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9 Unforgettable 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

9 Unforgettable 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Scrolling through your calendar, you realised that your mate’s 21st birthday is fast approaching. It’s a huge milestone. Anxiously, you pick up your pen and notepad and start listing down ideas. Staring at it, you realise how cliché those gift ideas are. A monogrammed bracelet, a key necklace, a wallet, and the list just goes on and on. 21st birthday is a memorable and unique day. Time to toss that list aside and start giving your mate a unique gift that lasts forever. Here are 9 experiences that would make the perfect memorable 21st birthday gift. Best of all, memories are forever.

21st Gift Ideas For Her

1.   Wine Tasting

Will any 21st birthday celebration be complete without alcohol? Now, before you start looking for shot glasses to wrap, didn’t your mate already receive that on her 18th birthday? It’s time to help your mate move up in life and switch to wine glasses instead. Remind her, just like wine, she will age finely in life. Gifting her an opportunity to explore a vineyard is a memorable gift as it can be done in many parts of the world. As one ages into their 21st year, it is the year of finding oneself. The different types of wine say a lot about an individual.

Gifting her this opportunity not only creates a memorable 21st birthday for her, but you will be assisting her in finding herself as well.

Worried about her getting home after all those wines? Fear not, you can gift your friend a chauffeur driven experience.

Alcohol? Check. Experience? Check. Safety? Check.

2.   Cooking Lesson

“Food is the way to a person’s heart”. I’m sure most of us have heard that saying. Well because it is true! Now before you grab your phone and start making a reservation at the birthday girl’s favourite restaurant, try looking up cooking classes instead. Gifting someone an experience of a cooking lesson is so much better than just making a reservation at their favourite restaurant. Here’s why a cooking lesson makes a more memorable 21st birthday gift:

a.   Firstly, it is a forever gift! This reason itself should make you start browsing cooking lessons around the world. But, let me convince you further.

b.   Cooking together allows you to bond more with the birthday girl. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Spending quality time together.

c.  Gifting a cooking lesson means your gift doesn’t just end at finishing the meal. Every time the birthday girl cooks that meal, the gift continues.

d.   It is a gift that keeps on giving. Each time she cooks it for someone else, she is forwarding your gift to others. She can now touch others’ hearts all the way through life.

e.   Cooking lessons are more than just cooking and eating the final product. It’s the full experience like purchasing the ingredients from the local market, experiencing and learning authentic culinary, and more.

3.   Spa Visit

If you are cracking your head to think of a 21st birthday gift, you must really care about the person you are gifting to. Nothing screams “I care about you” more than a spa visit. Gifting someone a spa experience says, “I care about you and I want you to take care of yourself as well.” A spa experience is more than just a facial or a massage. It’s a pamper session! Everyone loves to be pampered! Imagine laying down on a soft feathery pillow, dimmed lights above you and a masseuse relaxing those tight muscles around your shoulders. Are you in heaven yet? Well now, you could gift this heaven-sent relaxation to the birthday girl.

21st Gift Ideas For Him

1.    Driving Experience

A sweet ride. An adventure. Spectacular scenery. These are the ingredients to make a perfect HIM gift. From a Segway to an ATV to a super jeep. The choices are endless. Gift your lad the 21st birthday adventure that he will never forget. Gift him a sweet ride of his choice accompanied with a guided adventure to discover the world’s hidden gems. Gift him the adrenaline rush like no others. Whether is a motorcycle tour or a helicopter ride, nothing is going to beat these kinds of unique gifts.

2.    Beer Class

It’s time to brew the best 21st Birthday gift for your mate. Gift him the experience of a brewery and beer class. Learn the fine art of beer and food matching. At the end of his 21st, he shall master the art of beer. If you are thinking of letting your mate go alone… you are doing this the wrong way! Gift this experience to yourself as well and enjoy it together with him. Get competitive in pairing beers with the different types of food and subtlety let him win. After all, who doesn’t like an ego boost on their 21st birthday?

3.    Abseiling

When you can’t give your mate abs, give them an abseiling experience instead. Overlooking Brisbane city skyline is the perfect way for one to spend their 21st birthday. Experiencing the thrill and the beauty Brisbane has to offer will surely be a memorable birthday. Seen Brisbane? Well then, it’s time to see other skylines the world has to offer.

Gender Neutral 21st Gift Ideas

1.   Wildlife adventure

21st birthday is not only about the gift you receive, but it is also about giving back to your peers. Gift your best mates a terrific 21st birthday celebration with you in the wild. We all love to get wild occasionally, so why not celebrate it with wildlife. Love horses? Well, gallop your way into your 21st birthday party with a horseback ride and swim experience. Gift yourself and your friends a ‘royal-like’ experience. Let the horses take you along the scenic trails in the countryside. If horses aren’t your thing, Gifting Owl has your back. Browse our selection of wildlife experiences.

2.   Undersea Walk

What is your spirit animal? Dog? Cat? Sloth? Most of us would choose an animal that lives on the land. But there are so many fish in the sea. Just take your pick! Imagine how cool would it be to look beyond the surface and live underwater. Will you live in a pineapple under the sea? Or in a castle filled with treasures and mermaids? To quote Sebastian from the movie The Little Mermaid, ‘things are better under the sea as they got no troubles and life is the bubbles’. Gift your bestie a day without trouble discovering what goes on under the sea. The Undersea walk is a great way to experience marine life. Gifting Owl also has other underwater experiences such as scuba diving or snorkelling. A gift that takes you beyond the land to undiscovered places beneath the sea definitely deserves a place in the 21st birthdays’ hall of fame.

3.   Photographer and Insta addicts

It’s unthinkable not to gift your mate an ‘instagramable’ 21st birthday. I mean, who would do that?! Obviously, it’s time to step up a notch and make every click count. Gift your mate a photography tour in their city or wherever they are in the world. From Italy to New York to Japan, bring out the bad boys and capture the great sites with your friend front and centre of the lens. A photography tour is a gift that lasts forever. They’ll learn the art of capturing and creating memories that they’ll always love to look back on.

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