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Last Minute Birthday Gifts Delivered Instantly

Last Minute Birthday Gifts Delivered Instantly

We’ve all been there before, a significant someone’s birthday notification pops up on Facebook and you feel terrible. Of course at the time you feel like a horrible friend, but it is often just the case of life getting in the way. Time flies by and you don’t realise the date - but you don’t want to let the day go by without sending them a gift. 

Let’s start with what not to do - don’t just send a random gift for the sake of sending a random gift. It can be tempting to quickly send whatever you find, but it is better to spend a few more minutes trying to find something that they actually want. Unwanted gifts contribute to a lot of waste, and I’m sure the birthday boy or girl wouldn’t feel happy about throwing away a present you bought for them.

Luckily for us in 2020 there are plenty of online options available to send a last minute birthday gift. In this article we will explore our favourite birthday presents that can be delivered instantly.

Experience gift cards

I bet you’ve already thought about quickly sending a gift voucher for the local department store or retailer. While it’s still a sweet gesture, gift cards don’t often have a personalised, thoughtful tone. It’s always going to be pretty obvious that you didn’t know what to get them or you had to buy something last minute. 

That’s why experience gifts make the best gift cards. Unlike a major retailer gift card, experience gifts are personal, memorable and exciting. 

The most popular experience gifts to send instantly

To save time digging around the site, we’ve listed the 10 most popular experience gift ideas that will be perfect to send as a birthday gift - even if it is last minute! 

1. Skydiving

A super easy last minute decision for the thrill seekers or adrenaline junkies in your life, Skydiving is one of our most popular experience gifts on Gifting Owl. Of course it is on the higher end of the price scale. If you’re looking for a more affordable gift, check out our other adrenaline experiences that include jet boating, indoor skydiving and ghost tours! No matter which experience you choose - there’s no way they’ll know it’s a last minute gift. 

2. Hot air ballooning

Hot air ballooning is an unforgettable experience everyone should have once in their lifetime. Often accompanied with a bottle of bubbles and breakfast for two, hot air ballooning is a great gift idea for a couple to enjoy as a romantic date. There’s no doubt that receiving this gift would put a smile on their faces and yours as well.

3. Wining and dining

Another fail-proof birthday present idea is a wine and dine gift voucher. Choose a local vineyard or brewery they’ve always wanted to visit and buy them an experience for two. If they’re more of a foodie than a wine connoisseur, you can choose an authentic culinary experience or a walking food tour of the city. This relaxing, delicious day out with a loved one is a thoughtful gift they’ll remember forever. 

4. Massage and spa

The perfect gift for the hard worker in your life that truly deserves some R&R is a pamper package complete with a massage and facial.  They’ll have absolutely no idea you left their gift to the very last minute. 

5. Whale watching

Lovers of the ocean and its gentle giants will be thrilled to receive a whale watching gift voucher on their birthday. They’ll watch in awe as giant whales breach and crash into the water over and over again. If you’re lucky enough, they might even ask you to come along too!

6. Relaxing cruises

From private sunset sailing experiences at the Gold Coast to buffet seafood cruises on Sydney Harbour, you’ll love the cruising and sailing gift voucher options available. 

7. Travel gift card

If they’ve got a special trip planned to see the Northern Lights or Machu Picchu, you can contribute to their trip of a lifetime with a travel gift card. View the travel gift vouchers here or choose a specific landmark or attraction

8. Driving experience

Does he or she love cars or anything on four wheels? Give a thrilling race car experience, ATV offroad adventure or 4WD expedition. Last minute or not - they’ll love it!

9. Diving and snorkelling

If being above the water doesn’t cut the bacon, research some diving and snorkelling gift vouchers. If they’ve always wanted to learn how to dive or do a PADI dive course, this is the perfect opportunity to help them make their dream a reality. 

10. Ziplining and high ropes courses

Watch them soar through the skies on a ziplining adventure or tree top challenge. This exhilarating outdoor experience will make them smile from ear to ear! 

The best part of all - instant delivery!

Yes you read that right. You can choose one of the above experiences or any other listed on Gifting Owl and send it straight to the birthday boy/girl via email, sms or WhatsApp! 

The second best part - All Gifting Owl gift vouchers are fully exchangeable worldwide and valid for three years. This means that if they’d rather go diving than whale watching they can!

So now you can stop worrying about that last minute gift because we’ve got you covered. 

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