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Christmas experience gift ideas for people who have everything

Christmas experience gift ideas for people who have everything

Find the thoughtful gift that'll have them smiling from ear to ear

When people have everything, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift. We all know those people who seem to have everything they could ever want or need, and getting them anything else seems like a waste of money.

You can rack your brain for three hours, days, weeks - even months stressing about what to give them each time a special event arises. Birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas; they all come around so fast and are guaranteed to keep coming, same time year in and year out. 

Although it may be hard, there are still some great ideas out there for your hard-to-buy-for friends and relatives!

The trick to finding a great gift is to get something that will excite, inspire and thrill them. Find unusual gifts that they wouldn't usually buy themselves. But what could this be you may be asking. The answer is an experience gift!

Christmas Gifts for Itchy Feet 

Give them the reminder they've been waiting for

If your gift recipient who has everything suffers from itchy feet, then Christmas is their time to take off and explore exotic locations. We have the perfect christmas present that will help get them on their way to make the most of yet another adventure. 

Gifting Owl’s Premium gifting selection opens up a world of experiences from one-hour wonders to multi-day mega marvels. These are luxury experiences at their best, without the nasty price tag to match. 

The big advantage of Premium gifts is that they are boutique, private or small group experiences - the emphasis being on exclusivity. However, this is featured across many of the Gifting Owl tours, not just premium selections, so you can shop around with our full range of gifts.  

Hotel Getaways

A getaway, short stay or an overnight escape is enough to excite pretty much anyone in your life. Perfect for the hard workers who deserve to sit back and relax at a quiet beach town, or for the adventure seekers looking to explore a new city for the weekend.

If you're looking for a hotel voucher, Gifting Owl is the right place to look! With the largest global range of hotel voucher on offer, they have something for everyone.

And if your recipient can't decide on just one package? No problem! They are free to change their getaway destination prior to booking (yes, even overseas!).

Gifting Owl has travel packages for everyone, no matter your budget. If you're looking to spend a little more, we have destination packages that include one or two nights in a luxurious 4-5 star hotel.

The premium one night option includes breakfast for two, so they can enjoy a nice sleep-in before a delicious breakfast and checking out.

Premium Experiences

Our premium gifting selections are your chance to spoil friends and loved ones with an exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience that they will never forget.

You want your recipient to relax and be in the moment, whether they're diving from the deck of a yacht to snorkel a deserted coral reef, soaking up scented oils masterfully applied by a masseuse, or glamping on a jungle safari.

These are the ‘your worth it’ experiences that most of us long to have, and your recipient will be ever thankful for.

Boutique tours are the same. Premium offerings are all about small groups, personalised attention and high-quality tour programs.

If you're looking for an intimate and well-planned tour, go with a smaller group. The guides make sure to take care of even the tiniest details so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your new discoveries and adventures alongside others.

Exchange rates on currencies can also boost your buying power, so it’s good to check the going rate of your currency against the country you are buying in before making your selection.    

Gifts of Fire and Ice

Global experience gifts for people worldwide

They say opposites attract and that’s definitely the case when it comes to choosing Christmas holiday destinations. Being a global gifting company, we see how people in different hemispheres chase the weather.  

And with so many gifts to choose from, you can buy your loved one experiences that will be unique and tailor-made for their location.

The idea of Christmas in the tropics is captivating for those snowed in during mid-winter. They are longing for long days of fun under the sun, splashing in the water, hanging out in a sarong and sandals and relaxing on a deserted beach to fill the lazy time of a holiday done right.  

Our 'gifts of fire' are hotter than hot - they’re sizzling! If your person who has everything is a nature lover and adventure seeker let them soak up the sunshine with an outdoor adventure.

Hiking, skydiving, V8 buggy riding and hot air ballooning are the best gifts for people who have everything.

Snorkelling & Scuba Diving experiences

Snorkelling and Scuba diving are excellent activities to do if you want to explore the depths of the ocean. Both of these sports offer a different experience, and they are perfect for people who have everything.

