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Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents

It's that time of year again! Christmas is almost here and if you're anything like us, you may just be scrambling to find the perfect gift for your beloved parents. We all know that they deserve the very best, however it's not always easy to know just what that is.

Luckily, we've got some ideas that may just help you find the perfect gift for mum or dad. We at Gifting Owl are all about curating some of the best gifts on earth and finding experiences that will make this festive season unforgettable for your parents and the whole family.

Christmas gift ideas unlike any other

Think outside of the box this Christmas, with an incredible experience gift that they are bound to love. Your older parents are now seasoned Christmas veterans and truly deserve some refreshing and entertaining experience gifts.

These meaningful gift ideas simply put gifts such as picture frames, garden tools and that wooden cheese board to shame.

Below we have carefully compiled an inspiring list of Christmas gift ideas for you parents.

Gifting Owl vouchers

Best of all, Gifting Owl offers a super flexible gift card that is redeemable for up to 3 years and your parents can transfer the value to any other experience on the site all year round.

Ditch the stressful Christmas shopping this year with our instant vouchers that are absolutely faultless for all you last minute Christmas buyers out there.

Wine tastings

Finding personalised gifts can be a tiring, difficult task but if your parents love fine wine you simply cannot beat a wine tasting experience. Make their date night that much more exciting with the gift of one of our many wine tasting experiences.

A tasting night gives your parents the opportunity to enjoy exquisite fine wines from dedicated local producers at a fraction of the cost. When it comes to Christmas gifts for parents, this one is practically foolproof when buying for a pair of wine connoisseurs.

Vineyard tours

Alternatively, for those who want to go the extra mile for their deserving parents this festive season, why not introduce them to the breathtaking setting of a beautiful vineyard.

These scenic trips not only offer a comprehensive look at all the vital steps in the winemaking process, but they're also an incredibly relaxing day out with family and friends. Just imagine how content your parents would be sipping some of the earth's finest wines in a picturesque vineyard setting.

Hot Air Ballooning

Not only does a once-in-a-lifetime hot air ballooning experience provide some seriously good ammunition for the family photo album but it truly offers parents a chance to rekindle that romance whilst floating above an astonishing skyline.

Hot air ballooning allows them to relax and enjoy the flight while they slowly soar through the clouds. They'll learn about how it all works, as well as some interesting facts about hot air balloons, from onboard!

As far as personalised Christmas gifts for parents go, this is one they're bound to never forget.

Walking Food Tours

Skip the meal plans to go to the same restaurant this year, and discover a new addition to food outings with your loved ones. If they just so happen to be foodies, travelling to a new city soon or your simply looking for active ideas for your parents you can't go wrong with the unique gift of a walking food tour.

No matter where they may be, Gifting Owl will have an amazing tour that will open your parents eyes to new culinary horizons as they indulge in delicious meals, desserts, coffee and so much more. It is guaranteed to be a night full of memories and will save you going to the same place to eat every time!

Sending the pair of them on a cuisine tour of a new area will expose them to delectable flavours and real world interactions that will reveal the culinary secrets of cultural cuisine and their treasured meals.

Spa Packages

Encourage your parents to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life this Christmas season with the personalized gift of a spa package. Spa days are the ideal gifts for them to unwind, relax, and restore oneself with.

Spoil them this year with these luxurious experiences including massages, mud baths, steam rooms, saunas and more! It's the experience that will never disappoint.

We guarantee that you're at least going to have to buy it again for mum's birthday and mothers day!


If you're searching for a present for the old man who just so happens to be an enthusiastic fisherman, Gifting Owl's exciting fishing trips are the perfect solution.

These exciting day excursions available on Gifting Owl are all inclusive, with a group of local experts ready to help your parents catch big! They will improve their fishing skills in these fascinating locations in no time at all!

Gifting Owl has you covered, with a vast selection of endlessly fascinating (at the very least for Dad) fishing journeys. From Thailand to New York City, catching fish in these beautiful locations will have your parents pro in absolutely no time!

Fine dining

Sometimes only reserved for the very special occasions, who doesn't love a splendid night of fine dining.

For those who are completely lost with buying gifts for parents - this is the cheat code. There's simply no way they could say no to a scrumptious dinner suitably paired with lavish beverages.

This is a great gift idea because it's something that you can only do once in a while and not on a daily basis, so they will appreciate it all the more!

