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Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Brother

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Brother

Save yourself from ever having to search for "Christmas gifts for brother" on google again!

Every year you find yourself in the exact same dilemma: what should you get your brother for Christmas? The list of possibilities only becomes smaller and more mundane with every year that passes.

After a stressful year of unpleasant surprises many of us are ready to make Christmas extra special this holiday season with some thoughtful and truly personal gifts.

We understand that it's always hard to find new and unique gifts for brothers, and thankfully we've come to your rescue with some next level present ideas that are guaranteed to have him grinning from ear to ear!

Sit back and be inspired

Gifting Owl wants to ease any and all gift related stress so that your year may end on a relaxing note, whether it be Christmas or otherwise! So for those who are stumped for creative gifts, take a moment to relax and recuperate.

We've carefully compiled a dynamic list of suggestions that will get your mind working overtime for some really incredible gifts that he'll love! These are undeniably some of the best gifts a brother could ever receive on Christmas morning.


christmas gifts for your brother


Christmas gifts for every kind of brother

There's something here to please every type of guy out there, whether they're into adrenaline-pumping action or chilled-out relaxation Gifting Owl has it all.

For the brothers who love to travel, we've got a great experience gift in mind. How about a wine-tasting tour in Tuscany? This is the perfect gift for the bro who loves to relax and enjoy some of the finer things in life. Or if he prefers an adrenaline rush, how about giving him a skydiving experience? He'll never forget it and neither will you!

Regardless of what your lucky bro may be into, swap out the novelty hot sauce, the stylish grooming products, the bespoke post subscription box and that gym membership for an experience that the two of you will never forget!

Send a Digital Gift!

We understand that due to unforeseen circumstances the two of you may not have the chance to exchange gifts and enjoy each other's company in person this year. This is when you surprise him with the perfect digital gift he never saw coming. It's a no brainer!

Gifting Owl has hundreds of encounters from all across the world, no matter how far apart you and your beloved brother are. We try to make things simple for everyone, hence all Gifting Owl experiences and vouchers are fully exchangeable and can be sent right away.

So, for all you procrastinators who always find themselves in a last-minute panic, we've got you covered.

christmas gifts for your brother


The ever reliable Gift Card

For those who have left it to the very last second or are at a serious loss for great gifts you really cannot look past a Gifting Owl voucher.

Better yet, Gifting Owl gift cards were created to be as flexible as possible in order to remove all of the typical pressure and anxieties often involved with gift giving.

When you purchase a Gifting Owl gift card it is valid for a staggering three years, which should ensure that it doesn't go to waste and gives them plenty of time to take advantage of it when the perfect opportunity arises.

There will be no difficulties in booking an unforgettable encounter once he has a specific experience in mind as the gift card value can be exchanged to any other experience and booked instantly at any time.

These gift cards can be purchased online and emailed to you or your brothers inbox instantly. All you need to do is provide their email addresses. You can't go wrong!


The king of all adrenaline thrills!

Now this is most certainly the gift brothers didn't see coming on Christmas morning. What better way to end off his year than by having him jump out of a moving plane with only a parachute?

If your brother is a certified adrenaline junkie who will stop at nothing to find life's next best thrill this is the gifting option for you. Even if he isn't a dedicated thrill seeker, the best part about skydiving is that it's one of those things where if you're not sure what your limits are, you won't know until you try.

The experience itself is absolutely unforgettable and dramatic - from stepping off the plane to free-falling at 120 miles per hour through the sky. It really doesn't get any more adrenaline pumping than this!

Why not tick this truly spectacular experience off his bucket list with one of the many stunning skydiving experiences available on Gifting Owl?

christmas gifts for brother


Diving & Snorkelling

The deep blue offers endless eye candy

The beauty of snorkelling is that it can be done almost anywhere, and all you need to do is put on a mask and fins before jumping in!

It's also perfect if your brother just wants something simple and relaxing to do on a holiday- he can explore the coral reefs and marine life at his own pace!

Snorkelling will allow him to enjoy the underwater planet without any sort of training or certification needed.

On the other hand, if he is an experienced scuba diver or has always wanted to learn more, a fantastic scuba diving experience is unbeatable.

