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Unique wedding gifts for couples that have everything

Unique wedding gifts for couples that have everything

Marking off your calendar, you realise the BIG DAY is looming. You break into a sweat. Ding! Thought bubble - go to Google. Rubbing your palms together with a rush of excitement, you type “What is the best wedding gift for your mate?” Hundreds of answers pop up, from stainless steel kitchen sets to bar carts. Sighing, you get into their couple’s registry and you’re greeted with something almost identical! Now you know, at least two of their wedding guests are going to buy them the exact same thing and you don’t want to be the third competitor! Cracking your knuckles – feeling smart – you type, “What is the best wedding gift for the couple that has everything?”

Now, almost everyone involved in the wedding planning would go through the wedding details with a fine-toothed comb. But they almost always forget that the same “comb” forgets to pick up the forgotten stray “honeymoon” hair. Sometimes, a couple go through months planning their big wedding day but keep their honeymoon planning to the last minute. So, put on that cape and be the superhero that flies in to save the day – or should we say week?

Mouth-Watering Cuisines

Non-Traditional Wedding Gifts

A bride’s worst nightmare is not fitting into her wedding gown or worse, having that love - handle clearly outlined in the wedding picture up in her parents’ living room – although she would be the ONLY one looking at it while everyone else is going “awwww”.  Pocrescophobia – or to those that had a hard time pronouncing it, the fear of gaining weight – is common among brides – to – be. They are willing to sacrifice all that evil calorie - loaded fun food and drinks that we love so much. That means no cheeseburgers, no alcohol and absolutely no late - night pizza therapy! Oh, the pain of it all. Well, gift them the antidote. Gift them something they could look forward to after their big day. Swoop in as their food connoisseur and gift them a food and drink experience they will never forget. Send them on a vineyard tour where personalised wine and cheese tasting could make up for the lost time. If you want your mates to enjoy a ‘grape’ time without having to worry about being the designated driver, gift them a mini – bus winery tour instead! This way, the newlyweds can drink up and celebrate their new life’s journey together without flipping coins deciding the designated driver. Don’t worry, they’ll won’t be gulping down those glasses on an empty stomach as most winery tours include meals. If their wine tasting experience includes a seafood platter, *BAM* you’ve just given them a jackpot! If it includes bubbles, *BAM* you’ve hit the double jackpot for your friends!

Usually, eating a home-cooked meal brings the family together and is a healthier option. If you gift your friends a home - hosted culinary experience, they can enjoy the hospitality of their host, help to prepare and cook the meal and learn new kitchen skills that can last a lifetime. The spicy, nutty and tangy Thai cuisine would make any foodie salivate and go all googly eyed. So, imagine how much the married couple would enjoy cooking their Thai treats anytime from the comfort of their own kitchen. They do say that cooking is the way to romance the heart and when done with a partner could prove, over the test of time, to add a little spice to life ?.

If your friends are basement bargain shoppers rather than the fresh food foragers, give them a gift that will give them both. Private market tours will open up a whole new world as they barter for bargains and still bring home the best fresh produce ever.

The Honeymoon Pamper Session

Massage Wedding Gift

Wedding planning takes months and it is a beautiful and exciting journey but let’s face it, we know it takes a toll on both the bride and groom. Gift the newlyweds a much-needed pampering session.  The stress and exhaustion could be knotted out of the tired married couple that just tied the knot. Send them on a relaxing hot spring tour where they can breathe in the clean air, gaze out on lush greenery as they soak in the hot water pools. If you can’t wait to be a godmother/father, send them on a private tour instead. Maybe you’ll inspire the giddy newlyweds to get started on some early family planning with an experience in both the hot and cool pools, which are well - known to energize the body. If you’re not ready to give up your best friend to tiny fingers and toes just yet, a relaxation spa experience will keep everyone nice and calm. Feeling the hot stone massage freeing up their tight muscles, inhaling the aromatic essential oils and listening to the waterfall playlist is a great way to rejuvenate the newlyweds so that they can make the most of their honeymoon. Are your mates flying to a different time zone for their honeymoon? Gift them a jet – lag remedy where they can experience relaxation paradise as soon as they touchdown. The acupuncture and stretching done by the professional therapists would definitely release that load of energy blocked by all the cabin pressure. If the idea of acupuncture doesn’t thrill them, a relaxing Turkish bath should do the trick. Having gifted a steam bath, with both a foam massage and an oil massage that includes a sauna to end the experience is probably just as tempting to you and the rest of the bridal party. Just think how good it would be to have a post - wedding relaxation session with the bridal party to recover from all that wedding fever.

A Newly-Wed Adventure!

Now that your newlywed mates are fed, pampered and rejuvenated, they can continue their honeymoon adventure! Since they have taken a few days to relax, they have to amp up the energy meter. If your honeymooners are planning to visit the historical sites or relaxing under the sun, gift them more bang for their relaxation buck. They could jump into a blue hole and lose themselves in the beauty of the crystal-clear waters. They can frolic with marine life under the sea or they can sit atop their catamarans while cruising any of the famous bays around the world. You could even gift a private tour for that married couple that loves a bit of privacy away from the land while they dine gourmet - style on deck. Sounds too fancy? Well, you could always give them a trail adventure and get them on to a horse-riding adventure instead – makes a stable gift too!

It's becoming more common now for newlyweds to have their friends to join them on a buddy - moon. Cherish your mate’s finest moments in group tours and let Gifting Owl be a part of your big journey. Or if you're unsure what exactly to get them, let them choose and buy a gift voucher instead.

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