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Mother's Day Experience Gift Guide 2020

Mother's Day Experience Gift Guide 2020

Stuck for ideas this Mother’s Day? Sick of giving the same old chocolates and flowers combo? Fear no more, for here at Gifting Owl we’ve compiled a list of one-of-a-kind experiences bound to blow her socks off. To celebrate the turn of the decade, let your mother know just how much you love and appreciate her by gifting her a unique experience she’ll always remember the day by. Rather than the classic last-minute gift scramble with the siblings, turn the day into something special you can experience together. What does mum love more than spending quality time with her family? 


After asking the mothers we know what they’d most want for their special day we’ve listed the perfect gifts and experiences for every type of mum just to help you out this Mother’s Day. From the wine Mum to the outdoor adventure Mum, we at Gifting Owl have got your back with this extensive list of carefully considered options. Secure your spot as her favourite child and have a vigilant read of the experiences below. 


For the stressed mum: Hiking 


Gifting mum a hiking experience is the perfect way to help her briefly escape from the stress of daily life and to step into an enchanting landscape you’ll both be in awe of. According to a 2014 Stanford University study hiking can “improve your mood, decrease anxiety and even improve your memory”. Spend some quality time catching up with mum this Mother's Day while hiking any of the amazing locations we have on offer. If you haven’t seen mum in a while, this is the perfect chance for you two reconnect with what will seem like all the time in the world to talk alongside the calming sounds of nature. This active experience is fit for the whole family and may just be the way to your Mother’s heart in 2020. 


A trip down memory lane: Cooking Classes 


There’s no kind of bonding like in the kitchen. Do you miss those nights where mum would teach you her masterful cooking skills whilst helping her cook for the fam? Look no further than a cooking class that you can both enjoy. Get back in the kitchen with mum and the family for some educational (and messy!) fun, not to mention the delicious end product you’ll all get to devour. Forget the classic ‘I cooked it, so you clean it’ debate as all these classes will do the cleaning up for you! Gifting Owl offers an extensive range of cooking classes, from professional chefs to amazing home cooks that will expertly introduce you to their authentic cuisine


Pamper her this year with a day spa experience


Gift mum with the ultimate luxury experience that money can buy, a spa day. The experience that will never disappoint (according to our mums here at Gifting Owl). There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than a day at the spa. Provide mum with a well-deserved break with one of our tranquil spa day packages. With the never-ending list of health benefits associated with a spa day, there’s no reason not to treat mum with such lavish day out for Mother’s Day 2020.


Wine and dine her this Mother's Day 


It’s a safe bet that mum would love nothing more than a delicious meal out with her favourite people in the whole world, her family. Remind Mum how much you all love her as you gather around the table as a family. Reminisce and catch up together over a carefully selected bottle of wine paired with one of the many delightful cuisines we have on offer here at Gifting Owl. Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the wonderful things mum does for the family and what better way to do so than simply enjoying each other’s company whilst gathered around the dining table, just as you used to when you were younger. 


For the mothers who are self-proclaimed ‘Wine Connoisseurs’ consider going one step further and indulging her with one of our many impressive Wine and Vineyard experiences. Put her knowledge to the test at one of your local vineyards and support your regional produce whilst learning more about the process behind their delightful wines. Alternatively, a high-tea with the family is another favourite amongst mums that makes for a fun but classy affair. 


Spend a weekend with mum: Getaways


Long overdue some serious quality time one on one with your mum? Consider completely spoiling her with a weekend away or a last-minute mini vacation with a wonderful getaway. Gifting Owl is home to many indulgent getaways at top destinations around the world. From camping sites to relaxing retreats, there are endless different ways to experience beautiful cities and towns for much needed break. 

Weekend getaways are great for productivity as well as boosting mental and emotional health. This is the perfect way to enjoy each other’s company and reconnect as you make the most of the mini-holiday. Our packing recommendations include champagne, cards and board games!


For the photography enthusiast: Photo tours


If your mum is a budding photographer or just loves to whip out the camera at any family event be sure to check out our many photography tours available around the globe. A professional photographer will guide the tour making sure to find the best locations for superb photograph opportunities suited to your mum and her interests. It’ll be a fun day out filled with exploration and discovery as well as taking home all the expert tips and tricks taught by your guide, not to mention the incredible photo souvenirs that mum will always remember her Mother’s Day 2020 by. 


For the adventurous mums


Gifting Owl is absolutely brimming with outdoor adventure activities perfect for an exciting family outing. Really spice things up this Mother’s Day by getting the blood pumping with active experiences ranging from paddle boarding to mountain biking and everything in-between. These experiences are on all points of the adrenaline-spectrum to pick from. From swimming with dolphins to cage diving with great white sharks, Gifting Owl truly has some once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the adventure department. Despite being quite the unconventional Mother’s Day gift, she’ll love you even more for thinking outside the box and carefully selecting a lively gift tailored to the both of you. 


Step it up a notch for Adrenaline Junkie mums 


If your mum prefers to live life on the edge and is always ready for fast paced thrills get her something truly spectacular. From the ultimate adrenaline rush of skydiving to the rapid pace of jet-skiing, Gifting Owl has many life-changing experience gifts on offer around the that adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers will love. She’ll be bragging to all her friends about her thrilling Mother’s Day experience for years to come. With many of these experiences offering photos and videos included/to be purchased, Mum will have plenty of epic photos of the day to parade on the family mantle piece. Whether it be skydiving, bungee jumping, quad biking, or jet skiing there is something that will get the attention of a mum who loves living life on the edge! Are you brave enough to join her?


For the Foodie: Authentic Culinary


Gift mum with an authentic culinary experience in which you can expect to meet a local and share a traditional meal together in their home. Gifting Owl has the largest selection of culinary experience gifts offered in the world. These are truly local one-on-one experiences that you will never forget. After receiving a charming greeting from your host, prepare your stomachs for a feast on the most tantalising dishes their culture has to offer. 

There is really no better way to immerse yourself in another culture or have a truly local experience. Many of these gifting options also involve cooking lessons as previously suggested. 


For the Animal Lovers: Wildlife experiences


This Mother’s Day try introducing her to some new furry (or scaly!) friends. Encounter the amazing animals of the world with Gifting Owl. Choosing from a great range of days out in countries across the globe. From watching whales jump vertically from the ocean sea, cuddling cute koalas, watching exotic birds and more! Take a second to really appreciate life around us in the natural world with your mum to make her special day even more special by taking a step into the wild.


For those who can’t be with Mum this Mother’s Day


If you or your mum is abroad this Mother’s Day be sure to surprise her with one of our highly flexible gift vouchers in which she can use for any of our thousands of experiences around the world. Furthermore, all of our vouchers are completely interchangeable. So you don’t need to worry about exactly where your mum will be and when, as there will always be an experience for her to redeem. Plus, with live availability, booking couldn't be any simpler. This is what makes us the best option for gifting overseas.


We hope this carefully curated list of recommendations has inspired you to make 2020 her best Mother’s Day yet! Giving an experience with Gifting Owl can be done in less than 5 minutes and will be instantly delivered to your inbox. Happy Gifting! 

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