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Virtual Christmas Gift Ideas to Send Digitally

Virtual Christmas Gift Ideas to Send Digitally

Starting to notice local window displays filling up with fake snow? Hearing familiar carols during the weekly visit to the grocery store? Brace yourselves, Christmas is coming. It's that time of year again. You know, the season where everything is done in a hurry and you feel like no matter what you do, it isn't enough. If this sounds familiar, take heart!

Gifting Owl is here to ensure that all your Christmas gifting this year goes according to plan without any of the usual stressing and last minute rushing.

Everyone knows that Christmas is a splendid time of year designated for family, friends and other loved ones. However, after all the unforeseen hurdles thrown at many of us this past year, not everyone has the chance to see their loved ones and friends this Christmas.

For those who may have found themselves in this unfortunate situation, fear not - for there are plenty more personal ways to give the gift of Christmas cheer without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Below we have carefully compiled an inspiring list of online gifts available on Gifting Owl that will help you stay in touch with friends and family around the world while still being able to enjoy all the festivities this holiday season! With unforgettable gifts like these, you can make Christmas this year just that much more special even from the other side of the globe!

Experiences for everyone

Gifting Owl offers thousands of unique experiences all around the world. So no matter what kind of person you may be buying for, there will be a fantastic range of activities just perfect for them.

With options ranging from swimming with sharks to learning how to cook hand made pasta in an Italian home, our diverse selection of gift giving options is unparalleled.

Here at Gifting Owl, we believe an experience gift gives recipients the chance to try something new, perfect a skill, or develop a talent. They may even meet intriguing people along the way or discover an entirely new passion. There are endless possibilities when it comes to gifting experiences.

You can't go wrong with a Gift Card

For those who just can't figure out exactly what the perfect gift may look like for you lucky recipient, your best bet has got to be a gift card.

To make matters even easier, Gifting Owl gift cards were made to be as flexible as possible to eliminate all the usual pressure involved with gift giving.

If your gift recipient has a particular experience in mind, there will be absolutely no hassle involved in booking it as the value of the gift card can be used to book any experience at any time.

Contrary to the average gift card, a Gifting Owl gift card has a staggering validity of three years to ensure they do get around to using it when the time is just right.

These gift cards can be purchased online and emailed to you or your recipient's inbox instantly.

Perfect for Employee Gifts

These virtual gift options have also become increasingly popular for employers who want to show their appreciation to all their hard working team members that may be travelling abroad to go home for Christmas.

On the other hand, for those who employ people for online work from home, these digital gift cards are great for a team that is geographically scattered all around the world.

To find out more about virtual employee Christmas gifts, visit our corporate page here

The Romantic Digital Gift

For the love birds who are unfortunately separated this Christmas or the long distance couples that couldn't travel to see their other half, Gifting Owl has a vibrant array of digital gifts that may not be quite as good as the warm embrace of the momentous reunion you had in mind, but they may just be the second best thing!

Make sure your significant other knows just how much you love and miss them this Christmas with some of these tremendously thoughtful and romantic gifts of which they are bound to adore!

Spa day

If you happen to know that your significant other is deeply in need of some serious rest and relaxation (who isn't?) then there is really no gift as luxurious and peaceful as a spa day. If they can't spend the Christmas season with you, why not gift them with some much deserved 'me-time' in the most calming setting money can buy.

Take your partner's mind off any and all stress related worries and help them to put some positive energy into focusing on themselves. A spa day is hands down one of the ultimate way to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

These luxurious experiences come in many different forms, meaning there is an option out there for everyone! It's a chance to see how they most enjoy spending time with themselves - be it massages, mud baths, steam rooms, saunas or more!

These gifts provide an opportunity for relaxation in an environment that has been designed specifically by the experts. Remind your recipient of the importance of relaxation and rest with some of these truly therapeutic treatments that are much needed for the body, soul and mind. 

The health benefits of a spa day are beyond plentiful. Pampering your partner’s body and soul would be a great way to show them that you care.

These gifts are also perfect for older family members and friends who need some major de-stressing.

Hot air balloon ride

If you know you may be seeing each other in the nearby future, buying a romantic experience to share when the two of you reunite will make it all the more better! Consider it a romantic promise that the two of you will soon meet and experience something new together.

As far as romantic experiences go, is there any that could quite trump a hot air balloon ride as the sun rises? We don't think so. There's no way they'll say no to spending some precious time with you whilst floating through the sky together. Unless of course they have an unyielding fear of heights!

It's a wonderful combination of romance and adventure. Spend an enchanting journey gliding through the clouds as you get lost in the spectacular views below.

With fantastic options available in Australia, Turkey, Israel, United Arab Emirates and more, you may just be in the right place at the right time with that special someone to experience one of these astonishing flights. These also make for incredible gift ideas when it comes to buying an experience for the whole family to enjoy.

Cruise Dining

They say food is the way to one's heart, and cruise dining on serene waters is no exception to the rule. Promise your lover a luxurious dinner for when the two of you next meet to show them just how very excited you are to reunite with them. There is something extraordinarily calming about drifting through water that makes for the perfect ambience to pair with a meal.

