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Gift Ideas for Students Studying Abroad

Gift Ideas for Students Studying Abroad

International travel is one of the best ways a student can learn more about themselves, expand their horizons and discover the world around them. Each year over 300,000 students pack their bags and set off to study abroad. Studying abroad is a great way for students to immerse themselves in a new culture and experience life in a foreign country. It is a fantastic opportunity for budding professionals to meet new people, explore new places and start checking off those bucket list items. 

If your loved one is getting ready to depart or is currently in their new city, say bon voyage and safe travels with a fabulous travel-inspired gift. A gift is a great way to show your support for their new venture and let them know that even from across the globe they are still in your thoughts. 

Pre-departure Gifts  

Venturing to another country is a nerve racking and exciting experience. Often the days and weeks leading up to departure are a whirlwind of emotions, planning and packing. During this crazy time, it is easy to forget the essential travel items. Make sure your loved one has everything they need by gifting them a terrific travel inspired gift. Items such as phone chargers, neck pillows or a passport holder are handy gift options that will ensure your loved one is fully prepared for their international experience. 

Another great way to ensure they’re prepared is with a comprehensive travel guide. Filled with handy tips and tricks, a travel guide offers valuable insight into the top attractions, hottest locations and must do experiences in their new city. 

Take your gift to the next level and bring their travel guide to life by gifting them one of the awesome experiences in their new city. Whether it’s a fast paced, thrill- seeking adventure, a relaxing weekend retreat, an iconic bucket list experience or an enriching cultural tour, the gift of an experience is one that will be cherished forever. It is a great way to create long-lasting, wonderful memories and instill a small part of you in their adventures.

From coastal to rural and tropical to snow-capped, a scenic helicopter tour is an exciting, picture-perfect experience that will allow them to witness the wonders of their new land. Keep things sky high with an iconic Eiffel Tower climb. This experience will see them climbing high into the sky for a breathtaking birds-eye view of Paris. If you’re looking for an experience closer to the ground how about a wholesome walking tour? This experience offers a unique peep into the authentic lifestyle of the locals and the chance to discover hidden gems in and around the city. 

The distinct, natural landscape of a county is often what makes it so remarkable. Send your loved exploring the unique, natural beauty of their new land with an enriching nature-filled experience. A scenic Northern Lights tour will see them cosying up in a sleigh, gliding over the snow and searching the skies for these breathtaking natural wonders. A majestic swim with the dolphins will fill the trip with elegance, grace and wander and a fascinating Eco Safari will relax, rejuvenate, and captivate the heart and mind of the lucky recipient. 

Food and culture go hand in hand. We eat to live but we also gain pleasure, social connections, and cultural relations from food. For centuries tribes have passed down recipes, cooking techniques, and flavours to their children. A home-hosted meal is a great way to experience the rich, exotic flavours of a new land and connect with locals over a wholesome meal. A walking food tour is another enriching culinary experience. Strolling through rustic markets, sampling the freshest, most flavoursome foods from a variety of stalls, and chatting with local vendors is a fantastic way to absorb the rich, new culture. 

The act of cooking and preparing a meal is often just as rewarding as enjoying the final product. An authentic cooking class is a great way to learn the culinary art behind your favourite meals. From tantalising Thai to incredible Italian, a cooking class is a fabulous way to experience the unique culture of a new country and add to your recipe repertoire.

Gifts for while they’re away 

As the semester progresses it can be easy to get wrapped up in the stress and pressure of schoolwork. But studying abroad should be equal parts fun and education!

Remind your loved one to have fun and enjoy their trip by gifting them an awesome, action-packed adrenaline activity. Take to the skies for an incredible, birds- eye view of the city with a hot air balloon gift experience. This is a fantastic way to see the entire city in one go and ensures they don’t miss seeing an inch of their fabulous destination. 

Activities like skydiving, jet boating and bungee jumping are also great options that are guaranteed to break them out of the classroom and get their adrenaline pumping. These experiences will have them zooming, flying, and plummeting at top speeds and leaving the stress of study far behind them.  

For many students, overseas study is the first time they will be away from home so it’s no surprise that many feel homesick while they are away. A great way to provide comfort, support and let them know they are in your thoughts is by sending them a meaningful gift. 

A homemade care package is a fantastic way to send a little piece of home and remind them of their friends and family back home. Put together a small box of photos, handwritten letters, and a few of their favourite items from home. Whether it’s tea from England, Vegemite from Australia, Hershey’s from the USA, or pasta from Italy, these little reminders are a great way to let them know home isn’t too far away. 

Without the luxury of a full-time salary, many student travellers must adhere to tight budgets and be cautious with their spending. This can often mean they miss out on fun, leisurely experiences, extracurricular activities and excursions. 

With this in mind, a great gift idea is a Gifting Owl gift card. With access to thousands of awesome adventures and experiences in over 100 countries, a Gifting Owl gift card means they will never have to miss out on an adventure again. Whether it’s a fast-paced adrenaline activity, a wholesome cultural tour, a weekend getaway, or an enriching spa experience, your loved one can choose their ideal experience and make the most of their exciting, new city!

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