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Employee Gifts For International and Remote Staff

Employee Gifts For International and Remote Staff

Sourcing the perfect gift for your global workforce is no easy feat. International corporations that have staff based in cities all over the world need to think about the options available to them in each location. Even the most generic gift, a prepaid visa card, is a bit more complicated than one would assume. This, along with different currency requirements and invoicing methods, is why finding gifts for your international team so tough. 

Furthermore, international shipping constraints and customs regulations can turn a simple gesture of appreciation into a logistical nightmare. These challenges demand a thoughtful and well-researched approach to gift-giving, underscoring the importance of understanding the unique dynamics of an international workforce.

If you’re the one that’s tasked with the challenge of buying gifts for your staff, whether it be for Christmas, a leaving gift, EOFY, or just to say ‘thank you’, you’ve landed in the right place. In this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know to make the gifting process simple and easy for you, and exciting and memorable for your employees. 


Sending Corporate Gifts Overseas

Sending the same or similar gifts to international employees is no easy feat. We've listed a few common practical questions to ask when sourcing gifts for a global team.

1. Will the gifts arrive on time?

With postage services at capacity months before Christmas, we recommend packing and shipping your gifts as soon as possible. Regular international post is taking months to arrive, so it may be worth investing a little more in a courier to make sure your gifts arrive on time. 

Additionally, it's critical to consider the impact of global border taxes on delivery, as these can significantly affect the total cost and the recipient's ability to receive the gift without unexpected charges.

2. Are the gifts suitable for the whole team?

What may be a standard gift in one country can be entirely inappropriate or meaningless in another due to cultural differences and usability. A thorough understanding of each team member's cultural background can guide you in choosing gifts that not only honour their traditions but also resonate with their personal values and beliefs. This thoughtful approach not only fosters a sense of belonging and respect among international employees but also reinforces the company's commitment to diversity and inclusion. By showcasing sensitivity to cultural nuances, employers can strengthen connections with their workforce, creating a more cohesive and harmonious working environment.

3. Do your corporate gifts align with your company values?

Selecting gifts that resonate with your company's values is crucial in making a meaningful impact. It's not just about the item itself but the message it conveys to your employees. Whether it’s sustainability, innovation, or community engagement, the gifts you choose should reflect these core principles. This alignment not only reinforces your brand's identity among your international team but also promotes a sense of pride and belonging within the company. By carefully curating gifts that echo your corporate ethos, you're communicating a clear message of your commitment to these values, further solidifying employee loyalty and dedication.


What to buy, that everyone will love?

Finding the perfect gift that resonates with every employee in an international company is a daunting task, yet it offers a unique opportunity to express appreciation and build employee morale in the global workforce.

A thoughtful gift, carefully chosen, can transcend cultural and geographic boundaries, creating a moment of genuine connection between the company and its employees. Consider customising gifts with the company logo to add a personal touch that reinforces organisational identity. These unique gifts not only serve as tokens of appreciation but also as tangible reminders of the company's values and culture. The key is to select personal gifts that are meaningful, reflecting the company’s attentiveness to its employees' preferences and needs.

Below we've listed some reasons why you should consider giving experience gifts to the entire team.

1. People are craving experiences, now more than ever

After multiple bouts of lockdown, unable to explore more than their own town, people can’t wait to travel and try new things. 

2. Experiences make people happier

The research is clear, experiences make you happier. Being an organisation that has the physical and mental health of its staff front of mind, experience gifts are a great option for employee rewards.

3. Flexibility is key

You can still purchase an exciting experience gift that places the final choice in the hands of your staff. All Gifting Owl experience gifts can be used to book ANY experience in any location on the site. This means that whether they are a remote worker in a small community, or staff based in the city HQ, they’ll find an experience suited to them. Finally, Gifting Owl go the extra mile with fully exchangeable gift vouchers to allow for extra flexibility for your employees.

4. Think sustainably

If your company prides itself its triple bottom line, then thinking about giving an environmentally friendly gift is a must. Avoid giving corporate gifts full of excess packaging and waste, or physical knick knacks and trinkets that will likely be thrown away. While giving something physical can often seem more personal, opting for a digital experience gift voucher is a great option. 


Experience gift ideas for staff

Gifting Owl has an experience suited to everyone on your team. From Iceland ATV tours to San Diego fighter jet flights, we’ve got it all.

• Foodies will love an authentic culinary experience, where they are invited into a local home and enjoy a private cooking class and meal. If you're lucky they might bring some delicious treats or sweet and savoury snacks to the office.

• Wine connoisseurs will love a vineyard tour or food and wine pairing experience. 

• Adrenaline seekers will be spoilt for choice, with a plethora of skydiving, bungee jumping and jet boating experiences available. 

• Adventurers will love to get outdoors for a scenic kayaking experience, abseiling or rock climbing session or introductory scuba dive.

• Those that love a bit of luxury will enjoy being pampered at a spa.

• Car enthusiasts will head straight toward the v8 racing experiences, or anything on four-wheels!

For more employee gift inspiration to satisfy everyone in the office, check out our curated selection of corporate gifts in the secret santa infographic below!


How to organise corporate gifts for your global employees?

We’re here to help organise and deliver corporate gifts to your global workforce. 

Gifting Owl's comprehensive range of experience gifts for corporates offers a unique and memorable way to reward employees, fostering a stronger connection and appreciation within your global employees.

At Gifting Owl we offer our corporate customers:

- One order for all office and employee locations

- Digital gift delivery to your team at the date and time requested

Or assistance with sending gift vouchers internally from management

- A memorable alternative to the major retailer gift cards

- Customisable gift vouchers and co-branding

- Fully exchangeable experiences in over 110 countries

- 3 year validity

We know that gift cards are an easy way to give corporate gifts to your employees or colleagues, which is why it’s no different at Gifting Owl. Simply choose the dollar amount you’d like to spend and your employees can use their gift card to book a fun experience anywhere in the world! Of course if you’d like to pick an experience for each employee, you’re welcome to do that too, with the peace of mind that they can exchange it for something else. 

Whichever gifting option you choose, we will help you every step of the way. Simply enquire with us about your gift and one of our corporate team will be in touch to discuss your good gift options. 

Email our corporate gifting gurus at for personalised help rewarding your employees for all their hard work.

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