On the other hand, if you're lucky the parents might even invite the kids out with them for one luxurious family dinner outing.

Authentic Culinary Experiences

If your parents are renowned globe trotters that love unique experiences with interesting people from all over the globe look no further than our captivating authentic culinary experiences

These charming one-on-one experiences often involve meeting a skillful home cook and sharing a traditional meal from their culture in their family home. These very thoughtful gifts offer unparalleled insights to the many amazing cuisines of the globe.

Over 60 countries, including Japan, Australia, India, South Korea and Italy, offer these truly one-of-a-kind culinary experiences that make for fantastic Christmas gifts for parents. 

There are a huge variety of authentic culinary experiences available all around the globe through Gifting Owl, so wherever your gastronome parents may travel next, there will be an experience to tantalise their taste buds. 

Sailing and cruises

If they are currently living in a location that celebrates Christmas in summer, why not have them embrace the warm weather with some seriously fun sailing and cruises gifts for parents. Make a splash this Christmas and have them celebrate life by hitting the waters.

Gifting Owl is full of amazing boating experiences, from thrilling sea safaris to luxurious dinner cruises that are ideal for romantic dates and even high-energy sailing trips for the entire family.

With so many exciting nautical adventures to partake in, there is guaranteed to be an option out there for every type of parent. This can also be a very thoughtful gift for grandparents, grandkids, the kids and families in general.

Whale Watching Tours

Speaking of nautical adventures, if mum or dad happen to be an avid wildlife lover, watching these magical whales in their natural habitat will leave them breathless.

For a someone who loves animals is there really any gift better than getting up close and friendly with some of earth's most amazing sea creatures on a spectacular sea safari. 

They will fall in love with all these inquisitive creatures to meet on the high seas!

Cooking Classes

Forget the personalized cutting board this year, if either of your parents are a talented home chef or they both just happen to be food connoisseurs, cooking classes are the perfect gift for fun parents to unlock their culinary potential.

Whilst these may seem like unusual gifts ideas for older adults, these classes are endlessly entertaining with many a laugh whilst offering the chance for the two to bond whilst learning new skills.

There will be a class perfectly tailored to them regardless of what cuisine they may want to develop some new skills in. Best of all - after sharing a delicious meal together and possibly even a dessert (for the sweet tooth) they won't even have to clean!

Brewery Tours

Now if your parents would much prefer a little less adventure and a little more self indulgence, a brewery tour may just be the option for them.

If your parent is a diehard beer enthusiast or even a well-known zythophile (beer lover), these tours will provide an unique perspective on the world of brewing from all around the globe. And of course what brewery tour would be complete without including some delicious samples.

Cultural Tours

Add cultural tours to the list of Christmas gift ideas for parents who just adore travelling the globe and exploring new places. As your adventurous mom and dad might tell you, without embracing the culture you can not fully experience the destination.

Exploring cultural activities will enhance their travels by revealing local customs, engaging with the community, and acquiring new skills.

Hiking & Trekking

Consider giving your parents a fantastic picturesque excursion if they are outdoor enthusiasts or simply up for the adventure. This is one of our more flexible gift ideas for them that you can always join in on!

Hikes may be as simple or difficult as you want them to be, so don't worry if they're not up for anything too challenging yet but still want to get outside and experience the best of mother nature.

Happy gifting this holiday season!

Ditch the pressure cooker, the back massager, the robot vacuum, the gift basket and all the other trendy Christmas gifts for parents this year and instead make memories with those who are most important to you.  

We hope all our gift guides at Gifting Owl have made it that much easier to find ideas for old & new parents this Christmas. With more ideas in your gift giving arsenal Christmas morning is going to be even more special this year! 

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Furthermore, you can search for some of the best gifts for the rest of the whole family (even including grandparents!) at the same time with most experiences available year round so it doesn't have to stop at Christmas! 

Ultimately we all want to show our gratitude to our deserving mom and dad by giving them something that they will truly enjoy. Consider an activity that is distinct and unique from what your parents are used to, yet something they'll absolutely love doing. 

These activities may assist them feel recharged and rejuvenated while also giving them some much-needed quality time together.

We hope our list of fun Christmas gifts for old & new parents has helped inspire you to treat them with an unforgettable gift that they'll remember forever!

Merry Christmas!

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