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Romantic Last-Minute Engagement Gift Ideas

Romantic Last-Minute Engagement Gift Ideas

What an exciting time in life when your family members, friends, children or relatives announce their engagement. Marking the beginning of their life together, getting engaged is one of the most exciting events in life. Celebrating their new relationship status is important. And in anticipation of their engagement party, or just to say congratulations, it can be hard to find an engagement gift for this milestone event but don't worry we have you covered for engagement gift ideas. Time to get the champagne flutes out.

Tick tock. Do you have an engagement party coming up? Struggling to find an appropriate gift? Want to think outside the box? Look no further than an experience day out to celebrate their special moment. No more congratulatory flowers and scented candle, we have the best last-minute engagement gifts that will leave the loved-up couple with long lasting memories. There are so many options for engagement gifts out there, from thoughtful presents to something a bit more practical. It’s always important to keep in mind the couple's individual personalities and interests when shopping for an engagement gift.


Why a Gift Experience is the perfect last-minute engagement gift?

Experience gifts make good engagement gifts for many reasons. See our favourite reasons below:

  1. Meaningful and Memorable: Experience gifts offer a memorable and unique experience that the couple can cherish forever. It's a thoughtful way to celebrate their engagement and create lasting memories.
  2. Flexibility: Many experience gifts are flexible and can be scheduled at the couple's convenience. This is particularly helpful for last-minute gifts when there might not be enough time for physical gifts to be delivered.
  3. Boosting Happiness: Receiving a personalized gift, regardless of the timing, can make the engaged couple feel even happier and more excited about the couple's engagement and the whole wedding planning process.
  4. Minimal Preparation: Unlike traditional physical gifts, experience gifts don't require wrapping or shipping. You can simply purchase the gift online or arrange it over the phone, making it an excellent choice for last-minute situations.
  5. Personalized Selection: Experience gifts can be tailored to the couple's interests and preferences, making them more personalized than generic presents.
  6. Stress Relief: Last-minute gift shopping can be stressful. Opting for an experience gift eliminates the need to browse stores or worry about getting the right item in time.
  7. Relationship Enrichment: An experience gift allows the engaged couple to spend quality time together and strengthen their bond. It can be an opportunity to relax, have fun, or try something new together.
  8. Environmentally Friendly: Experience gifts are often considered more environmentally friendly than physical presents, which can involve excessive packaging and waste.

In this article, we list our top 10 engagement gift ideas that are perfect for the newly engaged couple in your life. Leaving it late. No stress we have plenty of last-minute engagement gifts available. The best part? All experience gifts mentioned are sent instantly to your email - so they’ll never know it was last minute!  Find the perfect last minute engagement gifts today with our helpful tips.

1. A Romantic Getaway for Two

Think outside the box when it comes to last-minute engagement gifts. Gift ideas don't need to be boring! Your special gift will allow the happy couple to soak up some quality time together, away from the responsibilities of home. On their short getaway together they can explore a new city, relax at a beach resort or wander through the countryside. 

The best engagement gifts for newly engaged couples are thoughtful gifts that help celebrate that special moment. A hotel stay is an ideal engagement party gift. Gifting Owl getaway gifts come in one or two night stays, with some added extras like breakfast included in some premium packages. Simply select a destination you know they’d love to visit and send the voucher directly to them. It’s the perfect last-minute gift that can also be exchanged for another destination or experience if they wish. From New Zealand’s adventure capital, Queenstown, to Western Australia’s pristine beaches, there’s a getaway or staycation package to suit every type of couple. 

2. Hot Air Ballooning

Luxury engagement gifts such as Hot Air Ballooning are one of many unique engagement gifts on offer. An experience as romantic as they come, the loved-up couple will have more than their heads in the clouds on a hot air balloon ride. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is unlike anything else. A quiet, serene moment where the two of them drift higher and take in the 360-degree views from above. 

After their hot air balloon ride they’ll enjoy a glass of bubbles and a delicious breakfast, while they reminisce on the unforgettable experience they just shared. 

3. Winery & Vineyard Picnics

An engagement is certainly something to cheers about - so why not gift a private wine tasting experience for the two love birds to enjoy at their own pace? The best engagement gifts include wine and wine glasses! The newly engaged couple will enjoy a vineyard tour and tasting where they’ll get to learn more about the wines they love.

