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Exciting Christmas Experience Gift Ideas for Men

Exciting Christmas Experience Gift Ideas for Men

Inspiring gift ideas for him this festive season

Buying Christmas gifts for men can be a hard task, but finding the ideal gift that he'll love will bring a smile to both your faces.

With plenty of things to stress about this festive season, we here at Gifting Owl want to make sure finding the perfect present isn’t one of them.

Are you up for the challenge?

We all know the modern man is complex. While men may love fishing, beer and the great outdoors, they also love their vineyard getaways with friends and a relaxing pamper session.

From flying lessons to stadium tours we have something for every kind of guy out there. Regardless of what this year has thrown at him, you can make it feel like the best one yet with the perfect Christmas present!


Christmas Experience Gifts for Him

Opt for experience gifts

Whether he’s a food lover with a sweet tooth, adrenaline junkie looking for his next rush or an adventurer ready to conquer the mountains, we’ve got the best gift for him.

Ditch the collection of mini perfumes, bottles of wine, the stylish suit jacket the novelty coffee mug, the pack of stylish underwear, or the generic gift box you found at the store and shop for something more this year.

1. Authentic Food and drink Experiences

Let's be honest… some of the kitchen gadgets never made it out of the box.

But don’t let this history stop men from reaching their culinary potential. Hand him over to the professionals for a cooking experience he’ll never forget.

These are the ultimate Christmas gifts for the travelling foodie in your life. Gifting Owl has the largest selection of culinary experience gifts offered on earth.

These experiences are the best way to learn about another culture and cuisine by getting a cooking course with a local in their home.


Cooking Class Gift Vouchers for Men

We all know the wise proverb ‘Give a man a fish and he'll feed for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’… So really, this is a multi-faceted gift.

While Mr. lucky gets to learn lifelong culinary skills, you also get to reap the benefits of his delicious creations.

2. Adrenaline Junkie

No matter who you are, it’s always scary to have a thrillseeker for a partner. Gifting an adrenaline activity may seem counterintuitive of this fear but is actually the perfect gift to ensure an element of safety to your partner's heart-racing needs.

Sending your lucky thrill seeker to tandem skydive with an instructor or take on white water rafting will reduce the need to throw himself off a cliff for his weird and twisted ideals of ‘fun’.


Gifts for Adrenaline Seekers

Even if his usual pastime activities don’t focus around adrenaline seeking, this may still be the way to go.

When you realise that taking out the trash became the most exciting time of week, it’s definitely time to seek your thrills elsewhere.

3. The Great Outdoors

The opportunity to get outdoors is more exciting than ever. A mountain hike is more than meets the eye. It’s freedom, fresh air and a new challenge to conquer, not to mention the beautiful views that await him at the top.

If hiking isn’t his forte, why not send him off on a deep sea fishing trip. An adventure like this is the perfect combination of serenity, learning and thrill seeking.


Fishing Gift Vouchers for Him

For those who aren’t a Bear Grylls die-hard. The great outdoors can also be experienced from a more comfortable vantage point.

A vineyard experience can deliver all the fresh air and picturesque landscapes required with a deliciously crisp Pinot Gris to accompany it.

4. Pamper Package

Let be honest, no one is immune from the luxury that is an all expenses paid spa getaway.

Whether it’s a full body massage, exfoliating facial, steamy hot springs or the lot, we here at Gifting Owl have a range of health and beauty experiences that will have him thanking you for every minute of relaxation.


Spa Days for Him

We all know stress is bad but in an era of side hustles, endless social opportunities and passion projects, it’s hard to think how sleep even fits into this equation.

It’s hard to treat yourself when you schedule a 25 hour day, so gift him a pamper package this Christmas because he deserves it.

5. Adventure Seeker

An adventurer loves nothing more than to get out into the world and experience life from a new perspective.

Whether it's a bird's eye view from a hot air balloon, deep underground with a scuba-diving session or watching from land as the Northern Lights dance across the sky, a new adventure awaits.

Adventure can come in all forms. From high thrills to new experiences, any kind of challenge can spark an opportunity for exploration. This Christmas, give him the gift of adventure and watch as it changes his life.

6. The perfect gift for budding Photographers

Photography Gifts for Men


Whether he’s a professional photographer or budding Instagrammer, a photo tour will help refine his skills and explore his surroundings with a fresh perspective.

You can find the perfect local shots that were hidden around the corner this whole time and learn each other's best angles that are sure to have the ‘likes’ rolling in.

A photo tour is sure to deliver some incredible snaps to last a lifetime.

7. Let Him Decide

Whether this is your 1st Christmas or 50th, some people are just impossible to buy for. Save the stress of finding the best gift and get him a personalised gift voucher instead.

With Gifting Owl’s range of over 12,000 international experiences, there is something for everyone!

Even if you were to drop the ball, our vouchers are 100% interchangeable and redeemable for up to 3 years so there is no such thing as the wrong present.

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Whether you're looking for your husband, boyfriend, dad, coworker or anyone in your life, you'll easily be able to match them to a bunch of quality experience gifts that they will literally adore!

Good luck & Merry Christmas!

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