Gifting Owl is home to a plethora of unforgettable cruise dining experiences in which you may reconnect with your loved one while leaving the many distractions of everyday life back on land. They'll be in awe of the marvellous food and stunning views on any one of these indulgent tours. They’ll be upset to return to land after such a romantic evening out on the waters with you!

Adventurous Digital Gifts

After so much time spent indoors, the best plan of attack might be to gift them with the present of adventure. Turn the great outdoors into their personal adventure playground this holiday season with Gifting Owl's thrilling range of gift ideas designed to get their heart pumping whilst embracing mother earth's beauty.


Nothing quite says 'I miss you' as much having them dive head first from a moving plane.

It's no wonder that skydiving is one of the most popular adventure activities in the world. Thrill seekers are always looking for new and exciting ways to get their heart pumping and this adrenaline-inducing activity offers just that.

If your loved one is a certified adrenaline junkie and has been on the look out for an adventurous way to beat boredom then look no further than skydiving!

There is nothing like experiencing life from a bird's eye view as you soar through the sky, free falling at speeds of up to 200km/h with nothing but thin air below you.

Help them tick skydiving off their daredevil bucket list and make this one of their most memorable gifts to date! Most experiences even come with a personalised certificate just in case their friends don’t believe they did it!


Whilst hiking might seem like an intense physically draining activity, it can actually be an unparalleled way of exploring the great outdoors at your own pace.

Hikes can be as difficult or easy as you want them to be, so don't worry if they're not up for anything too difficult but still looking for a fun outdoorsy activity with spectacular views and plenty of astonishing fauna and flora to admire.

Alternatively, if you're buying for a renowned wildlife enthusiast or avid outdoor adventurer, you’re in luck. Gifting Owl is home to a variety of amazing experiences that showcase some of the world's most spectacular walks.

Bushwalking and hiking are excellent reasons to get away from it all and connect with family and friends whilst exploring jaw-dropping landscapes and new beautiful environments.

Even if they are not very experienced in the field of hiking, the unspoilt wilderness will bring out the natural explorer within them!

Water Fun!

If you're buying for someone who just can't seem to keep away from the water, a beach lover, a surfer or even a sea lover - otherwise known as a 'Thalassophile' look no further than our extensive selection of waterborne fun!

If this sounds like the person you have in mind, take a look through our wide range of water-based activities including kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, surfing lessons, snorkelling, scuba diving and even swimming amongst magnificent dolphins.


There are many ways to enjoy the water, but kayaking is in our opinion one of the most enjoyable. Kayaks are easy to use and fun to maneuver in calm waters or rough waves.

They're perfect for both experienced paddlers and beginners alike who want a relaxing time out on the water. Explore the waters from all corners of the globe including Australia, Portugal, the Philippines, Jamaica and plenty more astonishing destinations.


Snorkelling is a must for those itching to explore the magical wildlife of the underwater world.

Whilst snorkelling might not be the most physically demanding activity out there (although it does still require some strength) it can be an absolute blast for all the family and is a great way to explore some of mother nature's most beautiful creations.

It doesn't matter whether they're experienced snorkelers or beginners, Gifting Owl has an extensive choice of fun activities that can be enjoyed by everyone. From diving with sharks to exploring underwater caves and even scuba diving, you'll be able to find the perfect underwater activity for them on Gifting Owl.

Delicious Virtual Gifts

It's a known fact that there is nothing better than food. You simply can't dispute it. It's one of life's simplest pleasures, and never fails to bring joy to our lives on a daily basis.

No matter where one may reside on the 'foodie' spectrum and regardless of their very own prowess in the kitchen, everyone remembers their favourite dining experiences.

Because of this universal love affair with food, our easiest suggestion on this list has to be the unbeatable dining & drinking gift experience. This is the one and only true life-saving choice for those of you who have exhausted all possible options and avenues.

No matter where that special recipient may be in the world, Gifting Owl is bound to have a unique culinary experience just around the corner from them!

Authentic Culinary Experience

Whilst these fantastic dining options will no doubt do the trick, Gifting Owl also boasts one of the largest selections of authentic culinary experience gifts offered in the world. We can all admit that food delivery has been an absolutely vital part of our year, get them out of the house to experience some of the best home cooking the world has to offer.

These immersive experiences often see guests visiting a welcoming local’s family home in which they are taught all about the local cuisine and culture in a personal one-on-one cooking experience like no other. From meeting the kind Cinzia in her Tuscan home to expertly make delectable handmade pasta to learning incredible Northern Thai recipes handed down through the generations with Lin in Chiang Mai, these special culinary encounters are truly unique and intimate.

Available in over 60 countries, these options include captivating lessons in cuisines such as Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Indian, Russian, Japanese, the list is endless!

So no matter what your friends and family love to eat, there's a fail proof gift option on Gifting Owl that will have them salivating! 

Cooking Classes

If your recipient in mind has a keen love for cooking or finds themselves on the opposite spectrum relying on food delivery just a little too much, a cooking class might just be the perfect virtual gift for them!

All jokes aside, cooking classes make for immensely fun bonding experiences filled with laughs and of course some mouthwatering home cooked food minus the bores of dishwashing.