After a private tour of the vineyard, they can sit back with their favourite drop and plan their fun-filled lives together. A perfect wedding gift to celebrate the joyous occasion.

4. High Tea for Two

Looking for an engagement gift for foodie? Help them celebrate their special occasion in a style with a high tea for two. After getting dressed to the nines, the beautiful married couple-to-be are in for an afternoon of decadent treats. Indulge in morsels of sweet and savoury bites such as scones, cupcakes, sandwiches, tarts and more. As the name suggests, they can pair their delicious treats with tea, or a bottle of bubbles if they wish!

5. Sailing and Cruising 

Tailor engagement presents to their taste. Think of a unique gift that is perfect for the newly engaged pair. For couples close to the ocean, a sailing experience for two is the perfect engagement gift idea. Just picture them on the bow of the ship, Rose and Jack style, as they set sail together. Choose to include a lunch or dinner option for an extra special touch. Or if it’s whale watching season, they might even get some extra entertainment! 

6. A Private Photo Shoot

A good engagement gift is a photo shoot. Not only is this a thoughtful gift it is also something they can keep forever on their digital photo frame at home. Notice they don’t have any high quality photos together? Give them an engagement party gift that’ll mark this special time in their lives together - a professional engagement photoshoot. The photographer will take them to a picturesque location and capture beautiful moments between the newly engaged couple.  A thoughtful engagement gift that will help with the wedding countdown.

7. Helicopter Ride

Another luxurious gift is a helicopter ride. On a scenic helicopter ride they’ll get to see the sites in style. An exhilarating experience for first-time flyers, they’ll slowly hover off the ground before charging forward to their destination. If they’ve got a big honeymoon or special trip coming up, consider a helicopter ride that’ll make their getaway extra special! From flights over the Grand Canyon to soaring over the Great Barrier Reef, there’s plenty of destinations on offer on Gifting Owl. 


8. Scuba Diving

The best last minute engagement gifts are the ones that incorporate the happy couple's hobbies. Are the newly engaged couple always chasing their next adventure? Gift them their next unforgettable experience for them to try for the first time together. Consider engagement gifts that include experiences like an intro to scuba divingstand up paddleboarding or surfing lessons. The perfect gift for the adventurous couple in your life, they’ll love the thought you put into finding a gift that suits them to a tee! 

9. Spa Day

The best engagement gifts are ones with a personal touch. A thoughtful gift is a day out at the spa. If the newly engaged couple hasn’t had a chance to sit back, relax and take in their engagement, a spa day is the perfect experience gift. Don’t let their busy lives overshadow the big commitment they’ve just made to each other. On their spa day they can enjoy couples massages, facials, scrubs and baths. They’ll leave feeling refreshed and all loved up! 

10. A bucket list travel experience

The ideal gift is something the bride to be and groom to be can enjoy together. Now here’s a gift idea that’s perfect for the explorers! If the loved up couple likes to roam the globe, exploring different places and cultures, then a travel experience is the perfect engagement gift. With the upcoming expenses of a wedding, they’ve probably hit the brakes on unnecessary spending. That’s where your travel gift card comes in handy. 

If you know they’ve always wanted to see the northern lights in Iceland, get a photo under the Eiffel Tower or visit the Statue of Liberty, why not make that their engagement gift?

Whether they use their travel gift voucher on their honeymoon, or they go on a spontaneous trip in the meantime, they’re sure to send you pictures of their once-in-a-lifetime experience that you made happen. A Gifting Owl travel gift voucher is a great flexible way to give a gift to the happy couple. With 3 years validity, free exchanges and worldwide experiences, they’re guaranteed to book something they really want to do. Forget traditional engagement gifts, it is time to find the best last-minute engagement gift.

Let them choose with a Gifting Owl Voucher

When there are so many options you’re sure the happy couple will love, how can you choose just one? Let them decide which experience or getaway they’d like and purchase a Gifting Owl gift voucher. Valid worldwide for 3 years, they’ll have plenty of time to book an experience to celebrate their engagement! 

Get them the perfect engagement present without all the stress of shopping around for one - give a Gifting Owl gift card. Let them choose their own experience from our list of unique gifts and activities that make awesome engagement gifts. With something to suit every couple, they’re sure to find an unforgettable experience that suits them both!

No matter what gift you chose to give on their engagement, the most important thing is your love and support. Best wishes to the happy couple who embark on their lives together. 


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