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The Best secret Santa gift Ideas of 2022

The Best secret Santa gift Ideas of 2022

It's that time of year again! Time to get your shopping done for the annual office secret Santa again. Make buying secret Santa gifts easier this year time and save time by using our Secret Santa guide below.

Unlike buying for a family member, buying secret Santa gifts for a co-worker who you may not know as well as you should, can undoubtedly prove to be a stressful task. After all, none of us are lucky enough to accidentally pick out our office best friend from all the random names in the hat.

Have absolutely no idea what secret Santa gift to buy this holiday season? No problem, Gifting Owl has everything you need for any type of secret Santa gifts to help make it as personalised as possible.

Secret Santa Gifts They'll Always Remember

This blog post will save your skin by providing you with some exceptional secret Santa ideas in order to make your gift-giving experience even more memorable by selecting a secret Santa present that actually suits your personality and interests - all without breaking the bank this festive season.

We at Gifting Owl believe that gift ideas that are outside of the box, such as real experiences are much more thoughtful gift ideas that are more likely to be remembered by your recipient this festive season.

Ditch the funny mug, pair of socks, overpriced skin-care, tacky home decor and the water bottle with fun colours this year and trade them in for the perfect present that your lucky recipient will love.

Gifting Owl has one-of-a-kind experiences available all over the globe so no worries about which country they are going to on this holiday, you can gift them that ideal experience. From adventure to dining, adrenaline thrills to health & beauty, we have an impressive range of gifting categories to make your secret Santa gift searching just that much easier.

We want you to be the very best giver of secret Santa presents at the office Christmas party this year!

You Can Never Go Wrong With Gift Vouchers

If you are running out of secret Santa ideas for them despite just how much time the two of you have spent in such a small space together, look no further than one of our extremely flexible gift vouchers. It can be personalised for your secret Santa and is sure to impress. Save time and send it digitally straight to their iPhone.

With our lightning-fast instant vouchers, you can skip the stressful Christmas shopping this year as we offer all of you last-minute Christmas purchasers an excellent alternative.

Our Gift vouchers are valid for a staggering three years, are fully exchangeable and will be delivered instantly after users provide their email addresses. Simply choose the amount you would like to spend and let the recipient choose their adventure.

Some may say the best secret Santa gifts are gift vouchers as recipients can choose whatever truly makes them excited!

Walking Food Tours

If the secret Santa you are buying for is a renowned foodie, a great gift option would have to be a walking food tour. Get them out of the house this Christmas with one of these incredibly fun and insanely delicious experiences!

With one of our unrivalled walking experiences, you can help them discover hidden secrets and authentic dishes from the exciting culinary world around them. 

Better yet, if your secret Santa is travelling in the near future, book them an affordable food tour to open their eyes to a cuisine they know little about. Sending your lucky recipient on a culinary tour of the region's food scene will expose them to diverse local tastes, handcrafted specialities, and hands-on cooking sessions that can reveal the culinary secrets of cultural cuisine.

On the other hand, if they aren't going anywhere too soon, gift them with a tour surrounding one of their favourite local cuisines and produce. There's really no way you can lose when it comes to food-based gifts. I mean who doesn't adore food?

Gifting Owl boasts an impressive range of walking food tours all over the globe, any country you can think of. From a sweet coffee house food tour in Budapest to a Dublin walking tour with a food historian, flavours of Jamaica tour in Kingston to a Roman food tour, there's always an experience to blow your recipient's taste buds away on Gifting Owl.

Wine Tasting

As far as secret Santa gifts go, a wine tasting is admittedly one of our favourites. It goes without saying that for many of us, wine plays an important role in our lives. We'd be lying if we said otherwise.

Don't worry if you start to feel a pang of jealousy when browsing through our marvellous selection of wine experiences all across the globe. You might even need to purchase one for yourself.

A tasting session allows your fortunate recipient to taste exquisite high-end wines from notable local producers at a fraction of the price. Many of these tastings often design a curated menu of canapés, tapas or even some beautiful local cheeses to be perfectly paired with the fine wines.

For any wine connoisseur, this gift is simply impossible to beat. Furthermore, if you have to stick to the budget for Santa gifts , don't forget to take a look at our dynamic range of breathtaking vineyard tours in some of the world's most renowned wine regions.


For those whose secret Santa money budget is quite small, kayaking is an endlessly fun and very affordable gift option for the adventurous friend that's always talking about their weekend trips in the wilderness. We have plenty of secret Santa ideas for you to save time and money.

Alternatively, kayaking is as good an excuse as any to get out of the house with a bunch of friends and enjoy the outdoors whilst getting a bit of much-needed exercise in.

Make a splash this Christmas and bring the office party to the water with a wildly entertaining day of kayaking. From kayaking with dolphins in Australia's widely celebrated Byron bay to kayaking down the Vez river rapids in the beautiful Portuguese city of Braga, Gifting Owl offers a range of kayaking experiences that your workmate will never forget.

Authentic Culinary Experiences

Whilst this may seem to be a much less heard-of idea for secret Santa gift exchanges, these intimate one-on-one experiences are simply marvellous and they may even come out of it with a friend for life.

If you're searching for a special present for the foodie on your list who enjoys travelling, Gifting Owl has the largest selection of diverse culinary experience gifts in the world.

Most of these special cooking experiences include meeting a talented local chef and their family, assisting them to find gorgeous local produce and finally learning from them whilst cooking some otherworldly dishes from their beloved cuisine.

These incredible experiences often offer insight into cuisine and culture like no other experience can. We at Gifting Owl believe that local experiences are the best way to immerse yourself headfirst into another culture.