This can be a funny approach to help them improve their cooking, especially if you believe they could use some much needed guidance.

Whilst cooking classes may seem like an unusual gift to give for those of a certain age they can be just as exciting, if not more, for older adults as well! Cooking classes give older people the chance to acquire unique skills from a professional chef whilst having a ball.

It's about so much more than simply learning how to cook - although there is that too!

This digital gift has the potential to bring back some of the joy into cooking after so many years. Of course, by the end of the day, they'll be eating their delicious creations with the clean-up duty left to someone else for once!

Vineyard tours & Wine Tastings

Another all-round crowd pleaser would have to be a scenic vineyard tour or an exquisite night of wine tasting. If your friends are passionate about their wine, then there's simply no denying how much they would enjoy one of these fantastic experiences on offer.

Whilst you may not get to drunkenly celebrate the season with them this year, this great gift will ensure that the rounds are most certainly on them when you next meet again! Many a self-proclaimed wine expert will be lost for choice with Gifting Owl's many decadent wine excursions, which range in stunning locations from France to New Zealand.

Here your lucky friend will find themselves lost in a beautiful pasture surrounded by rows of grape vines as far as the eye can see whilst enjoying some of the finest wines known to man.

With tours of wineries in some of the world's most renowned wine regions on offer, these breathtaking virtual gifts are fantastic for when your in a last minute rush and need to make gifting decisions with haste. Even if your gift recipient lives far from any wine regions, check Gifting Owl for any wine tastings nearby hosted by magnificent venues.

Brewery Tours

On the other hand, for those of you with friends who may just be a bit more beer-inclined we have also got you covered. Buying for a beer-lover is hardly a difficult task with Gifting Owl.

From an inside look at how a dedicated local brewery operates to a fun tour of a city's best spots for a cold one led by an avid local zythophile (beer-lover), there is no shortage of entertaining beer related activities at your fingertips.

Wonderful locations such as Melbourne, Dallas, Amsterdam and of course, Germany's beautiful city of Munich, boast one of a kind opportunities to enjoy mouth watering brews that have been made with sincere devotion to the cause.

Digital gifts perfect for the whole family

For those of you who are looking for a gift for a family of all ages, whether that includes toddlers or grandparents, Gifting Owl boasts a range of excursions that allow for every family member to join in on the endless fun.

Cultural tours

If you happen to be buying for a family that are planning an upcoming trip in the not so distant future, a cultural tour is often times an incredibly fun and infinitely insightful introduction to a completely new place.

If your gift recipients love travelling and experiencing different cultures then they might enjoy the opportunity to travel vicariously through someone else's eyes by going on a cultural tour of their favourite destination with the aid of an enthusiastic local.

If your gift recipients enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures, they may appreciate the chance to go on a cultural journey through the eyes of an enthusiastic local who knows the place like the back of their hand.

With the aid of this forever knowledgeable guide they'll uncover all the hidden gems and best kept secrets of the city.

Fortunately, Gifting Owl boasts an abundance of dynamic cultural activities, from an incredible Pamagirri Aboriginal experience in Australia’s Rainforestation Nature Park to a 3 hour historical walking tour of East Berlin.

These gift ideas are a great way of making vacations more personal and adventurous, and best of all, there is one for every kind of person out there. Moreover, many of the cultural tours available on Gifting Owl can often be tailored specifically to the interests of the guests on the day.

Whale Watching

For a family of animal lovers, you simply can't look past the spectacular experience gift of whale watching. As these marvellous marine giants leap upwards from the depths of the ocean and crash back down (splashing all nearby onlookers!) your lucky recipients will truly be at a loss for words.

With Gifting Owl boasting such a large range of these breathtaking sea safaris all over the globe, you just might be in luck. Some of the stunning destinations on offer include Australia's Moreton Bay, Portugal's Madeira Island and even Iceland's Reykjanes peninsula.

Some of these otherworldly experiences may even involve encounters with beautiful marine life such as dolphins, seals and penguins!

These tours make sure to respect the whales in their natural habitat so that they can remain undisturbed and joyful. It's really not everyday that you get to see such giant creatures in motion.

These tours are bound to blow the socks off your recipients and are perfect for the entire family. There's no physical exertion involved, so family members of all ages and abilities can sit back and enjoy the spontaneous wildlife performances.

Merry Christmas and happy gifting!

There is something for every kind of recipient on Gifting Owl, no matter if you're buying for your mother, brother, best friend or even employee.

Best of all if you happened to have lucked out with that family member you barely know for secret Santa this year, gift cards are always an option. And a Gifting Owl gift card is among some of the most flexible gifting options on the planet!

Bring back the art of gift giving this year with a thoughtful experience and a virtual hug. Whilst it may be hard finding the perfect gift, they can always change the experience to something more their speed.

With everything delivered online it eliminates all the waiting and hassle for a gift to physically arrive at your recipient's home.

If you're still looking for more ideas, Gifting Owl has a range of similar blogs for different recipients, occasions, celebrations and locations. We have so much gifting inspiration that you could plan your entire year of gifts on our site!

Happy Christmas Gifting!

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