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Online Gifts Perfect for Travellers and adventurers

Online Gifts Perfect for Travellers and adventurers

With the end of this tragic worldwide pandemic thankfully in sight, it goes without saying that everyone is eagerly awaiting some very much needed travel and adventure. It’s not just the backpackers, outdoor adventurers and globetrotters that find themselves dearly missing all the excitement and thrills of the outside world. We’ve all had to adapt to the challenging circumstances of COVID-19 no matter where in the world we may find ourselves and it’s safe to say, the tourism industry will soon be booming with optimistic tourists craving for a taste of exploration and inspiring new landscapes.


Experience gifts are the perfect opportunity to help maintain this sense of hope and excitement for the future. Think outside of the box this year when it comes to gifting, with a promise of doing something special with your recipient thanks to a digital Gifting Owl voucher. Alternatively, if you know that they are planning a fun trip in the not too distant future, book them a once-in-a-lifetime experience in their destination of choice that they are just bound to adore. With so many incredibly unique options available all over the world on Gifting Owl, you’re only a few clicks away from online gifting them with lifelong memories they’ll always remember you by. No matter the occasion or celebration, these vouchers prove to be seriously considerate online gifts that stray from the traditional presents we see year after year. Despite whatever demographic your lucky recipient may fall under, there is bound to be a wonderful experience tailored to them within our treasure chest of goodies just waiting to be unlocked.

With everything categorised on the site to ensure that it’s easy to navigate through the options that may just be perfect for you and your giftee. Here at a Gifting Owl, we aim to eradicate all the unwanted stress often involved with the whole process of gift-giving with our highly flexible vouchers. The vouchers are delivered via email instantly and come with a three-year validity allowing the recipients to book online at any time within that period. Experiences can be swapped online completely free of charge and the value of the gift voucher can be used on any other experience so that there is no pressure on you or the special recipient! Below we have assembled a list of impressive options and suggestions for those still scratching their heads at what to give their friends and family this year.  


We’ll kick things off with a bang by starting with our exhilarating Adrenaline Thrills category. After a year comprising of a severe lack of outdoor thrills, there is simply no better place to start this list. It’s fair to say that with so much time spent indoors recently, many of us are ready for a heart-pumping escapade. Regardless of whether you may be buying for a daring adrenaline junkie or a renowned couch potato, everyone is looking to step outside of their comfort zone with new and exciting experiences on the horizon. Gifting Owl currently boasts a huge array of thrills from unique locations all around the world, so no matter where they are you can still give them the hair-raising experience they’ve been craving for far too long.

Sitting atop all these breath-taking thrills rests one undisputed king of adrenaline, skydiving. The quintessential bucket list venture that everyone needs to try. The whole experience is the definition of nerve-racking. From the racing thoughts that crowd your mind as the plane lifts off to the very moments before the final leap, there is simply nothing like it. It goes without saying, skydiving is not for the faint of heart. However, if you think your recipient can handle it, have them plummet through the clouds and hurl towards Earth reaching insane speeds of over 200km per hour! Despite all these obvious daunting aspects of it all, once you’re in the air the experience is nothing short of magical and paired with some truly mind-blowing panoramic views of the world below. With heights of up to a staggering 20,000 feet, this is an impressive experience your giftee will be more than happy to have under their belt. They even come with a personalised certificate just in case their friends don’t believe it.


Alternatively, if your giftee is still working up to such a brave conquest, ziplining is a more affordable option that may still have some screaming at the top of their lungs as they soar across the sky over some truly spectacular landscapes. Similarly, the Bungee Jump Tour in Nepal, is also an incredible alternative of getting that unmistakable adrenaline kick. Situated at Hemja near the Tibetan Camp in Pokhara, guests will make their way up a 32m steel tower sitting atop a 50m rock face cliff before taking the 80m leap of faith.


Now if falling from insane heights doesn’t quite suit the giftee you have had in mind, other fantastic thrills at lower altitudes include rapid jet boat rides, sandboarding, white-water rafting, rally car racing, jet skiing and even a lunatic asylum ghost tour to name a few. A particularly daring experience would have to be swimming amongst sharks. Submerge your giftee into an underwater world containing some of the most feared predators on the planet. From the terrifying Haleiwa Shark Cage Diving Experience in Hawaii to the other-worldly Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim in Western Australia, your giftee will never forget these experiences. Once you’ve swam with a shark, you have bragging rights for the rest of your life. It’s as simple as that.


