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The Perfect Last-Minute Graduation Gift Ideas

The Perfect Last-Minute Graduation Gift Ideas

We’ve all been there. Life gets hectic, schedules get packed and time to choose a gift quickly flies by.

Although it may feel like just yesterday your friend, family member or loved one began studying, the time has rolled around for them to graduate. Naturally, you want to celebrate by giving them a meaningful, heartfelt gift, but as time ticks away the pressure to choose a gift last minute can become overwhelming. 

Lucky for you, Gifting Owl is here to help. Our last minute gift guide is full of incredible ideas, perfect for saying ‘Happy Graduation!’ 

At Gifting Owl, we believe that experiences are the best gifts money can buy. An experience is an opportunity to see and explore new and exciting places and create lasting memories that will be cherished forever. So this year, instead of purchasing generic gifts like diaries, Amazon gift cards or earphones, give the gift of adventure and excitement with an experience. 

With an incredible range of activities, adventures, tours and getaways in over 100 countries, Gifting Owl is your one stop shop for all thing’s experience. From dining to diving, cruising to cooking, travelling to tucking, your giftee will see and experience the best activities this world has to offer. 

To help you on your quest to find the best last minute graduation gift, we have carefully curated a list of our favourite experiences your graduate will love.

Thrill Seeking Experiences 

As your graduate stands on the brink of a new chapter in their life the nerves, excitement and anticipation bubble within. This iconic feeling is unlike any other. Whilst nothing will quite compare to the thrill of graduating high school or university, an exhilarating adrenaline-filled activity comes pretty close! 

Activities like skydiving, bungee jumping and jet planes are some of the most electrifying experiences in the world and fantastic gift options. As they defy the laws of gravity and fly, plummet or jump towards the earth, the unstoppable feeling of superhuman powers will course through their veins. 

For those who don’t like heights, how about hitting the water for an awesome water-based activity? Jet skiing, wakeboarding, white water rafting and jet boating will see them zooming through waterways, battling choppy waves and flying past amazed onlookers. Another absolutely awesome experience is a dive with great white sharks! As they come face to face with these ferocious creatures, their heart will be pounding in their chest.

City Sightseeing & Travel Gifts

As high school and university chapters draw to a close, it’s time for your graduate to get out and experience the big wide world. One of the best ways to do this is to travel. Travel is a fantastic way for young adults to broaden their horizons and gain insight into the world around them. 

A trip to a foreign city, country or town is a sensational learning experience. It will give the young graduate the chance to experience new people, places, culture and things. 

A popular way to explore a new town or city is to embark on a guided city tour. With the help of a highly knowledgeable, local guide, your giftee will set off by foot or by bicycle and explore the wonders of the city. Jam-packed with history, culture and great insider knowledge, these tours are incredible travel options. 

Another fantastic gift option is a bucket list experience. If they’ve been dying to see the Eiffel Tower, the Coliseum or the Great Wall of China, now is the time to make their dream a reality. 

Travel doesn’t have to be international. Gifting Owl also offers a fantastic range of overnight escapes to neighbouring cities. Choose a one or two night getaway and break free from everyday life. An overnight escape is a great way to leave the familiarity of home, experience life in a new city and explore the great landmarks, sights and attractions of the country. 

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, a travel-inspired gift is guaranteed to create amazing experiences and life-long memories that will be cherished forever.

Cooking Class 

If you are looking for an exciting yet practical graduation gift, how about a tantalising cooking class? This gift is equal parts fun and functional. For one fabulous night, your giftee will learn the essential tips, tricks and techniques to create tasty, culinary masterpieces. 

Gifting Owl’s range of flavours include Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Indian, Japanese, French and Ethiopian. So select their favourite cuisine and watch their culinary skills improve to astronomical levels.   

Cooking classes are particularly good for high school graduates. Not only will they experiment with foods and flavours during their class but they will also develop valuable cooking skills that can be used well into the future. 

Wine and Dine 

After a stressful 4 years of studying, college graduates certainly deserve a tall glass of wine, an ice-cold beer and a night to let their hair down. Winery tours and brewery tours are two of the best graduation experiences and a perfect way to celebrate.  

Loaded with fun, excitement and remarkable scenery, a winery tour is a tremendous graduation gift for vino lovers. This tour will see them venturing through the best wine regions in the world, exploring breathtaking cellars, grape-ridden vineyards and of course sampling a range of the finest quality wines! 

Alternatively, if your graduate prefers an IPA over a vino, a craft brewery tour is another fantastic option. With a beer in hand, the lucky giftee will gain an exclusive look into the beer making process. They will spend the day exploring barrel halls and boiler rooms, learning about exotic flavours and iconic brews and sampling a fantastic range of beer at the in-house bar. 

Driving Adventures 

Graduates are in for the ride of their life now that they are entering the workforce. They are free to travel unfamiliar paths and venture down the road to their future. What better way to symbolise this crazy, exciting time than with an action-packed driving experience

From 4WD offroading to rally cars, V8 Buggies to professional race cars, Gifting Owl has automotive experiences to suit every excited graduate. These high-speed driving experiences are thrilling and adventurous. Jumping behind the wheel of an incredible automobile will send their heart racing a million miles an hour, the blood coursing through their veins, and leave them with a look of amazement like no other. 

After combating the tight corners of a race track, soaring over the desert dunes in Dubai or thrashing through the bush in a rally car, your graduate will know they are equipped to conquer the highway of life.

Experience Gift Card 

If you’re unsure which experience is best for your giftee, a Gifting Owl gift voucher is the perfect option. Valid for up to three years, these vouchers give the lucky recipient the ability to select their ideal experience at a time that is convenient for them. 

A Gifting Owl experience is the best last-minute gift idea. With instant email verification, you can send the recipient a digital voucher instantly via email, SMS or WhatsApp. However, if you’d prefer a tangible copy, we recommend printing out the voucher and accompanying it with a sentimental, handwritten card. 

We know your giftee will love their experience, but for your peace of mind Gifting Owl gifts offer the ultimate flexibility. With free exchanges, global validity and a 3 year expiry, your giftee can choose what, when and where they have their experience. 

So, no matter how last minute you’ve left your gift giving, a Gifting Owl experience is the perfect graduation gift!

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