to stroll through the grape-ridden vineyards and an exquisite garden, explore the rustic cellars and even meet the winemakers themselves.

Winery tours are a fantastic gift because there are a range of experiences available. From family friendly wineries that allow her to bring the kids to more exclusive tastings that will leave her feeling like the ultimate wine connoisseur, you can find a tour personalised just for her! 

She will love exploring the best wine regions on earth, making more stories and memories she can tell her friends and bringing home a bottle (or 2 or 3) of her favourite wines. 

3. Winery Tour 

Forget eggnog and punch, the festive drink your Mum really wants is wine! Wine is like an energy source for many Mums. It fuels them through their busy schedules and is something to look forward to at the end of a busy day. 

A winery tour is one of the best gifts for mum because it gives her the chance to explore new regions, sample some delicious new flavours and learn about different winemaking techniques. During the tour, Mum will get the chance to stroll through the grape-ridden vineyards and an exquisite garden, explore the rustic cellars and even meet the winemakers themselves.

Winery tours are a fantastic gift because there are a range of experiences available. From family friendly wineries that allow her to bring the kids to more exclusive tastings that will leave her feeling like the ultimate wine connoisseur, you can find a tour personalised just for her! 

Mum will love exploring the wine regions of the world, making more stories and memories she can tell her friends and bringing home a bottle (or 2 or 3) of her favourite wines. 

Christmas Gifts for Luxury Lovers 

1. Spa Day 

What's better than skincare products or a bottle of cream to reduce wrinkles? A spa day of course! A spa day is a special occasion where Mum can spend some time pampering herself and rejuvenating her mind, body and spirit. If she is a workaholic who is constantly balancing paid commissions, running errands, working on the house and doing a grocery shop for the kids, a spa day might just be the friend she's looking for. Here she can indulge in a variety of relaxing treatments including massages, facials and aromatherapy and soak up the warm, tranquil surroundings all day long. 

A spa day is one of the best gifts for her if she loves the finer things in life or is a busy woman who needs some rest and relaxation. Whilst it isn't the most out of the box idea, after a trip to the spa her skin will be absolutely glowing, her head will be clearer, and she will be feeling more relaxed and refreshed than ever before. Just make sure the house is clean for her relaxation to continue all the way home!

Now that's certainly better than last year's burlap print sleep mask!

2. Gourmet Dining Experience 

If your Mum loves fine food, we have the just the thing for her for her- a gourmet dining experience. A gourmet dining experience is a Christmas gift filled with decadence and indulgence. It's the perfect excuse for her to dress up and enjoy an evening of fine wines, exquisite cuisine and first-class service. 

A gourmet dining experience is a wonderful gift for her because it offers the chance to explore new foods that she otherwise wouldn't have access to. Whether you're looking for lavish lunch at one of London's finest hotels or dinner on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there are a number of gourmet dining experiences that are bound to tickle her taste buds. 

3. Luxury Yacht Cruise 

This year send her sailing away into a world of elegance, style and adventure with a luxury yacht cruise. A cruise is a wonderful gift for Mum if she loves nothing more than travelling the globe, relaxing by the beach and experiencing exotic, new cultures. She'll get to see some of the most beautiful places in the world and uncover hidden gems only accessible by boat. 

From the moment she steps on board she will become immersed in all the glitz and glamour of cruising. She will be treated to fine dining, a wide range of luxury activities and entertainment options. She will get the chance to interact with new people from around the world and make memories that she can tell her friends about for years to come! 

Christmas Gifts for the Travel Enthusiast 

1. Bucket list travel experience 

Has your Mum always dreamed of visiting the Eiffel Tower in Europe, exploring Buckingham Palace in the UK or witnessing the grandeur of the Grand Canyon in America? If so, why not surprise her this year by giving her exactly what she wants- a bucket list experience

This experience offers her the chance to see some of her favourite sights and discover new ones. She can travel to new countries, discover new cultures and have once-in-a-lifetime adventures. She'll see famous landmarks, visit historical sites and immerse herself in a whole new sphere of culture. A bucket list travel gift will open her eyes to a whole new way of life and leave her with a newfound sense of energy, inspiration and vigour for life!

Whether she is a city-slicker who loves exploring, a hopeless romantic longing for a dreamy getaway with her partner or a wholesome family woman dying to make more memories, a bucket list experience is the perfect Christmas gift for her.

2. Eco Safari 

Is your Mum is passionate about protecting the environment and wants to explore her love of nature further? If so, an eco-safari might be the perfect gift for her.

An eco-safari is an adventure that offers travellers access to some of the earth's most beautiful natural wonders, including lush forests, active volcanoes and majestic mountains. During her time in these glorious locations ,she’ll get to see animals in their natural habitats, learn about the environment and support local communities.  

This is a fantastic gift option because it perfectly combines adventure and exploration with Mother Nature. An eco-safari will allow her to learn more about the beautiful landscapes, animals and environments she's in as well as how her contributions can make a positive impact.

Not only will she come back from her trip with newfound knowledge and appreciation of Mother Nature, she will also have some phenomenal stories to tell all her friends about!   

3. Staycation

If your Mum would prefer to stay closer to home this year, one of the best gifts for her is a staycation! A staycation gives her the best of both worlds- she can enjoy all the festivities and seasonal occasions of Christmas while having access to all of life's luxuries.

She can enjoy the company of friends and family, eat delicious food and drinks and have a holly, jolly time without having to travel too far from home.

A staycation offers a unique opportunity for her to experience her surrounding in a whole new way. She can explore different and exciting parts of town, indulge in new, local delicacies or maybe even discover some exciting, hidden gems along the way. 

A staycation can be as lavish or low key as you want. Whether it's a short, overnight reprieve, an exciting weekend adventure or a luxurious seven-night holiday, she will love her home away from home. She's go

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Christmas is a time for giving and what better gift than the gift of a unique and memorable experience? Whether it's an action-packed adventure, a food-filled affair, a relaxing retreat, or an exciting getaway, there are personalised experience gifts for every Mum. 

To find all the incredible gift experiences we have listed (plus hundreds more), head online to Gifting Owl's website. Gifting Owl is a leading gift giving platform that connects customers has hundreds of activities and experiences in over 100 countries. 

Gifting Owl makes the gift giving process easy. Their easy-to-use search system and seamless delivery process means she will receive her gift in time for the big day. 

If you get stuck trying to decide which gift Mum will like best, Gifting Owl also offers a fabulous range of gift cards that will give her the chance to choose her own gift! Simply select a voucher that fits your price and budget and let her do the rest. She will gain exclusive access to all of Gifting Owls experiences across every country! From the UK to the US, India to Australia, she will have the world at her fingertips and endless possibilities on her doorstep. Gifts have never been easier.

Merry Christmas & happy gifting!

So what are you waiting for? Make Mum's holiday extra special this year and treat her to one-of-a-kind experience gifts at Gifting Owl that will have her crying happy tears this year. Such a great gift may just ruin her natural makeup!

We hope this list has given you some crazy inspiration for this year's Christmas presents. No matter which gift experience you choose, our Christmas gifts for mum will always deliver!

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