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13 Perfect Gift Ideas for Mums Birthday

13 Perfect Gift Ideas for Mums Birthday

Is mum’s birthday coming up and you’ve exhausted all the normal gift ideas in years gone? What to do for mums birthday gift this year? Searching for a birthday gift that shows her how much you love her can be hard. Not only have they given you life, love and support throughout the years but they also manage to give you the most thoughtful gifts on your birthday. 

Deep down, we all know exactly what Mum wants for her birthday - quality time with her family. That’s why experiences make the best gift ideas, especially when mum can enjoy them with her kids creating memories and spending quality time together. In this article, we’ve listed the best experience gift ideas to give mum on her upcoming birthday.  These gifts will not only make her feel special, but they also offer the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories with your mum.  We have birthday present ideas for all types of mums!

Gifts For Milestone Birthdays

If Mum is celebrating her 50th, 60th, or an entry into a new decade of life - she certainly deserves something special to mark the occasion.  Here are the best birthday gift ideas for birthday gifts for mum. From afternoon tea to a relaxing spa day. we have it all. You will be bound to find a thoughtful gift to say happy birthday.

1. Bucket list travel gifts

Think about buying a luxury memorable experience she won't forget. Has she always wanted to stand under the Eiffel Tower or witness the Northern Lights? Whatever her bucket list travel dreams, a milestone birthday is the perfect excuse for her to finally tick it off. On Gifting Owl you can find a tour or activity that fits the brief, or perhaps you can help out with her travel expenses to get there. 

2. Short breaks and getaways

Gift ideas for Mum could include a special treat away from her own home. Perhaps she’d rather a short break to a local beach town or cottage in the mountains. A trip to take your family members for a mini-vacay to mark her milestone birthday. You could even pack a homemade hamper with a nice picnic spread for her to indulge in when she arrives.  We have hotel getaways all around the world.

3. Personalized gift experiences

For a unique and thoughtful birthday gift, consider giving her a personalized experience. This could include a cooking class with her favourite cuisine, a wine tasting tour tailored to her taste buds or even art classes to unleash her creative side. The possibilities are endless and it will show that you’ve put thought into what she would truly enjoy.


Mother Daughter Experience Gift Ideas

Looking for an experience gift you and your mum can do together? She will absolutely love having you there to celebrate with her by trying a new activity or simply having a fun day out. You also get a little gift for yourself while you’re at it! We’ve listed three of our favourite mother daughter experiences you can book to celebrate her birthday

1. High tea for two

What better way to celebrate mum’s birthday than with a delicious high tea for two. Enjoy getting dressed up for this decadent occasion before you arrive at your experience. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor high tea, one thing is for certain - you’ll spend the afternoon tasting scrumptious miniature bites and sipping on tea or bottomless bubbles! A high tea for two is such a lovely mother daughter day that you’ll want to schedule in another for next year.

2. Spa day

Another thing us ladies enjoy without a doubt - a spa day. If mum deserves some pampering from head to toe, then a spa day is a great birthday gift to her. What she’ll love even more is if you join her - a request I’m sure you’d happily fulfill! Choose a local spa and give Mum a gift voucher for her to book when she’s ready. Or you could whisk her away for a surprise girls' day out!  She can choose from beauty treatments, massages and even a steam room on our luxury spa days. A nice gift where you can spend a special day together relaxing in each other's company.

3. Winery & vineyard tour

For a day out in the sunshine tasting fine drops of wine and cider, a vineyard tour is a great mother daughter celebratory day out. Take a leisurely stroll through the vineyards as you both learn a little more about your favourite wines, before you relax and taste test the delicious drops on offer. 

Mother Son Experience Gift Ideas

As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to schedule in one-on-one time with mum. This year on her birthday choose an experience gift you can do together. A mother-son gift voucher will make sure you get to spend time together - which is the best gift of all! 

1. Culinary experiences

For the foodie mums - choose a culinary experience that you know she’d love to do with you. Whether you both learn to cook a new cuisine at a cooking class, or enjoy a 5 course fine dining experience. Aside from the incredible food, mum will love the thoughtfulness of your gift and getting to spend time with you on her birthday. 

2. Leisurely cruise

A day out on the water is a great gift idea for mum’s birthday. Gift her a sailing or cruise experience that you can enjoy together. Choose from day cruises, whale/dolphin watching and sunset cruises. You can even combine with the previous gift idea and choose a lunch or dinner cruise. A leisurely cruise with her son will be an experience for her to look forward to when celebrating her upcoming birthday. 

3. Get active and adventurous

Would your mum rather try something new and exciting for her birthday? Pick an active adventure for you to do together. Some ideas include stand up paddle boarding, canyoning, rock climbingscuba diving or mountain biking. Whichever adventure you choose will be one for the books. Giving mum an adventure on her birthday is giving her a fun memory for you both to look back on in the future. 

Experience Gifts For The Whole Family

It can be tough to find an experience gift that the whole family can attend. Depending on the ages of the kids and grandkids - we’ve listed five of our favourite family friendly experiences perfect to give mum (and/or grandma) on her birthday. 

1. Whale watching

If it’s whale watching season then booking seats on a boat to watch them soar through the air is the perfect gift. Suitable for most ages, whale watching is an unforgettable experience that the whole family can enjoy. The added bonus is that typically, lunch and drinks are provided - making it a fun day out for mum on her birthday. 

2. White water rafting

For families seeking a little more adrenaline, a white water rafting experience is a great group activity. Use your teamwork skills to navigate the river rapids and make it safely to the end. The fun family activity will leave mum feeling happy and energised. 

3. Escape room

A teamwork experience that is a lot less physical and a lot more mental compared to our previous gift idea. An escape room experience is a game of problem solving and collaboration. Always timed, you usually have 60 minutes to complete the puzzle and escape with your family. An escape room is a great family activity that mum will love, as long as you all work together!

4. Portrait session

If there’s something that all mums love - it’s photos of their family. Surprise mum with a professional photography session with the whole family. Gather at a local park or beach and take plenty of high quality family photos that she’ll treasure forever. 

5. Indoor skydiving

A relatively new experience that we’re almost certain mum hasn’t tried before, indoor skydiving is a great family experience gift. Indoor skydiving is an indoor adventure suitable for the whole family. As long as you're aged 5+ you can participate in this unreal activity. You’ll each get your turn to soar and maneuver yourself in the wind tunnel, with the whole family watching on! 

Last Minute Gifts For Mum's Birthday

If you’ve left your birthday shopping to the last minute, we recommend a Gifting Owl gift voucher to the value of your choice. Gather up your siblings and all go in so that she can enjoy a more luxurious experience. Luckily for you, gift vouchers are delivered instantly via email or sms. Mum will also have 3 years to book the experience of her choice available on Gifting Owl. Don’t stress, we got you! 

No matter what type of experience you choose for mum’s birthday, the most important thing is to spend quality time with her and make her feel loved. Whether it’s trying something new together or enjoying a leisurely activity - the memories made will be cherished forever. And don't forget the power of handwritten cards and heartfelt.

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