The feeling of being underwater amidst all that life, color and motion is unlike anything else on earth.

It's a new world to explore with your eyes, ears and hands- an experience so intense it will be hard to forget once you're back on dry land again.

A scuba dive can take place just about anywhere on earth - there are plenty of opportunities for someone who wants to try this out for the first time or maintain their certification level.

No matter what you choose though, if it's something your brother has always wanted to do he's bound to love any and all of the options available on Gifting Owl.

Brewery Tours


If your brother can't say no to an ice-cold six-pack of his favourite brews, then he'll love the chance to get a behind-the-scenes tour of where all the magic happens.

It's also a great opportunity for those who want to learn more about what goes into brewing beer- from where the ingredients come from, to how it is fermented and packaged.

For those who love drinking good beers, brewery tours offer insight into just what makes that cold beverage so special.

Not to mention he'll obviously get to taste various types of beers that will be on tap while walking around and he may take a bottle of his favourite beer back to the house in his backpack.

The uncles in the family are bound to be jealous of a cool Christmas gift like a brewery tour! A kind gift to show your sibling you care!


christmas gifts for brother

Vineyard Tours

A day long experience he won't say no to

If he is a wine lover that claims to be a connoisseur and spends more time in the kitchen than on the couch, then he'll love touring vineyards this Christmas.

Vineyard tours offer an excellent opportunity for him to learn how wines are made from start to finish- from grapevine planting, harvesting and fermentation all the way through packaging and shipping.

These tours are the perfect excuse to get the whole family involved in a relaxing yet fun day out. It's also a great gift idea for a brother as it would make for a romantic gesture for him and your sibling to enjoy.

Rock Climbing

A sense of achievement like no other!

Rock climbing is a sport that has been around for centuries. It's one of the most challenging and exhilarating sports out there and is perfect for brothers who can't resist a bit of outdoor adventure.

Rock climbing challenges people in so many different ways: it requires strength, mental toughness and perseverance to conquer difficult routes.

There's nothing like that amazing feeling of accomplishment once making it to the top!

For those who are looking for a Christmas gift that is both challenging and exciting, rock climbing is a perfect option.


christmas gifts for brother

Walking food tours

Explore other-worldly cuisines by foot!

If your brother is most certainly a foodie guy, this is the perfect excuse to get him outside to experience some delectable local cuisine and produce.

The best food tours offer something for everyone and encourage people to step out of their comfort zone while experiencing the culinary delights of different cultures around the globe.

Food tours are becoming more and more popular as people want to explore their local areas and experience new tastes.

With many different flavours available for all budgets it's easy for everyone on your list!

Helicopter Tours

An unforgettable glide across the sky

If you're looking for an experience that will blow your brother's socks off this Christmas, then this might just be the perfect present.

Helicopter tours are a seriously cool Christmas gift that will hands down leave brothers speechless.

It's never been easier or more affordable than now to take a ride in one! Helicopter Tours can offer an amazing experience and is perfect for those who want something out-of-the-ordinary this Christmas.


christmas gifts for brother

Authentic Culinary Experiences

Release the inner foodie in him!

Let's face it, who doesn't love food?

Everybody remembers their favourite food encounters throughout their life and if it's a moment like this that will excite your brother the most, you simply cannot look past the impressive ‘Authentic Culinary’ section of Gifting Owl.

Here, you'll find a wide range of one-on-one encounters that provide unique insights into the many cuisines and cultures throughout the globe.

With one of our authentic culinary experiences, brothers will get the chance to meet a talented home cook and share a traditional meal together in their household.

From a Handmade Tuscan Pasta Making Class in Florence to a gourmet seaweed tasting menu and foraging experience in Ireland, there is no limit to where these experiences just might take you.

Surfing Lessons

Introduce him to the hobby he always wanted to pick up

If your brother happens to be a cool surfer dude that just can't go a week without heading down to the beach to catch a few waves, this is the Christmas present for him.

On the other hand, if he's always wanted to have a crack at the whole surfing thing everyone is always raving on about, this is the easiest and quickest way for him to learn the ropes.