Scuba diving is a great way to explore the ocean and see all kinds of marine life. If you are someone who loves adventure, then this is the perfect christmas gift for you. You will be able to explore shipwrecks, coral reefs and more.

Snorkelling is also a great way to see the ocean, and it is perfect for people who want to stay close to the surface. You will be able to see colourful fish and coral reefs.

Both of these activities are perfect for people who love the water, and they are a great way to explore new places.

Water sports

Gifting experiences is one of the best ways to show someone you care. Not only do you get to spend some quality time with the person you're gifting to, but you also get to enjoy the experience yourself!

And what could be better than spending a day out on the water enjoying a water sport?

From kayaking to surfing, stand-up paddle boarding to jet skiing we have something for everyone looking to splash things up with an unusual gift this Christmas.

Driving experiences

Everyone has a different idea of fun. Some people love to be active and adventurous, while others prefer more relaxed activities.

No matter what your idea of fun is, there's a driving experience waiting for you. From rally driving to track days, we have something for everyone who loves cars.

On the other hand, in the Southern Hemisphere when the weather is at its peak of the heat, holiday-ready travellers are often heading off for a white Christmas.

Instead of sweating up a storm, they’d rather spend their R & R slicing their way down ski slopes, hiking snowclad mountain tops, warming up to a crackling fireside or sharing the love under the snowy mistletoe. 


If you're looking for a great gift that will thrill and excite your loved one, consider gifting them an adventurous experience like snowmobiling. mobiling is the perfect christmas gift for people who love to explore and take risks, as it offers an exhilarating way to travel through the winter landscape.

If you’re thinking of what to give those loved ones who are heading off over Christmas, be it to play on sand, sea or snow, we have fantastic gift ideas listed under our Locations and Activities menu selections.

These gifts are tailored for their destination and will make sure they enjoy a wonderful Christmas getaway.

Gifts for Empty Nesters Who Have Everything

Uncommon goods the whole family is bound to love

We tend to stereotype people who have everything as being the high-earning high-flyer. But, that’s just not always the case. 

Most of us spend our early years setting ourselves up, buying furnishings, cars, the latest gadgets, TVs, hobby equipment and all kinds of other paraphernalia that goes into creating a place of our own to call home and raise a family. 

However, there comes a time in life when you realise you have everything you’re ever going to need. Your house is cluttered with things you’ve accumulated over the years and you just can’t fit any of that stuff in anymore.

You know what that means, right? That rose gold gift box, set of scented candles, that monthly box for a morning coffee connoisseur or that temperature control smart mug really isn’t going to cut it this Christmas morning. 

Be creative and treat them to something unique that'll excite even their inner child and possibly save money for yourself while doing it.

If your parents have reached that point, that’s when it’s time to upgrade your giving skills and let the good times really kick in. We know life is an adventure at any age so it’s time to encourage more exploration!

You have the chance at Christmas (or any time of year) to give them an experience they’ll not only love, but that will stay with them forever in their happiest memories.

The great advantage is that Gifting Owl offers guided tours and experiences close to home or in far-flung destinations, allowing you to cater to the way your parents like to travel. 

Another great benefit is that you can give them a gift without the worry of retail links or that it will be stuffed into the linen closet, not seeing the light of day until next year's Christmas when you visit.

All Gifting Owl adventures and experiences are don't require any personal info to book and are fully exchangeable. So, your parents can pick, choose and exchange their present based on their personal preference. 

The other option is to send them a gift card or voucher for the amount you want to gift. That way you can all spend Christmas morning exploring all our exciting pages to find the exact gift that’s right for them. 

Food tours

If you're looking for a unique gift to give someone who has everything, consider gifting a food tour. Food tours are the perfect way to explore a new city or region while enjoying some of the best local cuisine. They're also a great way to learn about the history and culture of an area.

Cooking Classes

Why not give cooking lessons this Christmas to someone who loves to cook but has no idea how? They'll be able impress their family and friends with yummy homecooked meals in record time!

