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Mother's Day Gifts For Mums Who Have Everything

Mother's Day Gifts For Mums Who Have Everything

Are you racking your brains to think of something to buy your mum for Mother’s Day? We hear you. It’s often tough to find something that she’ll love and treasure always and even tougher when your mum has everything. Oh, and mum’s can be so helpful when it comes to giving you hints (NOT).

There are a few types when it comes to mothers who have everything.

The just in case mum – won’t throw anything out just in case sometime in the next millennia it might come in handy! 

The knick-knacks mum – goes mad for knick-knacks that make her life easier, save her time or make the ordinary into something ‘special’. She loves TV shopper and getting two for the price of one.  

The shopaholic mum – loves to shop. Period!

The sentimental mum – her family, is her life. She wouldn’t dream of throwing out anything that comes from you. For example, your first tooth, your first drawing, that macaroni necklace you made at kindergarten, the pink crocodile earrings you gave her when you were 10. Her cupboards and shelves are littered with loving little remembrances from you.  

And, gifts that your mum will remember are the best gifts of all including for those mothers who have everything. So, we’re coming to the rescue with some very awesome Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you get through the gifting blues. 

Gifting Owl gifts are about doing – not having - and they will leave your mum with treasured memories that last a lifetime, especially if you’re along for the ride. After all, the best things in life are meant to be shared.  

1. Recipe for fun

I feel a little self-conscious about starting my recommendations with cooking classes - it seems so cliche. But hear me out. Gifting Owl cooking classes are very different from what you might at first imagine. If your mum loves travel, learning about different cultures, meeting new friends and cooking, you’re in the right place because our cooking classes combine all four.  

Many of our cooking experiences are home hosted and are one of the best cultural experiences you can have. Typically, your mum would go to the host’s home. The host may take her to their favourite local market or fresh food store to buy fresh ingredients before heading back to base to prepare a home-cooked meal of traditional dishes, which is then shared over drinks and happy conversation. Home hosted cooking experiences are enriching as well as knowledge building. Your mum will take home new cooking techniques along with great memories of her tutor and their day spent absorbed in another culture. 

2. For the natural woman

Getting out into nature is a favourite pastime for just about every type of mum. We have a myriad of ways for your mother to explore and experience the great outdoors. Even a quick at our activities pages will give you thousands of ideas to choose from. It just depends on what you think will take your mum’s fancy. Or perhaps you can challenge her to do something she’s never tried before. Up to you but anything is possible - right? Particularly when you have an experienced guide at your side, taking the lead and showing you the ropes. 

Whether your mum is into hiking mountains or ancient glaciers, kayaking on lakes, exploring forests and finding waterfalls, climbing down into ice caves or up the side of a cliff, our world is full of exciting adventures just waiting to be had. So, jump in and take a look at all we have to offer.

Even if you happen to get it wrong and your mum seems less than impressed with your selection, it’s OK. Every Gifting Owl gift voucher is fail-proof. All our gifts are exchangeable for any other experience gift listed on our site. Your mum can change, upgrade or add to your gift as she wishes. 

3. Life in the fast lane  

If your mum likes to live life in the fast lane, then she’ll need to hold on tight for the ride of her life because our adrenaline-fueled adventures are packed with heart-stopping action.   

Fighter jet aerobatics, helicopter flights, zipline adventures, skydiving, jet-skiing, white water rafting, bungy jumping, quad bike tours, theme park rides and fast boat tours are just a few examples of how your mum can get her kicks from thrill-a-minute Gifting Owl adventures. 

We have more than 12000 experience gifts in 115 countries and you can find adrenaline activities in just about every location we have listed.     

4. A little luxury goes a long way  

Our Premium gift section boasts some fantastic gift experiences and tours for those mum’s who have everything and love their little luxuries. While some of these offerings come with a higher price tag, they are genuine value for money and a great reason to get your siblings together and pool your moola to make your mum’s day a double whammy treat. 

But don’t be deterred by the dollars, there are lots of very affordable luxury gifts to choose from as well. Spoiling your mum should be fun and we have tons of ideas for how to indulge her with something affordable and fancy such as chocolate and foodie tours, shopping and photography tours, wine tastings and beauty spas, to name just a few. 

The point is, you can’t go wrong choosing an experience gift for your mum who has everything. Experience gifts are multi-dimensional. Every experience is unique, wonderful and enriching in its own way. Gifting Owl is here to make it easy to give your mum an experience she will treasure forever.

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