A surfing lesson will allow him to learn about surfing at his own pace, whether he wants to start out slow and learn about surfing fundamentals before attempting waves himself, or if he's ready for more intense action right from the start.

So it's little wonder why your brother enjoys it so much, maybe even accompany him in the experience to join in on one of his favourite hobbies.


christmas gifts for brother

Whale Watching

A mesmerising time above the deep blue

Everyday, people from all over the world head out to sea in search of something special. In some cases, it’s a sunken treasure or a long-lost shipwreck waiting to be discovered.

In others, it might be an exotic creature never before seen by human eyes. But for many, the journey is about seeing one of nature’s most majestic creatures: The whale.

If your brother has an undying love for animals and mother nature's endlessly mesmerising wildlife, what better experience to give him than a chance to get up close and friendly with some of earth's most amazing sea creatures on a spectacular sea safari.

There's nothing quite like seeing these magnificent creatures up close from the comfort of a boat. Whale-watching excursions are fascinating for those who have never seen one up close.

He will be at a loss for words as he witnesses these huge sea creatures leap from the water to the sky before making a spectacular splash as they descend back into the sea.

Photo Tours

Improve his skills on his favourite hobby

If your brother is a budding amateur photographer, loves to get the camera out whenever the moment calls for it or if you just can’t get the camera away from him on family holiday consider getting him the thoughtful gift of a photography tour.

These private excursions are suitable for anybody and everyone, from beginners to experts, and guarantee that everyone leaves with new skills, perspectives, and most importantly stunning photographs.

This is a wonderful method to help him develop his abilities at one of his favourite pastimes as he will be guided by an expert photographer ready to arm him with a new impressive arsenal of professional tips and tricks to get the perfect shot.

No matter what sort of hobby your brother partakes in, Gifting Owl will have a tour that will satisfy that urge of his to make this year’s Christmas extra special!

christmas gifts for brother


A breath of fresh air - literally!

If he's an outdoor enthusiast, you're in luck. Gifting Owl has a variety of awe-inspiring activities that showcase some of the world's most beautiful outdoor scenery.

Hiking can be an excellent way to spend time with friends or family while enjoying nature.

It provides plenty of opportunities for storytelling, bonding over shared experiences, or just taking in the sights and sounds around you.

White Water Rafting

Fast paced splashes & quick reflexes!

It's like kayaking for those with a serious need for speed.

If your brother is looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience this Christmas, white water rafting is perfect.

The thrill is unmatched, and it's an experience you'll never forget. If your brother is looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience this Christmas, white water rafting is perfect.

For this great outdoors adventure, tell him to sacrifice style and dress appropriately, because the splash zone is real!

White Water Rafting can be done on different class rapids which means that no matter how much he loves thrills there's something to suit his needs!

christmas gifts for brother

Merry Christmas and Good Luck!

This Christmas, let's show our brothers just how much we love them with a super thoughtful gift they'll never forget.

Whilst Christmas gifts for brothers can be a tricky field to navigate, there's bound to be something perfect for him on Gifting Owl.

Opt for experience gifts this year

Ignore your inclinations to buy that unwanted party game of beer pong, the overpriced gaming console, the extreme hot sauce everyone keeps talking about, the bespoke post subscription box or even that bluetooth speaker he'll never use and invest your money into some of the best Christmas gifts for brothers on the market.

This year we want to bring a personal touch to all gifts for brothers, whether he is your biological brother or not, we can all try to up our best gifts for brothers game.

You can't put a price on fun. Create lifelong memories with him this year and treat him to an amazing experience that the pair of you can even share together.

Something for everyone!

Whether he's a sports fanatic or a party animal, don't worry we've got you covered with the best gift for brothers.

No matter if he's your older brother, your little bro, your brother in law or even just your best friend, make his Christmas morning extra exciting this year.

Brothers won't be able to contain their excitement upon receiving great gifts like these! Time to think outside the box and forget the mundane gifts like a new shirt, sweets or socks!

For more gifting inspo & unique gift ideas...

Search for more Christmas gifts brother and inspiration for the rest of the bunch or any other occasion such as gifts for a birthday or anniversary, on our site where you can also check out more of our super helpful gift guides.

Merry Christmas!

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