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Worldwide Wedding Gifts for Newlyweds

Worldwide Wedding Gifts for Newlyweds

This blog post provides wedding gift ideas for newlyweds who are living or travelling overseas. This is a great option for couples who want to do something special and creative to celebrate their wedding day. On Gifting Owl there are so many experience gifts available that can be redeemed anywhere in the world, which means they can enjoy their experience together while they're abroad or when they come home.

Experience Gift Ideas for Newlyweds Overseas

- Romantic getaways, city tours and dinner dates with a personalised tour guide. If they don't have a honeymoon planned just yet, this is a great gift idea that'll commemorate their big day!

- Theatre tickets to see their favourite musical or comedy show.

- Tickets to Wimbledon (or any other sporting event) are one of the best gifts you can give an overseas newlywed who loves sports. Imagine how excited they will be to have world-class live seats to their favourite sport.

- A cooking class - pick the cuisine they prefer and we'll send them on an afternoon taster session in that country's national dish together with recipes so that they can recreate it at home.

- A luxury day spa experience - whether they're newlywed or a couple that's been together for years, this is always loved as a wedding gift overseas!

- Tickets to see their favourite band live on their tour next year. It'll be an unforgettable event for them both and you’ll get some great memories with friends afterwards too!

Weddings are all about celebrating two people who love each other – so what better way than to give them something they will never forget? We offer experiences that come straight from our beautiful destinations around the world, including authentic cooking classes in Italy, city tours of Paris by private car and even romantic hotel escapes.

Romantic Experiences for Two

Romantic experiences for couples living overseas can be found around the world. For example, in Italy you could take a hot air balloon ride over Venice and enjoy dinner at an exclusive restaurant on an island, or go wine tasting with a local vineyard owner before enjoying lunch outside of Rome.

In Greece there are many islands to explore from Santorini to Mykonos where it is possible to indulge in luxurious spa treatments while gazing out into the Aegean Sea.

Thailand offers everything from white-water rafting down wild rivers through jungles filled with wildlife as well as visiting Buddhist Wat temples by bicycle (and taking time off for massages).

India has its own share of adventure; with camel safaris across Rajasth or private tours of the Taj Mahal.

Wherever they are in the world during this new chapter of their lives, a romantic experience for them to enjoy together is the perfect wedding gift.

Bucket List Adventure Experiences for Couples

A bucket list is a list of goals or, in this case, adventure experiences that the couple wants to complete in their lives. Here are some classic bucket list adventures that may suit the happy couple in question.

- Skydiving: Not for the faint-hearted, they'll defy gravity with an adrenaline-fuelled skydive from 15,000 feet high.

- Bungee Jumping: Another one for the thrill-seekers, help them fulfil their dream of jumping off a bungee platform face first! This gift is perfect for adrenaline junkie couples.

- Parasailing: Take flight over water while suspended by air under giant parachute fabric. Gift a tandem parasail experience so the happy couple can sit side by side on their experience and take in the beautiful views together.

- Horse Riding: Teach the couple to ride horses and explore picturesque countrysides.

- Cooking Class: Out of their comfort zone, help them learn new skills in a cooking class that can be enjoyed at home afterwards.

The list goes on and on! Whatever you choose is guaranteed to put a smile on their face! Remember, if they're travelling overseas with work or enjoying a long holiday then it may not be possible to experience these adventures together so why not give a travel gift voucher instead?

Travel Gift Vouchers for Newlyweds

Travel gift vouchers are a great option for couples who are living or travelling overseas. Gifting Owl vouchers can be redeemed for romantic experiences and activities anywhere in the world. It is a great gift idea that guarantees an experience of a lifetime for the lucky couple!

The process is simple, couples will have to redeem their voucher number and pick an experience/s when and where they are available. All couples have to do is provide their email address, which will be used as a login account where they'll choose an experience/s of their choice any day of the week! All vouchers are valid from three years of purchase, so they'll have plenty of time to book in their romantic experience!

Gift vouchers are available in various amounts starting at $50 up to $500 so there's something that suits every budget.

Another great feature about travel gift vouchers is that once selected, recipients can transfer unused amounts onto future experiences with our company - so they'll always be able to use the entire value of your thoughtful gift.

All Gifting Owl vouchers are sent digitally to the recipient by email, sms or WhatsApp. No matter where in the world they are, you can send their wedding gift instantly to the happy couple and they'll always have their digital voucher handy for when they're ready to book their experience.

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