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Romantic Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Whether it’s a first-year anniversary as newlyweds or a 60 year celebration as life-long partners, a wedding anniversary is a special milestone in every relationship! A wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate, appreciate and spoil your loved one and a gift is a perfect way to do so.  

When it comes to wedding anniversary gifts there is a long-standing tradition of anniversary themes. Each year is represented by a unique theme that symbolises the development and evolution of the couple’s relationship. These traditional gift themes have withheld the test of time and date all the way back to the Middle Ages. If this doesn’t prove love conquers all, I don’t know what does.

I understand that we are not in the middle ages and traditional gifts may be a little outdated, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use these traditional themes as inspiration. To make your anniversary extra special and add a little excitement and adventure to your day, we have added a modern spin on the traditional anniversary gifts by year.  

1st Anniversary  

Congratulations! You have reached your first wedding anniversary! This first year is one full of excitement, exploration, and new experiences. Traditionally, paper is used to celebrate your 1st year milestone as it symbolises a clean slate and the start of new beginnings. You and your partner are at the start of an incredible journey together. There is still so much for you to see, explore and learn about one another.

We love the idea of new beginnings and believe this is such an important theme to celebrate your 1 year anniversary. An exciting, new experience is a great way for you and your beloved to share some one-on-one time and create incredible, new memories.

Fast-paced, action-packed activities are always a winner when it comes to new experiences! Gifting Owl offers endless flying, driving, hiking, and water-based experiences that will have your heart racing and get the sparks flying between you and your partner. Skydiving, speed boating, jet skiing and V8 Buggy rides are some of Gifting Owl’s most popular experiences to excite and inspire couples.

Food and drink experiences are sensational ways to learn about new cultures, cuisines and countries. Whether it’s a home-style meal with a local family, a classic cooking class, a food market tour or a deluxe dinner experience, Gifting Owl has plenty of experiences to satisfy your pocket and your palate.

An exciting weekend travel adventure offers a remarkable world of new beginnings. Travel to a new city, meet new people and experience new landmarks as you escape the familiarity of home and start building your new adventures. Whether you opt to travel overseas, over the border or over to your neighbouring town, a weekend away is the perfect way to celebrate your first anniversary.  

2nd Anniversary 

It’s your second year of marriage and the traditional anniversary gift is cotton. Cotton is thought to reflect how your lives are becoming intertwined and you and your partner are bonding together to create a united front. After 2 years of marriage, you and your partner have become closer, strengthened your bond and merged your lives together. This traditional theme is incredibly romantic, so let’s take it and add a 21st century twist to create the best 2nd anniversary present. 

A tandem adventure is a fantastic way to represent the unity and coming together of you and your partner. From sea to sky, Gifting Owl has endless possibilities, perfect for you and your partner. Jump aboard a tandem kayak for a romantic, twilight kayak tour. Watch the sunset over the city skyline and paddle under twinkling stars as you and your partner coordinate your strokes in perfect harmony. A tandem bicycle adventure will have you cycling through stunning cityscapes on an adventurous day out.  

For an exhilarating experience take to the skies and embark on an electrifying tandem. This experience may seem scary but thankfully you have your partner by your side to encourage, support and spur you on! 

5th Anniversary  

Wow, you’re already up to your 5th wedding anniversary! This year, wood is the traditional gift, symbolising the strength, endurance and vigour of your marriage. I’m sure as you research 5th wedding anniversary gifts, cheese boards are the number one suggestion. This is a great gift idea but with Gifting Owl you can take that cheese board to a whole new!

A romantic, Artisan Cheese and wine tasting is a fantastic introduction to the local and growing boutique cheese industry. Explore world heritage listed farmhouses and learn about the intricate cheese making process. We know that cheese is a fantastic food on its own, but when paired with the perfect glass of wine and condiments the flavours skyrocket to another level. During your tour, you and your partner will learn how to create the perfect cheese and wine pairing and of course taste test them all! A cheese and wine tasting is a fun, flavoursome and fabulous way to cheers to an incredible 5 years together.  

10th Anniversary  

Congratulations, you have reached the end of your first decade! You and your partner have conquered many of life’s challenges and come out stronger than ever before. For your 10th anniversary, tin is the traditional gift of choice. Tin is a strong, indestructible metal and thought to reflect your ability to protect each other and overcome life’s battles.

A high-adrenaline, thrill-seeking experience is a great way to show how indestructible and unstoppable your partnership is. Gifting Owl offers a great range of action-packed activities, great for testing your inner strength. Send your heart rate sky high with an action-packed skydive, hot air balloon or helicopter tour! Although these activities may seem scary, you can take comfort in the fact that you have each other for protection, support and strength. 