For many travellers, an equally crucial aspect would have to be food and drink. Experiencing new cuisines from the many vibrant cultures of your chosen destination is nothing short of amazing. Everyone remembers their favourite food experiences and meals in which they’ve enjoyed in their life. From luxurious gourmet excursions to exciting market tours and culinary lessons, Gifting Owl has a unique range of food & dining experiences unlike any you have seen before.


For those who are seeking unforgettable culinary experiences that stray from the everyday norm, take a look at our authentic culinary section, you will not be disappointed. If you happen to be buying for a notorious travelling foodie, you simply cannot go past this unparalleled selection of dining experiences. Gifting Owl has one of the largest selections of culinary gifts offered in the world. Each of these offer an intimate cooking experience with an expert local passionate about their culture and the vibrant cuisines within it, often in their family home. Many will even take guests to the most trusted markets nearby in which beautifully fresh local produce can be sampled and bought for the delicious meal to come. These culinary experiences are beyond immersive when it comes to learning about the cultures and traditions of the locals. Your recipient will come out of the day with a plethora of fantastic new cooking secrets and tips that you will benefit from at all the dinner parties to come. From a handmade Tuscan pasta making class with an expert in Florence to learning how to make Japanese dishes in Osaka, partaking in an authentic vegetarian North Indian meal just by the Taj Mahal to an Ethiopian cooking class and coffee ceremony, these are guaranteed to knock the socks off your foodie friend.


On the other hand, if your recipient happens to be a zythophile (‘an individual who loves beer and all things beer-related’) or a self-declared wine connoisseur, there are a plethora of scenic outings available at wineries, vineyards and breweries. These tours are obviously filled to the brim with samples of delicious local beverages that simply no one could say no to. Often paired with scenic valleys and possibly even a gourmet lunch, a day tour at a winery is one the most relaxing ways to explore a new region. The Clare Valley Winery Tour is a fantastic example of a tour that is guaranteed to convert any and all guests into professional wine drinkers. Kicking off with samples of small winemakers in the quaint town of Auburn followed by a delightful gourmet lunch and a stop at the renowned Sevenhills Cellars, this tour ticks every box.

When it comes to travel, some of us do it for nothing more than the adventure of it all. Nature lover, avid explorer, wildlife enthusiast or outdoor adventurer; If you’re buying for someone who falls under any of these categories, look no further than our extensive selection of Adventure experiences. Here at Gifting Owl we pride ourselves on our love for adventure and our impressive range of incredibly fun activities located all throughout the globe. These often make for precious life long memories of which your lucky giftee will be recounting a thousand times to family and friends as if it happened just yesterday. From soft adventures to demanding encounters, there is something out there for everyone no matter their age or fitness level. These online gifts are often a wonderful option for couples and families that are seeking some much-needed time away from the everyday hustle and bustle to reconnect amongst some of the best that mother nature has to offer. 


An affordable option suitable for the whole family would have to be a bike tour around wherever they may be gallivanting to. What better way to explore a new city or region than by zipping and zooming through the streets surrounded by your family following a knowledgeable local guide showing you to the best kept secrets and spots in town. From the dazzling Tokyo to the opulent Amsterdam, the vibrant Bangkok to the brilliant Berlin, these bike tours available on our site are the perfect introduction to some of the world’s most interesting cities. For the animal lover, there is nothing more incredible than seeing some of Earth’s largest mammals leap from the depths of the ocean during a jaw-dropping whale watching tour. With many tours also including dolphin and even seal sightings, they are nothing short of value for money. Fortunately, Gifting Owl boasts a massive variety of whale watching tours all around the world including an astonishing option in Akureyri, Iceland. Here they operate in specially made boats that allow you to get closer to the whales and wildlife than any other boat can offer without disturbing them in their natural habitat!


Other notable adventures on offer include scuba diving in Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef, sandboarding in Dubai, Mountain hiking in Jamaica, Camel riding in Morocco and so much more!


No matter what you happen to choose for that special recipient you have in mind, there is no way it can go wrong with Gifting Owl’s super flexible online travel vouchers. Leave behind the fearful prospect of buying an unwanted gift this year and get them something they’ll always remember you by. Good luck and happy gifting! 

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