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10 Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2021

10 Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2021

Are you scrambling to find last minute gift ideas for dad? You're not alone. We all know that Father's Day is coming up and we still haven't found a gift. Luckily, Gifting Owl has gift vouchers that can be sent straight to your inbox instantly! These gift vouchers can be used on any of the gift experiences on our website - from driving experiences to cooking classes. With over 10,000 different experience gifts available, there's something for every type of Dad!

Experience gifts are perfect for Dads that already have everything. Choose from one of our favourite Father's Day gift ideas below or let him pick his own with a Gifting Owl gift voucher.

1. Whale watching 

With whale watching season in full swing, there’s no better family activity perfect for Father’s Day celebrations. After you set sail, there are plenty of different things you'll see on your journey depending on the time of year and place in which you're sailing. After waiting in anticipation, searching and scanning the horizon, you’ll finally spot one mid-air, right before it comes crashing down with a splash! Watch in awe as the gentle giants of the sea put on a show for you that only mother nature could conjure up. 

Gifting Owl has whale watching experiences available all around the world. Whether Dad is in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Tauranga or Russell, you’ll find a whale watching tour for him. 

2. Brewery tours

We’re going to take a wild stab in the dark here and say that your Dad loves an ice-cold beer? If not, scroll on down! 

A brewery tour gift voucher is a timely and thoughtful Father's Day gift that dad will certainly enjoy. It's a gift that isn't too cliche, and it can be for any kind of beer drinker. They'll have the chance to explore a local craft brewery and taste some of their best brews, all while enjoying a tour of the brewing process. From New York to Hobart and London to Noosa, there’s a tour fit for your Dad. Not only will he get to indulge in his favourite beverage, but he’ll get to learn about the delicate art of brewing. 

3. Skydiving

If you’re ready to go all out, or maybe split the cost with your siblings, a skydive is an unforgettable Father’s Day gift. Perfect for the thrill seeking Dads who have never jumped out of a plane before, or the relaxed Dads wanting to jump out of their comfort zone. Gifting Owl has plenty of skydiving options available depending on how high, and how scared you’d like to get Dad this Father’s Day. 

Don’t let Dad jump alone, buy a gift voucher for two and take the leap together. There's nothing like jumping out of an aeroplane and feeling the adrenalin rush as you freefall to earth at 120 km/h. This is one crazy family bonding day that neither of you will ever forget!

4. Scuba Diving

If Dads an ocean lover that needs to refresh his dive skills, why not get him a scuba diving tour this Father’s Day? Choose from an intro dive, refresher dive, or open water certified dive and send the voucher straight to Dad. He’ll be thrilled to explore what lies beneath the ocean.

Gifting Owl has scuba diving experiences available in some of the most pristine dive sites in the world. From the magnificent Tangalooma Shipwrecks to the Great Barrier Reef and even Hawaii! Whichever dive you choose, he’ll absolutely love!

5. Fishing Charters

If he’s more interested in catching the fish than swimming alongside them, perhaps a fishing charter is a great gift idea this Father’s Day? If he’s usually rushing off early to throw a line off the local jetty, we know he’ll absolutely love a day out on his own fishing charter. 

Grab a gift voucher for two or a private charter so the whole family can try their hand at fishing. If it’s not your thing, I’m sure he’d love to invite some friends instead.

6. Photography Tours

Is your Dad known to bring his fancy camera to every family event and gathering? If he enjoys learning new photography skills then we suggest a photography tour for Father’s Day. Here he’ll get to train with a professional photographer and come home with canvas worthy shots ready to show the whole family. This is a gift that Dad is sure to love, and it's a last minute gift idea that you can order the day!

Gifting Owl has photography tours in cities around the world, with night and day options available. From Bangkok to Venice, and Paris to Sydney, you’ll find a photography tour close to home that Dad will absolutely love!

7. Cooking Classes

If Dad loves to whip up new culinary creations, a cooking class where he can learn a new cuisine is a great gift idea. Choose a cooking class you’d love to do with him and make an evening out of it. That way, you get to enjoy a fun new activity and devour the delicious food you create together. Leave your cooking class with great family memories and a recipe you can recreate again at home. 

Gifting Owl has cooking classes and authentic culinary experiences all around the globe. Simply pick a cuisine and your gift is sorted! 

8. Driving Experiences

For the car obsessed Dads with a need for speed, you can’t go past a racing experience! From WRX Rally Racing to V8 Race Buggies and ATV Tours, check out the entire range of Gifting Owl driving experiences here. Whichever experience you choose, Dad will be talking about this gift for years to come! 

9. Rock Climbing

Looking for something new for you and Dad to try together? We recommend rock climbing or abseiling? These indoor or outdoor activities will require one of you to belay and one to climb, or abseil. A true family bonding activity, rock climbing or abseiling will test your teamwork and trust, but most importantly will be a fun adventure! 

10. Short Breaks

Does Dad deserve a mini-vacay? If he’s a workaholic or just simply refuses to book a weekend away, maybe a short break is a good Father’s Day gift? Check out the range of hotel stays and getaways available on Gifting Owl and let him book accommodation in a nearby town or city. 

Adventurous Dad? You’re in the right place

Father's Day gift ideas can be tough to come up with. Whether you're looking for a gift from the heart or to make memories that'll last a lifetime, we've got you covered. If Dad loves to get outdoors and experience new activities, a Gifting Owl gift is perfect. Giving him more knick-knacks, socks and jocks or ‘I Love Dad’ mugs will hardly cut the mustard. What your adventurous Dad wants more than ever, is an experience he can enjoy with you!

If you’re unsure of which adventure to choose for Dad, let him pick with a Gifting Owl gift voucher. With plenty of options around the world and a 3 year expiry date, he’ll find an experience that suits him, when it suits him.

Get started on your shopping now by scrolling through our list of 10 last-minute Father's Day gift ideas and then share this article if it was helpful!

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