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4 Easy Gift Ideas To Give Your Favourite Teacher

4 Easy Gift Ideas To Give Your Favourite Teacher

Teachers are the backbone of our educational system. Day in, day out, they work hard to build, educate, and strengthen our younger generation. The skills of a great teacher stretch far beyond the classroom. Their teachings and lessons also apply to everyday life. With endless patience, enthusiasm and compassion, teachers impart a sense of identity and self-awareness in young students and inspire them towards greatness. 

There is no denying that teachers put in an incredible effort and go above and beyond for their students, so it is only fair that we thank and show gratitude for their hard work. A meaningful gift is a wonderful way to express and acknowledge the contributions of your favourite teacher. It’s a small gesture that can go a long way into making them feel appreciated and make their jobs even more rewarding. 

Now, I’m sure your teacher already has an enormous stash of coffee mugs, pencil holders and tote bags from previous students, so let’s not add to their pile with another. Let’s give them a gift they will love, value and cherish forever. Since you don’t know much about their personal lives, selecting a gift can prove challenging. Luckily for you, you know something they love and they’re passionate about. LEARNING! 

By nature, teachers are inquisitive, curious and hungry for learning. They enjoy exploring the world and learning new skills. With this in mind, a great gift option is an exciting, new experience. 

An experience is a great opportunity for your teacher to explore, learn and discover new people, places and things. Whether it’s discovering a new city, learning a new skill or embarking on a new adventure, you will find the best experiences at Gifting Owl. With thousands of activities in over 100 countries, you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift for your teacher. 

Because Gifting Owl has so many great options, selecting just one can be challenging. To help you out we have carefully curated a list of our favourite learning inspired experiences your teacher would love. 

1. Explore a New City

Travelling to a new city is an incredible learning experience. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about people, places, history and culture. One fantastic, travel inspired gift option is an overnight hotel stay. This is a wonderful way for your teacher to escape their hometown, broaden their horizons and learn valuable, worldly lessons. As they tour foreign lands, cityscapes and attractions, your teacher will discover the history and mystery of a new city. With an extensive range of domestic and international destinations, Gifting Owl’s range of overnight stays are the perfect gift option. 

If your teacher is planning a larger trip for their school holidays, help them make the most of their trip by gifting them an experience in their new city. A guided city tour is a terrific gift option and an invaluable learning experience. Typically taken by foot or by bicycle, these fun, informative tours offer invaluable insight into city life. As they travel between the cities most iconic sites their highly expert local guides will teach them about the historical and cultural significance of each site.

Nature plays a key role in making a city unique. After generations of growth, the iconic landscapes and scenery offer a miraculous learning opportunity. A guided nature tour is a wonderful way to learn about native flora and fauna and explore the breathtaking, natural wonders of the region. Whether it’s bushwalking in the Australian rainforests, trekking along Spanish coastlines or embarking on an Eco Safari in New Zealand, a guided nature tour is a fascinating, awe-inspiring gift option.  

2. Taste New Food 

Food is so much more than fuel. It reflects culture, history and connection and is the foundation of most social interactions. Food brings people together and allows generations to pass down their stories and culture. A new food experience is a fantastic, multi-faceted gift option. Not only will giftee’s learn about delicious new meals, flavours and cuisines, but they will also dig deeper and gain an understanding of the social and historical significance of the dish. 

An authentic homestyle cooking class is one of the best, most insightful food experiences. Joining a local in their home, your teacher will learn the history and culinary skills required to prepare a traditional home-cooked meal. The friendly host will explain the background and stories associated with the dishes and your teacher will have the opportunity to ask questions as they go. With a marvellous range of scrumptious cuisines, your teacher can expand their knowledge about Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, French, Japanese or Indian cuisine. 

Another fantastic, new food experience is a walking food tour. This tour will give teachers a broad look and a comprehensive smattering of the region’s best food and beverages. Choose between a rustic market tour where they will spend the day touring market halls and stalls, or a restaurant tour where they will visit the best, local restaurants and eateries. Both are incredible options and will see your teacher sampling a range of delicious, traditional flavours from passionate, local vendors.

3. Try a New Activity 

So often people stop themselves from trying new and exciting activities due to fear, but with a small nudge (from like yourself), your teacher can break out of their comfort zone and try a fantastic new experience. 

Thrill-seeking adventures are some of the best, new experiences. They push us out of our comfort zones and challenge us in ways we never thought possible. Skydiving and bungee jumping are two of the most exhilarating experiences in the world. As they take to the sky and get ready to defy the laws of gravity, your teacher will learn how powerful their inner courage and strength are. 

If these adventures are a little too extreme, how about white-water rafting, jet skiing, 4WD’ing or bobsleighing? These exciting activities also make marvellous gift options!

For a more scenic experience, we highly recommend a tranquil air experience. Helicopter and hot air balloon tours will send your giftee soaring over iconic locations such as Dubai, the US, Australia and New Zealand and gaining a breathtaking, new perspective of the world.  

Skill-based activities offer a remarkable learning opportunity. Challenging their mind, body and spirit, activities such as surfing and stand up paddle boarding are great gift options. Balance, coordination and core strength are just some of the skills your teacher will have to learn to master these sports.

4. Let Them Choose Their Own Adventure!

With so many great gift experiences on offer it can be hard to know which one is most suited. Luckily for you, Gifting Owl now offers a fantastic range of gift cards. These cards give your giftee exclusive access to hundreds of experiences in over 100 countries. With a 3-year expiry period and global validity, your giftee can choose when, where and how they have their experience.  

Whether your teachers are working virtually, in person, or a mix of the two, a Gifting Owl gift is the perfect option. With instant email verification, you can send the recipient a digital voucher instantly via email, SMS or WhatsApp. 

We hope our list has inspired you and your gift giving journey. 

Good Luck and Happy Gift Giving! 

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