15th Anniversary  

It’s obvious why crystal is the traditional gift for your 15th anniversary. Devoted and delicate, crystal symbolizes the sparkling love the two of you have for each other. After 15 years together, there is full transparency in your marriage and you’re both stronger for it. 

Water offers an abundance of crystal clear, dazzling experiences. Explore the endless kilometres of underwater paradise by foot, kayak, catamaran, motorboat or jet ski with one of Gifting Owl’s magical marine expeditions. Enjoy the sun, sea and scenery as you and your partner travel out into the crystal blue waters alongside fish, dolphins, whales and dugongs. 

A magical snorkel or scuba tour will see you and your partner diving below the waterline and getting up close and personal with an array of exotic marine life and coral formations. A wild dolphin swim will have you splashing around the gorgeous bay and playing with cheeky, fun, effervescent pods of dolphins. Or, if you love the water but prefer to stay dry, a romantic dinner and drinks cruise or private charter tour is a dazzling way to experience the sensational, sparkling ocean environment. 

20th Anniversary  

Elegant and delicate, china is the traditional anniversary for your 20th wedding anniversary. Like your relationship, a refined piece of china has been crafted to perfection and must be handled with extraordinary care and appreciation. A traditional 20 year anniversary gift is a classic set of china, but for you, an adventurous Asian inspired experience is the perfect gift option. 

Take your beloved on an adventurous getaway to China. Climb to the top of the beloved Great Wall of China, explore Beijing’s fascinating hidden city, or visit the iconic Olympic, “Bird's Nest” Stadium. Spend the day cosying up to cuddly pandas at Beijing’s stunning Panda House before heading to a local restaurant for a delicious, authentic meal. 

For something closer to home, indulge your partner with an unforgettable Asian inspired culinary experience. A traditional Chinese cooking class will teach you the delicate culinary skills required to create iconic Asian meals such as dumplings, vermicelli rolls, peking duck and more! If you desire a more extravagant affair, reserve a table at a world-class Asian restaurant and savour award-winning meals cooked and prepared by world-renowned chefs. 

30th Anniversary  

After 30 years together, your relationship has developed into a beautiful, harmonious bond. You understand, respect and love each other like never before. This incredible commitment brings a profound beauty and sense of peace to your lives. Pearl is the traditional anniversary gift for a 30th anniversary as it represents the purity, beauty and peace in your relationship. 

Continuing the theme of beauty and peace, a tranquil spa experience is a spectacular way to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary. Head to the shores of Bali for a beachfront spa experience. Indulge in a first class pamper treatment that uses all-natural herbs, produce and organic pure essential oils to replenish and refresh the mind body and spirit. A Turkish bath spa package is another fabulous gift experience great for symbolising the peace and beauty of your relationship. Let your body relax and transcend into a calm state of peace as you enjoy the warm, cleansing waters and soft, delicate massages. 

40th Anniversary  

Deep, passionate and intriguing, Ruby is the anniversary gemstone of a 40 year anniversary. The rich, ruby-red colour symbolises vibrancy, love and passion, characteristics that are strong as ever after 40 years together. 

Nothing compares to the deep, rich colour of a ruby quite like a tall glass of red wine. You could go out and buy a superb bottle of merlot or cabernet sauvignon and enjoy a cosy night at home, or you could embark on a first-class wine tasting experience. Travel to the rolling hills of Tuscany, Budapest, Adelaide or the Barossa Valley and enjoy an intimate evening of exotic wines, gourmet food and picture-perfect scenery. Stroll through flourishing grapevines, tour rustic cellars and taste the sensational blends of wine from all around the globe. Finish your evening by dining atop the hills at an award-winning restaurant. Share a decadent meal and a bottle of your favourite wine as you look out over breathtaking mountains and sweeping valleys. This is by far the best place to toast to your beloved and celebrate an amazing 40 years of marriage. 

50th Anniversary  

A 50th wedding anniversary is absolutely priceless, so it is only fitting that the anniversary theme is gold. Gold is one of the earth’s most extravagant elements and represents strength, wisdom, prosperity, and the significance of your marriage. 50 years of marriage is a massive milestone and deserves the best, most extravagant gift! An overseas travel experience is a remarkable gift option that is worth its weight in gold. Pack your suitcase, grab your tickets and travel side by side with your beloved to the most beautiful and romantic locations across the globe. 

Paris, the city of love, is guaranteed to sweep you off your feet and send you and your loved one into a romance filled wonderland. Offering a delicate mix of aesthetic beauty, romantic restaurants and historic landmarks, Paris will fulfil your wildest dreams. 

Relive your honeymoon and embark on a sensational 10 day Greek Island Getaway. Walk down flower-decked alleyways and along white sand beaches as you explore the most beautiful townships of Greece. This stunning experience perfectly combines culture, romance and adventure to bring you the best, most cherishable 50th anniversary experience. 

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