We suggest gifting them an experience surrounding a cuisine they always loved or one they've always wanted to try. Fortunately for you, this will be no difficult feat with our huge range of awesome options such as 'Authentic Vegetarian North Indian Meal Close To The Taj Mahal' in India and 'Learn To Cook Italian Seafood With Anna' in Bologna Italy.


Snorkelling is a great gift for someone who loves the challenge of new adventures and absolutely adores aquatic wildlife.

There is nothing quite like having the opportunity to explore vibrant marine ecosystems whilst swimming around in warm waters with all your friends. There is simply no better way to discover the amazing world that lies beneath the ocean's surface, which is filled with exotic fish, colourful sea plants, and other fascinating marine life to discover and admire.

These snorkelling experiences may even provide up close and personal encounters with sea turtles as well as enchanting shipwrecks on the seafloor.

Hiking & Trekking

Whether or not your recipient may be an avid outdoor person, consider the incredibly mindful gift of a hike or nature walk. Take them away from their everyday home and work routines with an active adventure through a vast new environment overflowing with lovely flora and fauna to give them a taste of nature in their own way, at their own pace.

Make sure they are ready for the day ahead (don't forget a water bottle!) and if you're up for it, why not join them on a memorable day of discovery and exploration. This secret Santa gift is sure to impress.

Cooking Classes

For the aspiring chef or foodie, a cooking class is an absolute blast and may just help them realise their true culinary potential.

Alternatively, if your secret Santa recipient happens to be lacking in kitchen prowess this could also be the perfect way for them to pick up some much-wanted skills.

Encourage them to bring a friend or a super cute date and the pair of them will laugh their way through it as it makes for some seriously funny moments and messy mishaps.

With a variety of gift certificates to suit all types of food connoisseurs, you'll be able to discover the ideal cooking excursion for them.

Spa Packages

If you happen to be buying a secret Santa for someone who is always complaining about how stressed they are, this is your chance to offer them some serious rest and relaxation. They may even deem it the best secret Santa presents they've ever received.

Forget the budget face mask (that'll rip off their skin) this year and gift them the ultimate pampering and relaxing experience to improve their skincare and glow. They will be sure to relax and feel calm afterwards.

These spa packages can be tailored to their exact needs with therapeutic options especially designed by experts who know what's good for the mind, body and soul.


Another wonderful secret Santa gift for the outdoor adventurer or fitness fanatic is a unique biking experience. If they have a thirst for discovery that extends beyond the capabilities of their feet, arrange for them to explore it all with a bike trip.

Whether it's mountain biking through a breathtaking national park in Portugal or zipping through Bangkok on a 12km tour of the city discovering all of its hidden gems only known by locals, there's something on Gifting Owl for every type of cyclist.

No matter what cycling adventure they may seek, you'll find a range of gift vouchers that'll have them seriously wondering who their thoughtful secret Santa could've been.

Brewery Tours

A brewery tour is a superb choice of secret Santa Gift if you're buying for that colleague who will never say no to a much-deserved after-work drink.

A tour of a local brewery allows visitors the chance to see how their favourite beverage is made as well as drink a delicious craft brew while they're at it!

Beautiful locations such as Munich, Dallas, Melbourne, and Amsterdam have all become diehard fans of the art of brewing so don't overlook their fantastic brewery tours all available on Gifting Owl. It's fair to say that everyone at the office Christmas party will be jealous of this one!

High Tea

If you're searching for gifts for someone who prefers to celebrate a special occasion in elegance surrounded by endless sweet desserts, iced coffee, teas and maybe even bottomless champagne then you already know our answer.

Have the pair of you take on a lavish lunch day out that you'll never forget with one of our tremendous high tea experiences. One of our personal favourites would have to be the Parisian Parlor High Tea Experience in Melbourne.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This holiday season gets your colleagues embracing the warm weather with this immensely fun outdoor activity. There is nothing quite as funny as watching your workmate lose balance on a stand-up paddle board before crashing into the waters below.

Rock Climbing

Now, this is truly a gift that'll have them working up a sweat. Perfectly suitable for the person that just cannot get enough outdoor action in their life. From Brisbane, Australia to Marrakesh, Morocco, Gifting Owl has rock climbing and abseiling experiences all around the world.

This activity can be tailored to all fitness levels so as long as they have an outward enthusiasm for trying their hand at something new, they'll walk away feeling accomplished. They may even conquer fear of theirs.

Surfing Lessons

Who doesn't enjoy a fun day out on the water with the sun shining down ever so brightly? Water gifts are the perfect gift for adventure lovers.

Whether they'd want to learn about surfing fundamentals before attempting waves themselves or if they're ready for some more intense action right away, a surfing lesson will let them explore the sport at their own pace.

While surfing may be a high-energy sport that is difficult to master, the sensation of riding waves in stunning locations like Byron Bay and New Zealand's coast makes it well worth the effort! Boost their mood and let them get away from the desk for a day full of entertainment.

Merry Christmas & Happy Gifting!

Here at Gifting Owl we've heard of all sorts of mundane secret Santa presents such as a letter board, lip balm, Bluetooth speaker, fuzzy slippers, shower beer holder, and overly cute coffee mug, the list indeed never ends.

We know that buying a fun Christmas gift for a colleague is much more difficult than buying for a family member but we hope this page has inspired you to be the office's best secret Santa at the office party this year.

With Gifting Owl's wide range of experience offers it's possible to find the perfect gift, score brownie points with your co-workers and even buy within the spending limits of the game!

For more information and similar gifts for other occasions whether Christmas or a family member's birthday gifts, save time and visit our website.

If you are searching for anything in particular just type a keyword into the search bar and presto! There's no doubt we will find the perfect Santa gifts this festive season.

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