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Activities and Things To Do On Fathers Day 2019

Activities and Things To Do On Fathers Day 2019

Father’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re like me, you’re wondering where this year has gone! Lucky for you, we’ve got plenty of out of the ordinary gift ideas for you to wow Dad with this Father’s Day.

If you’re looking for something fun to do with him this year, then you’re certainly in the right place. We’ve listed our favourite things to do with Dad on Father’s Day 2019.

For the Motorhead Dads

You can find these Dads salivating over old antique cars, rally racing cars or new state-of-the-art vehicles. Give Dad the chance to drive one for himself with a rally car experience. This bucket-list experience will leave any motorhead smiling from ear to ear.

*This is a great experience to share together, so make sure you book for two! Vroom Vroom!

For Water Loving Dads

If it’s hard to peel your Dad away from the seashore, or any body of water, considering giving him a water based activity gift this year. Give him a gift for two so you can enjoy some quality time together doing something he loves. But what he is sure to love the most is spending quality time with you.

Fishing Charters

Consider booking a couple seats on a fishing charter close to home and see what you can catch together. There’s nothing like a little father-son/father-daughter rivalry to make for an exciting adventure.

Sailing Experiences

If Dad would rather relax on the boat rather than try his hand at big-game fishing check out some sailing experiences near you. A chance for Dad to sit back and enjoy the serenity in the company of his kids will be an adventure to remember.

Jet Ski & Jet Boat

This one is for the superhero Dads who just want to fly over water! If your Dad loves a bit of adrenaline then a jet boat or jetski experience is the gift for him. Watch him hang on tight while twisting, spinning and gliding over the water.

Diving or Snorkelling

A gift for the Dad who is part human, part fish. Choose a diving or snorkelling site he’s always dreamed of. Or if he’s never tried diving, an introductory lesson. Your gift may just turn into his favourite new hobby.

For Beer Loving Dads

Hands up who also inherited this love from their DadPerson Raising Hand: Light Skin Tone on Apple iOS 12.2? There’s nothing quite like spending an afternoon with your Dad at the latest brewery in town, enjoying time together and a delicious cold one! Whether you choose a brewery tour or a more casual visit at your own pace, a beer experience gift will always be a lot of fun!

For Ametuer Photographer Dads

Does Dad have all the gear and no idea? A photography experience is a great way for him to get out with a professional and take some great shots. He’ll learn all he needs to know about photography and have a great experience.

Gifts for Adrenaline Junkie Dads

This Dad loves to get his heart racing. Whether it be skydiving, bungy jumping, abseiling or an aerobatic flight, you’ll find a gift perfect for him on Gifting Owl.

For The Dad Chefs

Firstly, how lucky are you to grow up with a Dad Chef! If your Dad has an appreciation for cooking and trying meals from different cultures, we suggest an authentic culinary experience. These are private experiences where you visit the home of a local when travelling and cook a traditional meal with them. Bon appetit!

That concludes our 2019 Father’s Day gift guide. If you are still looking for inspiration, you can visit our Father’s Day page here, or you can let him choose his adventure and get a gift voucher instead.

You can also check out the kids gift ideas page, if you are looking for a family friendly experience you can all enjoy together.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to make sure Dad’s Father’s Day gift is one to remember.

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