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6 Exciting Ways to Wrap your Experience Gift Vouchers

6 Exciting Ways to Wrap your Experience Gift Vouchers

Do you have a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, or a festive season coming up and you don’t know what to give as a present and you can’t figure out how to wrap it? You’ve come to the right place! I am here to help give you ideas on what experience gift to get and how to make your experience gift look better than it already does.

1. Something they can use on their experience

 Perhaps you’ve noticed that they have come up with a new liking of cooking, or that cooking has always been their passion, or maybe you were stuck on gift ideas and wanted to give them something out of the ordinary and something they would remember and enjoy. So why not give the experience of cooking classes? Now, the next question is how to wrap it; luckily gifting owl has the solution on how to wrap this experience gift!

It’s always nice to include a heart-felt letter or card to place your gift voucher in. If you’re giving a culinary experience gift, you could also purchase something that they can use during their cooking class or when they return home, like cooking spoons or an apron. These small gifts are easy to wrap and will go perfectly with your gift voucher and personal letter to them.

2. A small tasty treat

High tea is a lovely gift idea for your girlfriend, mum, or grandmother. It is a simple yet elegant experience that everyone loves. But how do you wrap this experience just as beautiful as it will be? I’m glad you asked! On the same lines of printing a letter for the cooking classes, you could print the high tea menu with a small treat for a taste of what’s to come! Collect a small box to put the gift voucher in, the menu and treats and wrap the box.

3. A punny message 

Why not bring your love to new heights? Soaring up and beyond into the sky in a hot air balloon or helicopter! This will be an experience you both will never forget. Gifting Owl has many helicopter and hot air balloon tours available, and I guarantee you will find something that will impress you! With a cute little card saying something charming like ‘come fly away with me’ would be a perfect way on how to gift this present.

Hot air balloon

4. A gag gift to calm the nerves

Maybe you want to give the gift of adventure for the upcoming holiday season? Gifting owl offers adventure experiences from abseiling, to skydiving, to quad biking. I mean, what more could you ask for! Place the gift voucher underneath the Christmas tree and leave a small note saying ‘love Santa’. For the high adrenaline experiences, perhaps a spare pair of underwear could make the gift receiver giggle when opening their skydiving gift voucher!

5. A momento to reminisce on their experience 

Maybe you want a present you both can benefit from (why not!) From a getaway weekend to a winery, to a photography tour in Paris, or a health and beauty spa treatment in Thailand, there is a lot to choose from! Just for an example lets say the photography tour in Paris catches your eye. You could put macaroons, a buret, small statue of the Eiffel Tower, disposable camera, two plane tickets to Paris, and a gift card for the photography tour into a box for the person to open. 

6. A bouquet of flowers

Everyone loves to be pampered. Why not treat that special someone for a health and beauty spa day? Not only will they love you more for this present, but they will come back feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world. When you receive the gift voucher it is time to go flower shopping! Choose to have a little message clipped to the bouquet flowers and attach the gift voucher to the bouquet.

Health and beauty

If you simply can’t choose what to get out of these amazing options why don’t you have a look at our gift cards ranging from $50- $500. Gifting Owl caters for every type of person with different types of gifts. We are more than happy to offer out of the box gift ideas for your family and friends all over the world.

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