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Thoughtful 50th Birthday Experience Gift Ideas

Thoughtful 50th Birthday Experience Gift Ideas

Is one of your friends struggling to come to terms with the idea that they are turning 50? Or are they the opposite - waiting to embrace turning 50? I mean 50 years young and wise isn’t that what people say? 


It is your duty, as a friend to celebrate and help bring the 50th in. So, what is the best present you can give to start them off the right way? I have come to the rescue!


Nothing says Happy 50th birthday better than a trip to a holiday destination with a group of your closest friends and maybe family. Picture this, a week on the beach soaking up the sunshine with a cocktail in hand surrounded by loved ones. Now that sounds like paradise to me! Places like Greece, Jamaica, Portugal and Thailand are beautiful places to celebrate the big 5-0.


Birthdays are a reminder of how time flies and is precious, so why not use the 50th birthday as a great excuse to tick off activities from the bucket list? On most bucket lists you will find activities such as: scuba diving, sky diving, bungee jumping, and quad bike riding. Or maybe the person you are buying for has a bigger and wilder imagination and their bucket list looks a bit different. Such ideas could include travelling to places such as: The Northern Lights, Grand Canyon, Pyramids of Giza, and Burj Khalifa. So why not make their dreams come true? Luckily for you Gifting Owl has all of the ideas suggested above!


Food and beverage making classes are a great gift and an out of the box idea for any type of occasion. Why not grab a group of their closest friends and organise a cocktail making class and spend the evening creating fruity and colourful cocktails. Or maybe you want to be wine, dined and looked after? That is no problem! There are many food and beverage tours on offer from Gifting Owl that will definitely please the palate. From Italian food, Thai food, Indian food, to beer and cocktail tastings. There is something for everyone.


Perhaps you could give the gift of an intimate weekend getaway with their spouse? A romantic weekend, tasting different wines, walking through the grapevines with the sunset casting beautiful colours over the hills is something that I guarantee they will never forget. 


As mentioned above, some of the best gifts to give are adventure activities. But let’s take another look at what will suit the adrenaline junkies. Gifting owl offers thousands of water activities that are super fun, gratifying, and just plain exciting to do. These include jet skiing, white water rafting, jet boats, and river tubing. These activities create connections with marine life - you become part of their world and marine animals become part of yours. Depending on the activity, you are able to see whales, turtles, and dolphins. How awesome, two gifts in one! Let's say you don’t want to be in the water, but still want to be outdoors, soaking up the sunshine, and watching the marine life. If that is the case, you’re in luck. Gifting owl offers many boat tours, and boat brunches and lunches as well. The Gold Coast Whale Watching tour is not to be missed. Getting up and personal with these amazing creatures on a three-hour aquatic adventure is quite the encounter!


Maybe you simply want the person to feel pampered, rejuvenated, and refreshed ready to start the new them. In this case, maybe you should go with a health and beauty resort gift. This is an effortless gift that your gift recipient is guaranteed to enjoy. Better yet, you will get major brownie points for creativity. Let the lucky birthday person lie back, enjoy and truly re-energise body and mind on their special day. There is an array of body treatments, massages, facials, manicure and pedicure packages on offer. Let Gifting Owl take the hard work out of finding the right location and pamper package for you.


As turning 50 only happens once in a lifetime, why not go all out on a birthday gift? I’m talking about taking things to the next level! A private helicopter ride over a busy city, beach or desert will leave your loved one speechless! Or for a more subtle approach, a hot air balloon ride over meadows while watching the sunrise will be a beautiful memory and an awesome instagram worthy post.

The best way to commemorate all of these amazing activities is through photography. Taking photos is a way to remember the special time you had in many years to come. Whether they are personalised or professionally taken, Gifting Owl has many photography tours and classes on offer throughout the world including such places as Paris, Hong Kong, and New York City. The images will look great on their living room walls. Just imagine exploring Paris, the City of Lights, on a personalized night tour experiencing all that the City of Love has to offer and capturing these moments forever. Or perhaps immersing yourself in a workshop around The Rocks and Sydney Harbour sounds like fun. Seeing Sydney by night through the lens of a camera will capture this experience forever.


Turning 50 is a huge milestone. This Golden Jubilee year is the perfect time to celebrate all your accomplishments and look forward to the many adventures still to be had. Perhaps the obvious gift idea is a piece of gold jewellery, but. creating a memory is even more enriching and definitely the way to go - trust me on this one!! So whether it is an adrenaline filled activity or a quiet, relaxing experience, why not make it a birthday to remember.


Celebrating your friend’s 50th year on this earth in style is absolutely necessary. After all, you love and support them. They’ve received plenty of gifts in their lifetime, but are wise enough to know it’s the experiences with loved ones they’ll treasure the most. So, what better way than to spoil them with something grand - an experience they can do or you can do together that will stay with them forever. 

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