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20th Birthday Gifts for Women - 20 Fun Gift Ideas For Her

20th Birthday Gifts for Women - 20 Fun Gift Ideas For Her

A 20th birthday is a significant milestone for a woman. Leaving her teenage years behind to embark on such a defining decade of her life - her 20s. This exciting milestone birthday should be celebrated with the people she loves the most. No longer a teen but not yet 21, finding a gift fit for a 20th birthday can be hard. That’s why in this article we’ve listed 20 experience gift ideas perfect to give her on her 20th birthday.

1. High Tea

Get dressed up and enjoy savoury bites, lavish treats and a bottle of bubbles together. A high tea experience gift is a treat for you as much as it is for them! 

2. Day Cruise

Set sail on your local waterways on a catamaran or yacht. Whether you choose a group tour or private experience, a day out relaxing on the open water is a relaxing experience gift. Add a little luxury to your cruise with a lunch or dinner option for the birthday girl to enjoy. 

3. Day Spa Package

Pamper the birthday girl with a spa day. Let her choose from massages, facials and scrubs. Invite the girls for an indulgent day out or keep it to yourself for a quiet and relaxing experience. 

4. Weekend Getaway

A mini getaway is a great way to celebrate any special occasion. Book accommodation in the mountains or a beach house to enjoy for the weekend. Or choose a getaway package for the birthday girl to book when she’s ready.

5. Scuba Diving Course

If she’s always wanted to learn how to scuba dive there’s no better gift to give the birthday girl. View the range of PADI scuba diving courses that make perfect 20th birthday presents. 

6. Winery Tour

For those legally allowed to sip on a glass of wine at a vineyard, we love this gift idea! After all, most 20-somethings are still figuring out what wines they enjoy. Why not get an expert to run them through their options? 

7. Skydiving

The most fitting gift idea for thrill-seekers has to be a skydiving gift voucher. There’s no way they’ll be forgetting this adrenaline-packed birthday gift. 

8. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing - whether outdoor or indoor - is very on-trend right now. Adventurous youths love to take up new hobbies that keep their bodies and minds active, which is why it should be no surprise that rock climbing made the list. 

9. Whale Watching

A whale watching experience is a fun day out for the whole family. Watch in awe of these gentle giants as they practically perform for you in their own home. 

10. Travel Gift Card

If the birthday girl is planning on doing some travel you could give her a travel gift card with the value of your choice. Or if you’d prefer to pick out a particular experience, choose from a tour of an iconic landmark or attraction like the Eiffel Tower or Sydney Harbour Bridge

11. Cooking Class

Give her a gentle nudge toward the kitchen with a fun cooking class. She’ll learn a new cuisine for the first time or improve on her existing culinary skills. 

12. Hot Air Ballooning

This iconic experience gift is as romantic as it is memorable. Buy a hot air ballooning experience for two so she can take her partner, or you, on her floating journey into the skies. 

13. Learn to Surf

Speaking from personal experience, learning to surf in your 20’s is a great idea. Gift the birthday girl a learn to surf lesson on her 20th birthday. Who knows - they may end up with a hobby they’ll enjoy for the rest of their life.

14. White Water Rafting

Another experience gift that the whole family will love! Take the birthday girl on a thrilling white water rafting adventure. This activity requires teamwork and coordination to navigate the rough waters. A day out she’ll remember forever!

15. Kayaking or Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Affordable birthday gift ideas for an active 20 year old can be hard to come by. But that’s exactly what you get with a kayaking or SUP experience. Buy a kayak or SUP hire gift voucher that she can book when she’s ready for a paddle. 

16. Jet Boating

If she likes a bit more adrenaline with her water experience a jet boat or jetski experience gift is for her! She’ll love the feeling of the saltwater in her hair as she skims over the water at top speeds. 

17. Off-Road Driving

If she loves to backseat drive and avoids slow traffic at all times, perhaps an off-road experience is in order? Let her drive to her own rules on her birthday and watch as she relishes every moment. 

18. Hiking & Trekking

For active nature enthusiasts who like to clock up the kilometres on their Fitbit’s - a hike in your local national park together is a great gift idea. 

19. Ziplining

Help her start her 20’s off on the right foot or no feet! A ziplining adventure will have her gleaming with joy as she soars through the trees. 

20. Helicopter Ride

A helicopter ride is something you just have to experience at least once in your life. Gift her the chance to sightsee from above while she hovers over famous sites like the Grand Canyon and the Las Vegas Strip.

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