From tantalising Thai noodles to rich and creamy risotto, fresh Japanese hand rolls to spicy Indian curry, there are classes to suit every taste and palette. 

An experience gift is the perfect way to add some fun, excitement and exploration into empty nesters lives.

At Christmas (or any time of year) you have the chance to give them an experience they’ll not only love, but that will stay with them forever in their happiest memories.

Gifts that will excite

Bring some excitement back into the gift box under the tree

It's easy to fall into the same old routine and forget there is a whole world just outside our window waiting to be discovered.

If your person is has become content with just plodding along and rolling through the motions, it's time to ignite their lives with some fun, excitement and adventure.

Forget about prior written permission, this festive season surprise them with an experience that will rock their world. 

Thrill seekers will love the adrenaline-pumping activities that are available to experience, no matter where they go. From bungee jumping to skydiving, snowmobiling to hot air ballooning, these options guarantee a daring escape from their everyday lives.


Why not give your loved one the exhilarating experience of skydiving this holiday season? There is truly no other sensation like it.

They will get to jump out of a plane and freefall at high speeds before the parachute even opens! Skydiving is an unusual gift they'll always remember and definitely one of the best gifts you could ever give an adrenaline junkee!

Helicopter Rides

If your loved one has everything they could possibly want, why not give them an unforgettable helicopter ride this Christmas?

Gifting Owl offers helicopter rides that will take them on a journey to remember. Whether they choose a domestic or international destination, they're sure to have a thrilling experience.

White Water Rafting

White water rafting is another thrilling Christmas experience that will have your giftee's heart pumping and adrenaline rushing. With an expert guide to lead the way, your giftee can speed through the roaring rapids and tackle the white-water head on.

If you're looking for a more low-key adventure why not try an introductory wine tasting course or take a leisurely cooking class in some of Earth's most picturesque locations?

From Tuscan villas to rustic farmhouses, there are plenty of charming culinary experiences to choose from that will have your parents' taste buds tingling with excitement. 

Vineyard tours

Why not take your partner or giftee to one of the best wineries on earth if they love wine? A winery tour is an educational and romantic way for couples to spend time together and learn more about their favourite wine.

To make this experience even more romantic, plan it so they arrive at their favourite vineyard for sunset. They will be able to heightened their sense of smell, sight and touch as they meander through quaint rows of vines and sip on crisp vintage wines.

Brewery tours

Brewery tours make for unique and interesting gifts, especially for people who love beer.

Most breweries offer guided tours that give visitors a behind-the-scenes look at how their favourite beers are made.

Many brewery tours also include beer tastings, so the recipient can try a variety of different beers.

The Unicorn Christmas Gift

Gift them something no one else ever has

Unique gifts are difficult to find at the best of times. For the special someone in your life, it can be hard to track down the perfect gift that promises to be as unique and special as they are.

This is particularly the case if they also happen to be that person in your life who already has everything. Rest assured, you can say all that needs to be said with a once in a lifetime adventure or experience.

You can’t manufacture experiences, you just live them! They are uniquely yours to relish while in the moment and to savour over time.

The Gifting Owl site constitutes acceptance and is committed to creating magical connections. They connect you to places, people and nature in unique and wondrous ways that stay with you forever because they become part of your story. 

With that said, this doesn’t mean your loved one has to go it on their own - far from it! Like we said, Gifting Owl gifts are perfect opportunities to share the good times together and create more stories with each other.

These are the times of your lives you work for. You want to be with each other all the way, living and loving every minute. 

Which brings me to another point. Christmas often sparks romance, right? Little wonder with so much love and goodwill in the air. So, if you have romance on your mind, take a look at some of our best gifts for couples.

Dinner cruise

There is nothing more romantic than dining under the stars. That's why a dinner cruise makes a very cute gift for any couple who is looking to spice things up this Christmas.

No matter if you want an small, personal experience with only twelve people or a bigger party where they can dance all night, dinner cruises provide excellent wine and food for a great evening.

