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3 Unforgettable Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

3 Unforgettable Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

Just mere days until their big day and still at a complete loss for wedding gift ideas? Only just remembered the whole concept of gift giving during the uber ride? We’ve all been there and may unfortunately find ourselves there once again. With our busy schedules often   making it difficult to spare time for gift shopping and not to mention the added pressure on the present itself for such a momentous occasion, it’s beyond understandable how some may get here. For those who may just find themselves in this particular predicament, fear not, for Gifting Owl has got your back. With thousands of truly unique experiences just a few quick clicks away, it really couldn’t be any easier. Furthermore, it saves the Bride and the Groom from having to return one more toaster! 

Not only are our flexible vouchers an efficient option in times of need, they stray from the standard gifts we see at every single occasion and really do stand out as considerate gifting ideas. Think outside of the box and trade the expensive cutlery set for a once in lifetime bonding experience the two will forever cherish. Alternately, if the lovebirds you have in mind are planning a romantic honeymoon away, use this knowledge to your advantage and help make their travels even more magical by booking them a spectacular experience during their stay. With memories waiting to be made all over the world on Gifting Owl, there is bound to be a perfect option available for their honeymoon no matter where they may be journeying to. Here at Gifting Owl we aim to eliminate any and all unwanted pressures frequently involved with gift giving, thus our vouchers are completely transferable and have a whopping validity of 3 years. Below we have compiled a carefully considered list of inspiring suggestions and specific experiences available on Gifting Owl that may just be the ideal present. 

Hot Air Ballooning

Is there anything in the world that could possibly be more romantic than spending some precious time together floating along the sky together whilst admiring the sun rise of the incredible views below? We’re not sure either. A scenic hot air balloon tour is a top tier gift idea for a young budding couple as long as neither of them are acrophobic, or rather, terrified of heights. It’s a tranquil, smooth ride that will allow for the two to bask in the company of one another whilst marvelling at the extreme beauty in every direction surrounding them. With fantastic options available in Australia, Turkey, Israel, United Arab Emirates and more, your lucky giftees may just be in the right place at the right time to experience one of these astonishing flights. 

Last Minute Hot Air Ballooning

Wine & Dine

Alternatively, if you are buying for two very passionate foodies, there is a plethora of one of a kind dining experiences available on Gifting Owl. You simply cannot go wrong with a fantastic meal. You could go the luxurious route and gift them a night of elegant fine dining, or you could book one of our very special ‘Authentic Culinary’ options which often involve meeting a passionate host in their home and learning and enjoying some of the best their culture and cuisine has to offer. Similarly, a cooking class makes for extremely fun (and messy!) occasion in which the two can pick up some new trade secrets and skills in the kitchen to use in married life. You’ll be benefiting from their newfound expertise at the many future dinner parties to come. If the two consider themselves to be wine ‘connoisseurs’ or just cant help themselves when it comes to a delicious glass of wine, also check out some of our decadent wine tasting sittings and incredibly scenic vineyard or winery tours

Adventure Experiences

For those buying for a pair of keen outdoor adventurers or passionate wildlife lovers, you couldn't have come to a better place. From swimming with wild dolphins to a thrilling helicopter tour, from skydiving from heights of up to 20,000 ft to jet boating at extreme speeds through slim passages, the adventure never ends at Gifting Owl. No matter where the couple in mind may place themselves on the spectrum of adrenaline, there is an adventure on our site that they’ll absolutely love. These escapades often prove to be marvellous bonding experiences away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

As newly-weds, there is close to nothing more valuable than some real one-on-one time. Sharing new and exciting experiences is a way to seriously elevate time spent together and makes for some really special bonding experiences. Consider giving the loving couple a unique option that they’ll both absolutely love. With our super flexible gift vouchers and wide variety of unforgettable gifting experiences around the globe, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy the wedding, and Happy Gifting!  

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