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The Complete A-Z Valentine's Day Experience Gift Guide

The Complete A-Z Valentine's Day Experience Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and after clutching at straws searching for Christmas gifts, it can be hard to get creative when thinking of a Valentine’s Day gift for your other half. Before you rush to the shops and make spontaneous and risky purchases we’ve decided to list our favourite experience gifts for Valentine’s Day. 

A: Abseiling

Watch in anticipation as they lean over the edge and descend down the side of a cliff or building. Almost always scarier than it looks, abseiling is a challenging and exciting experience for couples. 

B: Bungy Jumping

The perfect gift for adrenaline seekers!

C: Canyoning

Climb, abseil, swim and explore. A canyoning adventure is a full fun day out with your partner.

D: Diving

Whether you're a novice ready for a beginner diver or a divemaster craving a new challenge, you can’t go wrong with a scuba dive in a picturesque location. 

E: Escape Room

A game of intellect, teamwork and creative thinking. Race against the clock to solve a series of puzzles and riddles this Valentine’s Day. 

F: Foodie Tour

A winner for anyone and everyone. Indulge in delicious off-the-beaten-path restaurants and cafes in your hometown or abroad. 

G: Ghost Tour

Love going on unusual spooky adventures together? Gift your other half a ghost tour this Valentine’s Day. 

H: Hot Air Ballooning

Perfect for those ready to take their relationship to new heights. A romantic bucket-list experience to share with your partner. 

I: Indoor Skydiving

A good little taste test before you try and convince them to do the real thing!

J: Jungle Safari

Great for all lovers of wildlife and nature. A jungle safari or hinterland escape can help you reconnect with nature and each other. 

K: Kayaking

Easy to pick up in just a couple of minutes, kayaking is always a fun outdoor activity. Tip: For a romantic twist on things try a night kayak on your next date night. 

L: Learn to Surf

Enjoy a day out learning a new hobby with your partner or enjoy having a giggle when you watch them fall in the water. If surfing is always something they’ve wanted to try, it’ll make the perfect gift!

M: Massage

There’s no better feeling than post-massage relaxation. Don’t want to miss out for yourself? Try a couples massage...

N: Northern Lights Tour

For some (mainly us Southern hemisphere folk) seeing the Aurora Borealis is a bucket-list experience. We’ve listed our favourite Northern Lights experience gifts here if you’re ready to splurge on your other half this V Day!

O: Outback Escape

Time to explore your own backyard? Give a little love to rural and remote communities this V Day with an outback escape. 

P: Paintball

For the adventurous couples ready to battle it out and (potentially) head home with some bruises. 

Q: Quad Bike Tour

Four wheels of fun! Quad bikes are easy to maneuver on your next off-road adventure. 

R: Rock Climbing

A test of trust for the two of you. Take turns climbing while the other will belay on the ground. A nice active and challenging indoor or outdoor experience day for you both to enjoy.  

S: Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Test who has the better balance on a private SUP tour for two. Already know the ropes? You can always hire your own boards instead. 

T: Traditional Cooking Class

Have an exciting trip planned? Surprise your partner with an authentic culinary experience gift. These private tours are hosted in the homes of locals ready to teach you how to cook a traditional meal. 

U: Undersea Walk

As long as you’re ok with looking like a submerged astronaut, an undersea walk is a unique and fun way to explore what lies beneath the water. 

V: Vineyard Tour

Wine lovers rejoice! Gifting Owl has vineyard and winery tours in 23 countries. Take your pick and organise your uber, this will be a delicious date to remember. 

W: Whale Watching

Watch in awe as the gentle giants of the sea put on a spectacular show for you and your partner. 

X: XXXX Brewery Tour

Ok ok… We may be scraping the bottom of the barrel to find an experience beginning with X. BUT we thought we’d show our Aussie pride with a callout to the Brisbane XXXX Brewing Co. A fun, historic and delicious experience to share on Valentine’s Day. 

Y: Yoga Retreat

Perfect for those busy couples who need to find their zen after the chaos of the silly season. 

Z: Ziplining

Fly through the trees like Tarzan and Jane. Ziplining is always a fun outdoor adventure! 

Well, there you have it. We hope you have all the inspiration you need to choose the perfect Valentine’s Day activity gift for your partner. 

No need to worry that they won’t like what you choose. All Gifting Owl vouchers are fully exchangeable and can be used in over 115 countries! If you’d still rather they pick an experience for themselves you can choose to give a gift voucher instead.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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