Spa days

If you have a friend who is always stressed about their appearance or never has time to take care of themselves, getting them a spa package this Christmas would be the perfect thoughtful gift. They can spend a day being taken care of, enjoying luxury treatments like facials, massages and more.

Hot air ballooning

With these flights, your partner will have unobstructed views of the earth below and be able to take in all the scenery! They'll also get to experience the beauty around them from a whole new perspective as they fly high above it.

While they fly high above the stunning landscapes and skim along the treetops, their heart rate will race in the best way possible! They'll be able to take in spectacular views while getting an adrenaline rush.

These gifts have been independently selected with romance in mind and don't worry they’re not all about soft lights and smooth wine. The products featured can get you up close to mother nature, observing animals in the wild, climbing mountain peaks or paddling down winding rivers.

Whale watching

If you're looking for a unique and interesting Christmas gift, whale watching may be the perfect option. Whale watching can be an amazing experience, as you get to see these majestic creatures up close.

There are many different places where you can go whale watching, so you can find a location that is convenient for you. If you're looking for a truly special experience, consider going on a whale watching cruise.

This will allow you to see whales in their natural habitat, and it's sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Hiking & Trekking 

The best way to explore an area and learn about the local culture is by foot, making hiking the perfect activity.

Not only that, but it's a great holiday present for those who love nature and adventure. When you go hiking, you immerse yourself in all that the area has to offer.

Some will challenge while others will pamper- both of which are great for your well being. You’re the best judge when it comes to knowing what will light up the eyes of your loved one on Christmas morning so take a look and find a great present that will suit them.   

They say love is enough. And that’s definitely the case. But, why not go above and beyond and show your thoughtfulness by finding that gift for your special someone who has everything.  

Gift Cards 

You can't go wrong!

Finding gifts that your person will love can be hard, even if you have a general idea of what they might like. That's why buying a gift card can be a great option. This way, they can choose their own present and you don't have to worry about getting something that they might not like.

Plus, it's the perfect solution for people who are hard to buy for!

Gifting Owl gift cards are the perfect way to show appreciation for those who have everything. They make it easy and affordable to give them gifts from the heart without having to specifically purchase anything in advance.

Totally flexible gift cards

Gifting Owl's gift cards were made in order to comply with our stress free gifting ethos

Whether you're shopping for a friend, significant other, family member, or just want to spoil yourself with a little shopping spree on us, a Gifting Owl gift card opens up many exciting opportunities. 

A Gifting Owl gift card is a great gifting option because it offers unlimited access to all Gifting Owl experiences in every country. Whether it's skydiving in Queenstown, scuba diving in Australia, pastry making in Paris or exploring ancient ruins in Rome the choice is yours! 

Opt for experience gift ideas this year

Add a special touch to gifts for people who have everything

In a society where we have so much access to the things we desire, it’s simply too easy to renew that monthly subscription on your phone and accumulate material possessions at the swipe of a plastic card without a second thought.

The things that still matter the most are those connections we make to the people we love. As you browse our site for Christmas gifts this year, we know that whatever you choose it will enrich the life of the person who has everything and affiliate partnerships with the ones they love.

Get a good night's sleep this Christmas eve knowing you've bought some incredible last minute gifts and that they'll never even know you only just bought it the day before!

A great gift creates memories

Having things can’t compare to forming deep connections with a place, the experience and the people involved so give them something they’ve never received before. Those people who seem to have everything, give them an unforgettable experience with Gifting Owl.

We’ve got a wide range of experiences on offer in locations all around the world so you can give them something unique and personalised that they’ll never forget.

For birthday gifts, unique gift ideas and more gift guides...

If this was the wrong gifting guide for you, fear not. We have an endless supply of gifting guides for every budget, occasion, gift exchange, and every person. So if you're looking for that perfect birthday present for your best friend look no further.

Good luck & Merry Christmas!

From all of us at Gifting Owl, we wish you a fantastic Christmas and holiday season!

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